Wearing Underwear as Outerwear

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If girls and women from nineteenth and twentieth century could catch a glimpse of modern women and today’s fashion trends, they would have been shocked. With fashion designers becoming more bold and innovative every season, it was a matter of time when they would decide that ‘keeping things hidden’ (and by ‘things’ we mean underwear) was too boring a trend and that it lacked a fresh perspective. As a result, women all over the world are wearing their underwear as a statement piece of clothing and are not ashamed of showing it off.

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2016 Swimwear Trends – Take It from an Aussie

As the summer is just around the corner, it is high-time to start thinking about the latest swimwear trends. What designs are we taking over from the last year and what are the new designs we are going to introduce this season? What colors, styles and fashion trends are going to mark the summer of 2016? How to dress up (or down) in order to be the main attraction on the beach? Here I am going to give you a small insight on how to pick out the best beach combination and rock that summer body. Check out the best swimwear trends for this season!

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Hey Guys, What’s Your Swimwear Style?

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Swimming. An activity characterized by many as being exhilarating, freeing, or just plain fun. Although summer vacation is almost over for many of us there still is plenty of time to enjoy the beach and heat across the globe.

Some of us take little notices as to what we wear to the pool/beach etc., especially us guys. But there is one thing I can say is that there are certain types of styles certain men gravitate towards. There is the short-short man, the Speedo wearing dude or the long board short traditional lad. I myself fall in between the short-short and board short range. But there isn’t anything wrong with wearing the Speedo if you body is right for it.


The Short-Short Man

Robinson Les Bains Swim Shorts. Image courtesy of www.mrporter.com

Robinson Les Bains Swim Shorts.
Image courtesy of www.mrporter.com

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Pool Side Fashion

feature image MaraHoffmanSwim2013

I have been going to the pool lately, since the weather has gotten real warm, some days even hot. My little one is taking swimming lessons and so “mama coach” is in effect. lol. So what am I wearing? Leggings, t-shirt, flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen and a little makeup, especially a pop of colour on the lips.

At her classes, I am carrying a book to read, which is a must because after awhile all you see is a lot of splashing and that’s it…smh. So I was thinking about a nice gear to put together for going to the pool for training with my little one vs. going to the pool in my backyard. What to wear? so this is what I came up with:


I really love Mara Hoffman’s pool side/ beach wear. This piece is so beautiful and exotic. Perfect for any pool or sea destination you want to be at.
Mara Hoffman 2013 SS Swimwear Image via HighSnobette.com

Mara Hoffman 2013 SS Swimwear
Image via HighSnobette.com

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Turn in your Bras…Get a new Bikini!

free the girls feature
Sure our bras provide great support, create “push- up” enhanced cleavage, and make us feel sexy. We also have bras that we never will show anyone, we have bras that don’t actually fit, we have bras that the wire has come out of that we just throw away. I bet you never thought how donating them could actually better someone’s life!? Well these days donating your strappy undergarments can help benefit women in African and Asian Countries that have been sexually enslaved.

That’s where the charity organization Free the Girls comes into the picture. They are a Non-Profit Organization that help provide former sex slave workers with job opportunities. How it works is when you donate a bra, you are giving these women products to re-sell to make money and get back on their feet.

Next Thursday, July 12th attend an upcoming “Free the Girls” fundraiser event sponsored by Xcluzv Lifestyles Brand Swimwear. In exchange for your bra or donation you will receive 25% OFF your swimsuit purchase at Xcluzv Swimwear!!



The Exclucisve Xcluzv Event at Linda’s!

