Ultimate Style Guide: Creating Amazing Look for Holiday Parties

Staying trendy and fashionable during Christmas holidays is not something reserved for celebrities only. If you stay true to your style and add just a bit of festive touch to the overall look, you too can look gorgeous without losing any of that jolly spirit. Of course, you don’t have to buy expensive designer clothes if you’re on a budget. In general, all you need to know is how to combine your staples with festivity of this holiday. And with such a colorful market, this is definitely not that hard to do.

Elegant dresses

If you’re going to a Christmas party or festive dinner, you can’t go wrong with a flattering dress. There are many choices in the market, but it’s important to get the cut and style that suits your personality and body shape the best. Once you’re positive in your ability to shop for your unique self, you can undoubtedly make things more festive. If it’s a party where will be a lot of fun and dancing, try out sequin dresses in silver and gold. If it’s a bit more formal, you can try out elegant cuts in forest green or bright red. Even if you decide to go with neutrals such as black or white, you can spice things up in a festive manner with adequate jewelry and accessories.
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Forever LA x Cassie for Forever 21

f21_main1_us feature


Recently, Forever 21 has announced their collaboration with R&B singer Cassie for their summer 2013 collection, which just launched on April 19th. You may or may not remember her, but she is the singer of the hit song from 2006 entitled “Me & U” now she Continue Reading

Fashion 12- Supporting the Unknown

Fashion 12 feature
There is nothing more exciting then discovering something new ,whether its a  hot new  pair of shoes, an amazing singer or a fab designer! Well last week Friday I discovered not 1 but 12 new designers all in the same night!!  How?  I was invited to attend a fashion show showcasing the collections of 12 emerging designers from the UK.

Image courtesy of fashion12.co.uk

The show was hosted by a company called Fashion 12 who aim to shed light on up-and-coming talent within fashion.  Fashion12 is made up of various designers, pattern cutters, models and fashion journalists with the 12 ‘symbolizing the varying months of the year and the philosophical number of perfection.‘ The show featured many talented Womenswear, Menswear and Footwear designers.  Below are my top 2 favourite designers.

Ashanti Lou

Meet Louisa Osei –one of two footwear designers in the show. Her London based shoe brand Ashanti Lou launched in 2011. The name Ashanti comes from her ethnic origin as she is from the Ashanti region of Ghana and then Lou is the shortening of her name, Louisa.

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There’s Something About Julia…

Julia feature image
There are some people who just ooze style. You know when each time you stumble upon a picture of them your mouth just drops open and you find you self feeling in awe. I get that feeling each and every time a see a picture of SJP, Solange Knowles, Beyonce, and Rachel Zoe (and a few others but I will not list them all). A few months ago I discovered another style-spiration; step forward Miss Julia Sarr-Jamois.

Photo courtesy of urbanbushbabes.com

For those of you who do not know who this beauty is, well let me give you a quick low down. At only age 23, Julia Sarr-Jamois is the fashion editor of Wonderland Magazine …(yes, you did read that right, she is only 23). She is also Continue Reading

The Wanted- Real Voices, Real Style, Real Lads…

TheWanted_feature image

There have definitely been many artists from across the pond that have tried to break into the American music scene. The most recent UK group’s success has been one for the history books…

The Wanted is a “new to the U.S.” (started in UK in 2009), boyband that consists of 5 regular gents from across the UK and Ireland. The group was formed by Jayne Collins, who conducted mass auditions across the UK. It was obvious these guys were all very talented individually, so combining that talent to create amazing harmonizing sounds, was genius!

Photo courtesy of justpushplay.com

They released their Self-titled debut album in July 2010 with the hit single “All Time Low” which quickly shot to #1 on the UK music charts. In 2011 they were nominated for Best British Single at the BRITS awards. In November 2011 of the same year, they released their second album “Battleground”, with another hit single titled “Warzone”. They have had huge success with all of their singles from both of these albums, reaching the Top 5 on the UK music charts. With their fast success in the UK, they decided to conquer America next. So, this past January they made their American TV debut performing their second number one UK single, (now their first #1U.S. single) “Glad You Came” on the Ellen Show! Then in February they announced and launched their U.S. Tour.

Photo courtesy of thewantedmusic.com/news

Most recently the lads have made music history by becoming the highest charting UK boyband on the US Billboard Charts, and for going platinum for 1 million sales of their debut single “Glad You Came”. It has only been a little over two months and these guys have truly morphed into their name, already becoming the most sought after group of Continue Reading

Fashion for my eyes, like music for my ears!

Feature image

Summer spells fun, warm and sunny blue skies; but summer also spells…Music Festivals.

Yes! Its that time of the year again when it starts pouring music. To name a few big ones, Ultra Music Festival (Miami, April), Tomorrowland (Belgium, July), Creamfields (UK, August), Gatecrashers (Amsterdam, June).

Photo courtesy of www.suburn.in

Photo courtesy of www.suburn.in

Its my favorite part of the year, because music is like my drug, it has healing power.  It has done wonders for me when I have felt like nothing can mend the situation or uplift my spirit. Music is so inspirational in so many different ways, the beats, the lyrics, the tune, the singers voice, the visuals, the theme; every aspect of it can inspire different people in different ways. It’s a single element that brings together a whole lot of people under the same roof, or sky for that matter. 😉

Photo courtesy of www.suburn.in

I have noticed, that in a past couple of years music festivals have really become a raging trend.  Most times the festivals bring together all the artists from the same genre, but sometimes there are a couple of different genres over a couple of days.  Different genres mean different fashion as well. Fashion is another element that always goes hand in hand with music.  There has always been designated attire for a particular genre of fashion pertaining to a particular genre of music.

