Dark Suits For Spring – Inspired by Thandie Newton

I think actress Thandie Newton is as much talented, as she is beautiful and smart. She’s extra amazing, because she has a very “sophisticated cool” style vibe that fits her so well. She doesn’t ever look like she’s trying to hard to look fashionable or trendy, she just goes with what works for her. While perusing zimbio.com, I came across an image of her at a promotional event for her new TV series “ROGUE”. Ironically the outfit she was wearing inspired me to write a post on how to wear a dark suit in the spring!

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Peplum styled curves with a personality

The peplum is one “recycled” fashion trend that I have wholeheartedly welcomed back. I tend to think it is a great “every woman” type of item. If you have a boyish shape it gives you the illusion of a more shapely figure and if you have natural curves, well that’s even better.

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Joe Fresh Ad: Sam and the Womp

I was going through my Facebook news feed a couple of weeks ago and this video image was screaming at me to click it. All it said was “Spring is here! Coloured denim, $19”, but I had a feeling since it was by created by the fun and chic label Joe Fresh I would enjoy it… and now I want you to enjoy it too!

Joe Fresh colored denim

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Monochrome Manicures

The trend of wearing black and white color combinations in clothing trends has been everywhere these days. From bold stripes and graphics, to monochromatic solid combinations, to mixing of black/white prints in one look.. both ends of the color spectrum are getting a lot of “wear” by everyone.

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of www.instagram.com/wahnails

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of www.instagram.com/wahnails

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10 Must Haves In Your Wardrobe!

feature image

Every girl has a little shopaholic hidden in her, some let it out and some just don’t admit it. Well, I confess to you today… I am a shopaholic! I buy clothes, shoes, and accessories when I am sad or happy. I shop when I don’t need anymore. I shop without a reason. There are stacks of clothes, that I have never worn and yet when I have to go out I do not have anything to wear. Many of you will read this and say “story of my life”.

However, there are the times, when certain articles from your wardrobe will never let you down, no matter how fat or thin you feel on a particular day. Those are the classic pieces that never go out of fashion and are always there to save your day or night.  I am going to make this task a tad easier for you and list the 10 wardrobe essentials that will always complete your closet.

Little Black Dress:Better known as LBD, is known for never letting anyone down, come rain, hail or sunshine. It is that timeless piece that you can pair with absolutely any accessory, be it a piece of statement jewelry or sexy stilettos with a pop of color.

Sheer panel LBD- asos.com

Well-fitted formal Trousers:  You can never go wrong with a pair of well-fitted formal trousers, be it for work, or an evening with friends or just a casual day out. You can always pair it with a formal shirt and blazer for a more formal look, where as for a casual look a pretty girly blouse with some accessories would do the magic.

Nice tailored black trousers- asos.com

Classic white shirt:  A crisp classic white shirt can do a lot more than you could ever imagine.  It can take over more avatars than you would have thought off.  Tuck it in your formal pants and it is the sassy professional attire, Continue Reading

Sheer Sexiness…

sheer trend feature

So far, spring only showed up on our calendars, but now you can finally feel it. With the weather heating up, the “sheer” trend is just blessing in disguise.

The days are getting warmer and longer, it couldn’t get better than sheer. I am absolutely, loving this trend! It leaves a lot to imagination, by playing a little peek-a-boo game.

Photo courtesy of fashiontrenddesign.com

Sheer and see-through fabrics, clothing re-entered the fashion scene about 5 years ago. Back then, this trend was not very successful and considered too bold and a risqué. Today, sheer has taken over not only red carpet and movie premiers but also street style. Celebrities are not the only ones to don the look, but also the girl next door for a day in the city.

My version of the sheer trend

Michael Kors used some sheer fabrics for his 2012, spring fashion show. Last week, at the premiere of sir Paul McCartney’s new video “My Valentine”, sheer and cutout dresses by Stella McCartney were a rage.  Miranda Kerr, Gwen Stefani, mother to be Reese Witherspoon, were all seen rocking the sheer trend.

Photo courtesy of michaelkors.com

My Valentine premiere

The question is not whether to wear or not, but how to wear! It is important to make sure you are flaunting the most flattering part of your body, or it might just end up looking vulgar.

Sheer maxi dresses are a great day outfit for those with great legs.

Photo courtesy of asos.com

If you have a fit midriff, a loose fitted long sheer top with skinny pants or a fitted skirt would look fabulous.

Antipodium Haughty Culture Sheer top- asos.com

Self Conscious? Worry not! There is a lot more “sheer” you can do, with the sleeves, the back, the neckline. Let your imagination run wild, if you cant find what you have on your mind, get it custom made for yourself.

Sequined sheer neckline and midriff dress- topshop.com

A-line dress with sheer sleeves- asos.com

Nude color jewel embellished dress with sheer back- topshop.com

Be it day or night, go sheer! As far as you are confident, sexy is what matters! 😉

Styled by Vitamin F- Embrace the sunshine…

Styled by vitamin f

Last Saturday was an “amazingly gorgeous-blinding sun-must enjoy the outdoors” type of day here in NYC…

Being fully committed to taking advantage of the beautiful weather, I remained out and about from late afternoon into late evening. It’s a well known fact that on any given day in the city you can find many fashionable people strolling the “sidewalk runways” in great style.

