May Blog Review!

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Another month has gone by in the blink of an eye… we are literally halfway through 2013! Can you believe it?  We had some fun and exciting blog posts during May, so here’s my list of the top 10 highlights of last month.

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#WhatRUWearing by the GIOGO Girls

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(R) Julianne Waters and (L) Tiana Brown make up the GIOGO Girls

(R) Julianne Waters and (L) Tiana Brown make up the “comically- fashion- fabulous duo” the GIOGO Girls.

I subscribe to the GIOGO Show channel on YouTube and just think their content is so creative and fun! Today they uploaded their new music video titled #WhatRUWearing.  After watching it a few dozens times, I am now sharing this comically- fashion- fabulousness on Dose of Vitamin F. Continue Reading

American Hipster – The YouTube Channel

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The irony of the Hipster lifestyle is that OLD is NEW. The every growing American subculture that is everywhere… in fashion, in music and various social aspects of our everyday.

To live as a Hipster is in a way saying “Cool is to appreciate what others no longer find cool”. How cool is that?! I know… very cool!

Phototshoot by John Meister for Paste Magazine in 2009 -

Now there is a YouTube channel dedicated to introducing you to everything Hipster in three different video platforms.
YouTube’s just-launched American Hipster, created by local creative studio Seedwell, broadcasts three shows that simultaneously debunk and propagate stereotypes of our favorite fixie riders. ~
I watched the promo video for all three shows and decided that American Hipster Presents which is the show dedicated to  “creating video portraits of America’s trendsetters” caught my interest the most. The shows premise is hosted by Paavo Steinkamp who takes us to 10 Hipster filled cities across America and shows us the Art, Food, Music, Style and Social aspects of each city through the eyes of a true Hipster. The first two episodes cover San Francisco, but the upcoming cities announced include Austin, Philly and New Orleans.

In both of the first two episodes of this new show, the opening image releases a flash of “HIPSTERS ARE…” title in white with defining words in red. The “hipsters are” adjectives listed in the flashes were: Contentious, Cool, Tight Jeans, Commodified, Fixies, Original, Vintage, Mustaches, Warehouse parties, Cliche’, Creative, Pretentious, Too big too ignore, Over, underground, Mainstream, Changing, Everywhere, Ironic, Relevant.
In the second episode we are introduced to Bex Finch who talks iPhone pictures, Instagram and Medium/Film Photography with Paavo. Bex has more than 60K followers on Instagram which she uses as a platform that allow her to “keep composing and practicing everyday, even when I can’t buy film” (for her camera). She states that she tries to somehow connect with what her Alzhiemer stricken father while composing her photos. One of her quotes during the interview was “We can’t travel time backwards, so it’s nice to act like we can with our cameras.”

So what do you think? Will you watch more of American Hipster Presents?