Sportswear as a New Fashion Trend

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We can all dream about owning pieces that were made for runways by prominent fashion designers and wearing couture to work, but is it possible for our dreams to become true? Sadly, it is not very likely it will ever happen because pieces like those are rather expensive and (admit it) not always comfortable. We want clothes that look good on us, are of highest quality, and yet allow us to move freely and be comfortable.
Are those things dreams as well? Not anymore, with sportswear emerging as a new fashion trend.

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My Top 3 Favorite Fall Trends

I have always been a fan of vintage fashion and the different styles that come with each decade. This particular season I found myself really loving the modern 70’s fashion trends that have been taking over! Even though I have a list of trends that I think are great, I’ll just be sharing my favorite three:

turtleneck +polyvore

The Turtleneck

 Turtlenecks are making a comeback and are becoming very trendy again in the fashion world. Turtlenecks are classic and now that they’re becoming more modern they don’t have to be considered “bad fashion” anymore.
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2016 Swimwear Trends – Take It from an Aussie

As the summer is just around the corner, it is high-time to start thinking about the latest swimwear trends. What designs are we taking over from the last year and what are the new designs we are going to introduce this season? What colors, styles and fashion trends are going to mark the summer of 2016? How to dress up (or down) in order to be the main attraction on the beach? Here I am going to give you a small insight on how to pick out the best beach combination and rock that summer body. Check out the best swimwear trends for this season!

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Asia En Vogue

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From K-pop to bubble tea, Asia has influenced the world from music to cuisine.  In the fashion world, new trends arise with each new season with ideals originally from the islands of Japan to Korea all the way to cities of China. Summer provides a major display for the trends and summer 2015 is a major example.
      The random rainstorms throughout the season provide a perfect excuse to pair an ASOS kimono trenchcoat with a fresh summer dress or lightweight wrap skirt. The elements of the coat stay true to the traditional Japanese kimono, displaying elongated sleeves and vibrant entwinements of blue and  pink threading. Japan was most recently the focal point for the line Marc by Marc Jacobs, showcasing Japanese schoolgirl inspired skirts and karate attire.

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Dungarees Are Making A Fashion Comeback

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Ok, so they may not have a reputation as the most flattering of garments, or the most fashionable for that matter, but guess what, dungarees are back in style. I hear you cry, “Hopefully for one season only!”. Well, not so, as it appears this summer’s most unexpected micro-trend is fast becoming the season’s major fashion trend.

3.1 Phillip Lim  incuded dungaress in their spring/summer 2013 collection. Image courtesy of

3.1 Philip Lim incuded dungaress in their spring/summer 2013 collection. Image courtesy of

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Spot the next fashion trend – Trend Prediction

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If you have been reading this blog for awhile you will remember the interview we did with Vicky Nicholls of Twisted Angle. She has created a membership based website portal for all things “knitty fashion” for the independent knitter or professional designer. Vicky recently launched a new website – Trend Prediction,  which offers a platform to learn the professional way to predict colors and themes for all seasons. I have to say, it’s pretty cool and innovative.

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