Hip Hop Concert Style- Photo courtesy of fashionfor2012.net

Rock Concert Style- Photo courtesy of juicycouture.tumblr.com

What amazes me is when you go for these music festivals it all blends together, and rather than being divided by genres, people are brought together by music and fashion.  Over the years, fashion for music festivals has been gaining momentum. Gone are the days when being Continue Reading

Matchmaker, MTTMob and Great Collaborations!

Married to the mob logo
Dose by Brandi

So I have recently made the best discovery in the history of TV.  Millionaire Matchmaker

I know it has been on Bravo for years now, but I find myself setting up my DVR to record every episode I can.  I love Patti Stanger, and especially love her “I’m going to tell it like it is” attitude.

Leah and Patti- on Millionaire Matchmaker

 One episode featured a Millionairess (a female Millionaire) named Leah McSweeney, who is the created of the clothing line Married to the Mob.

Leah McSweeney

I fell in love with her pieces because of the edge-ness of the designs and how independent it portrays women.   Married to the Mob was first launched as a female only, street style t-shirt line.  The shirts gave girls a way to express their independence with controversial saying and designs.  Now that the brand is no longer just a t-shirt line; seven years later, McSweeney is creating pieces for men as well as everything a hipster girl would need in her wardrobe.

Holiday 2011 - Hotness

Summer 2011

 Summer Look Book Video

Over the years Married to the Mob has collaborated with huge name brand companies such as, Nike, Kogal, Reebok, and Fafi (my FAVE graffiti artist!!)


NIKE and the MOB

FAFI and the MOB

Young,Talented and Lover of Shoes.. Elle Varner

Elle Varner feauture

New MBK Ent/J Records music artist Elle Varner, repeats in the chorus of her single “Only Wanna Give It to You” (f/J. Cole), that she really likes this guy, so much so that she will pass up getting a new pair of shoes!!

Throughout the video (shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn), Elle is giving the audience bright colors, funky patterns, and 80’s neon solids.

She steps out onto the street in a sunkist orange shawl lapel tailored blazer, flirty printed “hands” mini dress, Hipster “photo-gray” tortoise shell glasses, Boot style gathered fabric heels, yellow and orange bangles, and huge gold hoop earrings.


In another scene she is wearing white animal multi color print leggings, a pink sleeveless t-shirt, teal/leopard addidas sneakers w/ bone lace accessories, bright pink rubber watch, statement ring, A “FAUX REAL” necklace, and a funky square multi-colored striped bracelet.


In the last scene Elle is wearing a Long sleeve neon green off-the-shoulder knit tunic, a purple stretch belt w/ gold clasp, pop color graffiti print leggings, purple string across heels, and huge double hoop earrings in different colors.

I am loving her look so far, her hair is gorgeous, she’s adorable and energetic. She is making her style known and it fits her! We will definitely be seeing more from Elle Varner in the near future, she is definitely fresh air in the music industry!!

Here are a few other pics of Elle doing her thing 😉


Prada has TRICKS for treats…

Trick feature image

Prada’s gift book for 2012 was recently released, and I cannot wait to get my hands on any of the little charms they call “tricks”.

These “tricks” are collectable items to hook onto your Prada bags.  I can’t even pick which one I like the best, for now it’s the snake, but every time I look at them it changes!! They all even have names!!

Trick Trina and Trick Veronica


Trick Ax and Trick Joe


Trick Igor and Trick Rhyna


Trick Zaza


Trick Mimi


Trick Clio, Trick Medea, and Trick Iorio

I will admit that they do remind me a little of tamagotchis or the Hello Kitty plastic charms, from the 90’s, but they are showing how Prada has a sense of humor when they come to fashion.


Even though I LOVE these and want one so so bad, Prada is definitely marketing their products to even younger teens than ever before.  I remember in early high school when the coolest thing to get for Christmas was a designer bag. I predict that this year for Christmas younger girls, late middle school and early high school, having not only a Prada bag on their lists but these loveable bears as well!


Romeo sees a brighter future in kids fashion!


I love to see people who have the extra monetary resources invest in the future instead of their next vacation home…. I  know that no one has the right to tell celebrities what to do with their million dollar salaries, but it can be a humbling act when they do give back to those who made them rich!

Romeo.. No longer Lil Romeo, but grown young man Romeo is doing just that… investing in the future of our kids! Romeo is not investing in theirs, but he is also investing in his own futures as he’s also majoring in Business and Film at the University of Southern California. “As a Freshman, he and his basketball team made USC history by winning their first PAC 10 Championship. Romeo understands the importance of education; therefore he remains a student at USC while he pursues his entertainment career and business.” Romeo is a believer that going to college and getting a higher education really makes a difference.

The first annual College Boyys Back to School “I AM THE NEXT…” Campaign inspires kids at an early age to dream big by making college a reality for underprivileged kids across the country. They wore their individual t-shirts that read Who Am I… I’m the next doctor, teacher, lawyer etc. Romeo and College League Apparel donated school supplies to help prepare inner-city kids for back-to-school in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Mississippi, and Memphis, which the program is expecting to reach even more communities next year. With the success and performance at retail of the College Boyys clothing brand, it’s a no-brainer to introduce College Girlls into the mix, making it a lifestyle brand with shoes, accessories and fragrances to come. ~ www.blacknews.com

I am so proud of the young man that Romeo has grown up to be and hope that other young people will continue to see how great of a positive influence that can be to the next generation by just getting involved in projects that give back.

Check out the “I AM THE NEXT…” Campaign video here:

Here are a few of the looks from the College Boyys Clothing “We are the future!” Catalog


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