#TrendyTuesday: Midi Skirt

Image courtesy of downtowndemure.com

Image courtesy of downtowndemure.com

The midi is the new skirt length for the summer. This not loo long, not too short, but just right skirt length can be a casual or dressy look. From work, to weddings, to brunch a midi is the new staple skirt to add to your wardrobe!
With so many options and fabrications to chose from it can be overwhelming to figure out how to begin to incorporate this trend into your existing wardrobe. The great thing about this trend is it can be paired with a variety of different tops, from blouses to crop top t-shirts. It is also a trend that is both heels and flat shoe friendly!
For this post I chose focus on three different skirts and pair them based on a look with a crop top.

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Trend Alert: T-Shirts & Full Skirts

Many times there are fashion events that ask for a more formal attire than most of are accustomed to wearing when we go out. However, there has been a new trend that has made it much easier to get away with looking formal, yet trendy at the same time.
@Moguldiva at Full Figured Fashion Week. Image courtesy of @fffweek on Instagram

@Moguldiva at Full Figured Fashion Week. Image courtesy of @fffweek on Instagram

This week and weekend was Full Figured Fashion Week and the founder Gwen DeVoe wore a few styles that highlighted this trend and she looked fab!

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Blue, Melon and Gold!

Wendy Williams look feature

My absolutely favorite color/hue(s) is Blue and the brighter the blue is even better. So last night when I was watching the watching Wendy Williams show, I fell in love with her new look for Spring. She also put on very fun and quirky blue reading glasses and it was perfection!  These “divafied” frames were designed by a guest in the audience and Wendy like them enough to wear them on the show, how cool is that?

Personal pic I took of Wendy on TV

Personal pic I took of Wendy on TV

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10 Must Haves In Your Wardrobe!

feature image

Every girl has a little shopaholic hidden in her, some let it out and some just don’t admit it. Well, I confess to you today… I am a shopaholic! I buy clothes, shoes, and accessories when I am sad or happy. I shop when I don’t need anymore. I shop without a reason. There are stacks of clothes, that I have never worn and yet when I have to go out I do not have anything to wear. Many of you will read this and say “story of my life”.

However, there are the times, when certain articles from your wardrobe will never let you down, no matter how fat or thin you feel on a particular day. Those are the classic pieces that never go out of fashion and are always there to save your day or night.  I am going to make this task a tad easier for you and list the 10 wardrobe essentials that will always complete your closet.

Little Black Dress:Better known as LBD, is known for never letting anyone down, come rain, hail or sunshine. It is that timeless piece that you can pair with absolutely any accessory, be it a piece of statement jewelry or sexy stilettos with a pop of color.

Sheer panel LBD- asos.com

Well-fitted formal Trousers:  You can never go wrong with a pair of well-fitted formal trousers, be it for work, or an evening with friends or just a casual day out. You can always pair it with a formal shirt and blazer for a more formal look, where as for a casual look a pretty girly blouse with some accessories would do the magic.

Nice tailored black trousers- asos.com

Classic white shirt:  A crisp classic white shirt can do a lot more than you could ever imagine.  It can take over more avatars than you would have thought off.  Tuck it in your formal pants and it is the sassy professional attire, Continue Reading