Throughout my day and evening; it became apparent that I had missed the “must wear yellow denim today”, fashion memo! During my travels within BOTH Brooklyn and Midtown Manhattan, I saw people who had decided to embrace the color of the sun within their wardrobe as well. I have to say I am loving it, and will soon jump on the “sunshine yellow” bandwagon soon!


To wear this retina stimulating hue during the day, we suggest that you keep it clean and minimal. The jeans should be the focus of your look. Shades of blue or gray always goes great with a bright yellow bottom (skirt/pant). We took a relaxed day at the beach kind of approach for our casual day look by adding simple yet creative jewelry pieces and shiny silver sandals.

Splendid vintage whisper cotton slub jersey Tshirt- netaporter.com

Toothpick jean in garment dyed twill – Jcrew.com

Braided ring sandal- shopdoseofvitaminf.com

Vintage style Cameo pendant necklace- shopdoseofvitaminf.com

LOVE ring with message– shopdoseofvitaminf.com

Blue/Gold beaded feather earrings- shopdoseofvitaminf.com



All bets are off when wearing this eye catching hue on a night out in the city! Step up your “sunshine denim” with  a Continue Reading

Fashion for my eyes, like music for my ears!

Feature image

Summer spells fun, warm and sunny blue skies; but summer also spells…Music Festivals.

Yes! Its that time of the year again when it starts pouring music. To name a few big ones, Ultra Music Festival (Miami, April), Tomorrowland (Belgium, July), Creamfields (UK, August), Gatecrashers (Amsterdam, June).

Photo courtesy of www.suburn.in

Photo courtesy of www.suburn.in

Its my favorite part of the year, because music is like my drug, it has healing power.  It has done wonders for me when I have felt like nothing can mend the situation or uplift my spirit. Music is so inspirational in so many different ways, the beats, the lyrics, the tune, the singers voice, the visuals, the theme; every aspect of it can inspire different people in different ways. It’s a single element that brings together a whole lot of people under the same roof, or sky for that matter. 😉

Photo courtesy of www.suburn.in

I have noticed, that in a past couple of years music festivals have really become a raging trend.  Most times the festivals bring together all the artists from the same genre, but sometimes there are a couple of different genres over a couple of days.  Different genres mean different fashion as well. Fashion is another element that always goes hand in hand with music.  There has always been designated attire for a particular genre of fashion pertaining to a particular genre of music.

Hip Hop Concert Style- Photo courtesy of fashionfor2012.net

Rock Concert Style- Photo courtesy of juicycouture.tumblr.com

What amazes me is when you go for these music festivals it all blends together, and rather than being divided by genres, people are brought together by music and fashion.  Over the years, fashion for music festivals has been gaining momentum. Gone are the days when being Continue Reading

Tame Them Tresses!

Tame them tresses feature

Imagine having to step out on a warm sunny day in an amazing outfit while you are going through a bad hair day…

Nothing can bum you out more than that. Hair makes all the difference to one’s entire look; it can make it or break it. Wearing best of the clothes and accessories cannot compensate for hair gone moody. Like Martin Luther put it “hair is the richest ornament for a woman”, its important that along with the rest of our attire, we pay if not more, equal importance to its well being and good shape.
8 out of 10 times, you will end up dealing with your hair misbehaving. Well, not to worry I’m here to save your hair despair! Over the years I have figured out sly ways to conquer unruly hair days. Continue Reading

4 New Style Tips from Effie Trinket!

Effie Trinket feature

I can’t honestly say that I have seen The Hunger Games, the “Must See Movie Of the Year”, as of yet…but I plan to! One of the highlights aside from the great background story and action scenes is the one character that has everyone’s attention.. Effie Trinket.

Effie Hunger Games Poster - Hunger Games Blog

Photo from Entertainment Weekly

This bold, colorful, overly joyous, not to be trusted character played by Elizabeth Banks is the main attraction within fashion news surrounding the film. The costume design for Effie’s character may be the extreme in relation to what Elizabeth is used to wearing, but she has had red carpet success on the promo tour as well as other appearances. We applaud her own unique and creative style as well!

Photos courtesy of zimbio.com

Premiere photos courtesy of zimbio.com

So what better way to honor the escort of the District 12 tributes than a highlight of her “tribute” to new fashion trends that will be great additions to your Spring/Summer looks!

1. Fluttering butterfly eyelashes


Now available at Sephora for only $9

Small Peacock butterfly at PaperselfStore.com

2. Big flower Hair and Clothing accessories

Photos from hungergamesmovie.org

Orange Gladiola Flower clip from flowerclip.com $18

3. Shiny peep-toe booties

These 24 Karat gold booties by Alexander McQueen may not be in everyone's budget but there are many other affordable options out there!

Mossimo Venezia Pewter Peep toe Pump at Target

Studded Open toe heel at BCBG

Gold glitter 'Urge' platform peep toe booties at Jimmy Choo

4. Decorative Nail Adornment

Elizabeth Banks' blog photo of one Effie's nail designs

Effie's two tone gold and plum nails - photo courtesy of little-nails.blogspot.com

The top nail design is done with more adornment than the nail design above, but many nail artists have posted their own version of DIY Effie Trinket inspired nail art.

Version done by Polish Vixen


so which

So which, if not all of these Effie Trinket Style “tributes” will you be trying? Feel free to comment below 🙂