Wedding Fashion- Tips for Picking Bridal Accessories


By Guest Writer – David Wicks

Wedding accessories provide creative ways to transform and complete bridal outfits. From veils to footwear, the options are limitless. Brides are advised to pick their accessories according to their sense of style, personality and their favorite items.

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Five Top Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping For a Wedding Dress

weddings-2012-12-girl-looking-at-wedding-dresses-mainGuest Post by Sujain Thomas

Now that you have decided to tie the knot, there will be a lot many things that you would want to plan out that so that your wedding is just picture-perfect. Among the innumerable issues, you would be battling with is, of course, the all-important wedding dress that will have the guests swooning in awe. It is very easy to fall prey to some common mistakes that could trip you up. Here’s what you should watch out for when buying a wedding gown. Continue Reading

#WeddingWednesday: Destination Style

The question has been asked…the answer was yes…you’re thinking of a unique way to celebrate your special day… we think you should plan a getaway!

See full details of this set on Polyvore -Styled by Dose of Vitamin F

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#WeddingWednesday: Jessie Lynn of MOD Events

MOD events by Jessie Lynn logo
Are you a recently engaged fiancé or in a committed relationship and will be planning a wedding or ceremony event soon? Does the thought of having to find all the different vendors to help you with the flowers, decor, and other decision making factors make you a little less excited and want to just elope? Sure, you could get a Wedding Planner, but they still have to check in with you and may not be able to deliver what you really want for your special day.
Similarly to how when seeking out a new wardrobe, many women seek out the assistance of a fashion stylist to help them come up with an overall “theme” of their new wardrobe, a new bride might want to seek out the assistance of a wedding stylist to assist with creating a theme and overall process for their wedding.  How great would it be to have customized options already created for you that you could either then take as a “wedding portfolio to all of your vendors, or better yet work with a stylist who already has a relationship with credible and experienced vendors? There is now a company and service that will provide a wedding stylist to help you plan and execute your big day with ease and sophistication…

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Decorated Women

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I hope my last post on the outfits at a traditional Indian wedding was a treat to your eyes. Inspired from my earlier post, I thought, it would be a good idea to give you some insight on the kind of accessories Indians don at the weddings. Accessories are an important part of the traditional look for Indian Weddings. These are the times when people usually wear exquisite and expensive gold, diamond and platinum jewelry. Flaunting posh jewelry is also considered a sort of a status symbol at these weddings.
There are a lot of different forms of accessories exhibited during the weddings other than the usual earrings, neckpieces and bangles.  However, my favorite remains a lot of bangles and chunky earrings.

The headgear is an essential part of the bride’s attire, along with bangles and an extended bracelet that connects to the rings. The anklets worn by the bride are heavy, usually studded with uncut diamonds and set into gold. Most Continue Reading

The Big FAT Indian Wedding!

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So, the whole of last week, I was in Rajasthan for a dear friend’s wedding, and that inspired me to dedicate my next post on fashion and styling at Indian weddings.  If you haven’t heard already, Indian weddings are an extravagant affair with functions lasting almost a week and the attire for these functions are as elaborate and grand as the celebrations.

Rajasthan is the largest state in India, mostly comprising of The Great Indian Desert  (Thar Desert).  It is also known for its pilgrimage sites, forts and the Indian history from the ancient Mughal times. It is one of the most colorful states one will come across; as to beat the color of the dry desert people dress up in the most vibrant Continue Reading

Clay, Fashion & Form – Cloth2Clay

cloth2clay feature
During my experience at Drexel University, I was blessed to have a professor that did not believe in creative limitations and therefore pushed me to think outside the “fashion design box”. That professor is none than Renee Weiss Chase. She balanced giving constructive criticism, being my biggest cheerleader and an amazing mentor with ease. As a fashion designer with many years in the industry, she is beyond talented and experienced, which makes me so excited about her newest venture! Renee Weiss Chase is not only a fashion industry professional and educator, but now will be adding hybrid fashion designer and ceramicist to her repertoire.

I am a fashion designer and my medium is clay. The transition from cloth to clay came about serendipitously. I designed women’s sportswear for many years, but I always wanted to work with ceramics. I took a class with Linda Shusterman and during a demonstration she used the word “dart”. At that moment the idea for creating dresses in clay was born. If common terminology between fashion and ceramics already existed then endless other connections could be realized. – Renee Weiss Chase

There are so many of her dress designs that anyone would fall in love with, but here are my top 5 picks that I would like to share with you.

Algea dress

CurlyGirl dress

Elegante’ dress

Lacey dress

Ash dress

 Check out the gallery for more images –

Renee also does custom replicas of dresses or wedding gowns.

Nothing makes a lovelier gift for a bride than a custom replica of her wedding gown. As a 1st anniversary gift or a 50th anniversary gift, she will love to have an art piece to memorialize her most important day. Prices range from $300.00 to $400.00 for a 14 inch replica. The price is based on the complexity of the dress and the number of details that have to be included.

Exhibits and Shows

July 2011 Open Studio Art Show at Jacqueline Boyd – Fine Art Studio

November 2011 Hammonton Art Center -1st prize for sculpture in the show.

Upcoming March 2012– Contemporary Group Art Show – Configurations, at the New Century Artists Gallery

Kim K’s Wedding Dress by Vera Wang!

Fav Dress 7- feature image

It was announced Monday, August 1st, that Vera Wang will be designing Kim Kardashian’s wedding dress! Vera announced it on her website blog with the title, “Wedding Bells for My Belle

When Vera talks about her Spring 2012 collection she is quoted saying it is ““An ode to the Paris Opera: Degas… young dancers floating about the stage! Artful and adorable!”

  I am so curious to know if Kim’s silhouette is going to follow that of the Spring 2012 collection.  These are some of the shapes Vera shows off for the next big wedding season:

Guipure lace build-up ball gown with swirling honey comb tulle and horsehair confection skirt.


Strapless gown with looped petal detail on back bustle and stitched bustier with grosgrain multi-bow sash.


Charcoal strapless sweetheart ballerina ballgown with swirling organza pleated train and with a draped French tulle bodice with grosgrain multi-bow sash.


Dusty rose strapless sweetheart soft mermaid gown with cascading French tulle and organza skirt and sunburst pleated bodice with grosgrain multi-bow sash.



 If Kim chooses any silhouette, I believe it will be a mermaid shape. (this is my FAVE of the bridal 2012 collection!)

My pick for Kim!

I LOVE the idea of a wedding dress being a pale color besides white, but from what I’ve read on my gossip websites, an assistant of Vera Wang was seen walking with white lace right after it was announced Vera would be designing the dress.  Kim K. is known in the entertainment world for her voluptuous figure, and a mermaid silhouette will show off her curves perfectly.  The top of the dress is very structures and corset like, while the bottom is very fun and flirty.  The combination of the two styles would positively compliment Kim’s personality.