Lindas feature image
Imagine this setting.. it’s a lovely, warm, yet breezy NYC summer day, you’re in a well known boutique on the east side of the city, you’re sipping on a refreshing caipirinha drink, while you shop for a swimsuit for your upcoming vacation, right next to you is a beautiful model showcasing various swimwear pieces from a new line made in Brazil, and there are several people ready to assist you in picking out the perfect swim suit…sound far fetched? Well that’s exactly what happened at the event Xcluzv Lifestyle Brands hosted at Linda’s Bra Salon in Murray Hill.
Photo Courtesy of Chat Lokuge

I had never been to Linda’s, but ironically I had been to several restaurants in the neighborhood, so it was very exciting to finally visit this very well know boutique. From the sidewalk I was already loving the store, it was brightly lit with lovely underwear, lingerie and swimwear on display. The interior had a “modern boudoir” feeling, with Continue Reading

Love… Swimwear… Cocktails… Shopping!

June 14th Eventfeature image
Xcluzv Lifestyle Brands and Linda’s Bra Salon NYC want to celebrate Brazilian Valentine’s Day with you! So, Thursday, June 14th from 5 – 8 pm Xcluzv Swimwear is holding a private shopping event at the very popular boutique’s Murray Hill location (Between 36th & 37th on 3rd Ave).
This is an “Exclusive Xcluzv Event” and it’s your chance to be the first to see the new styles, prints and colors for the “made in Brazil” swimwear brand, making its debut in-store arrival to Linda’s boutique!!
Next Thursday, during store hours from 10am- 9pm, all shoppers will be entered to win a Grand Prize full of goodies, get a special “Valentine’s” gift… AND receive a 10% OFF discount for any Xcluzv Swimwear Collection purchases made that day. Also one of the models for the Xcluzv Lifestyle Brand- Lorianna (pictured below), will be doing an in-store showcase of the various swimsuit styles!

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Fashion Industry Highlight – Xcluzv Swimwear

Xcluzv Lifestyle Brand logo

The fact that the 2014 FIFA World Cup is set to be held in Brazil has been reigniting global interest in the sexiest country in South America. For now, one thing is for sure… you don’t have to own a passport to be able to get a taste of Brazil right now! There have been various new events including beautiful Amazon Rainforest themed flower shows, that have been on the rise, making it evident that Brazil has come to the U.S. Often when someone thinks about Brazil- it’s the food, music and tropical flowers that may come to mind, but most of the time swimwear is top of the list!

So it should come as no surprise that today we’re highlighting a new Brazilian based swimwear company – Xcluzv Lifestyle Brands Inc. The company made its initial U.S. launch on March 23, 2012 with a preview of their 2012 Cruise & Summer line on a mobile web based internet site.

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Styled by Vitamin F – Memorial Day Looks!

Styled by vitamin f

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. As a marker it typically marks the start of the summer vacation season, while Labor Day marks its end. Memorial Day has also become a long weekend increasingly devoted to shopping, family gatherings, fireworks, trips to the beach, and national media events such as the Indianapolis 500 auto race. – Wikipedia.com

We will officially welcome the start to “lazy summer days” this weekend! During which many of us (here in the States) will attend beach parties, backyard BBQ’s and top it all off with a few nights of going out. Not to forget the real reason for celebrating Memorial Day, let’s try to pay tribute to the holiday with “Americana” themed weekend style. We’ve put together 3 different looks, (Beachy Keen, Grill Stripe Chic, and Flirty/Fitted- Festive/Flowy) that will be perfect for your various holiday weekend festivities.

All items shown are from shopdoseofvitaminf.com, Asos.com and Converse.com

Asos towelling beach playsuit – asos.com

Dolce & Gabbana Cube Sunglasses- asos.com

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Beach Bum…

ready for the beach feature
Summertime! Lets hit the beach! I am an absolute all…out…beach…bum. The sun, the sand and the seas, is my idea of pure bliss. I eagerly await for this time of the year, when there is eternal sunshine, a state of peace, and serene waves that calm your heart rate down. The “beachwear season” also happens to be one of my favorite times of the year to play dress up. It is so easy going, relaxing and full of great colors, it makes my eyes gleam! Bikinis, sarongs, maxis, hats, sunglasses, flip-flops and suntan lotion are few of the most important things on my list when packing for a beach trip.

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