DOVF Interview with Aziza Morgan – One Woman, Many Talents

What I love about social media is the networking factor that it allows you to have at the touch of a finger. There are so many cool people that you can meet on social media that you never would cross paths with organically in regular life. This happened to me recently while scrolling through my “likes” on Instagram. A person with the handle @artlovescompany had liked one of my pics, I was intrigued by the name so I checked out their profile page. What I found was this amazingly talented and beautiful individual. Read on to find out more about the woman behind the profile: Aziza Morgan.
Aziza 2There were images of everything from her personal style, to hair tips, writing samples, to music, to photography and her adorable newborn! I then went through and liked pretty much all of her pics, lol. I had to know more about her and how she juggled all these talents as well as being a new mom. As usual, whenever I find/meet new people that are unique and creative I love to share them with you. So, I setup a time to chat with her and found out there’s even ore to her than what is seen in the visual collage I first was introduced to on Instagram. I was introduced to Aziza Morgan, but I also met Charlie, August, Margot, and Lola. These are the personalities that make up Art Loves Company, the persona and the brand.


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Model, Actor, Filmmaker – Alexander J. Robinson



Experienced model, Independent filmmaker, freelance Videographer/Editor, and Actor – Alexander J. Robinson is somewhat of a creative Renaissance man.

His love for the arts extends past modeling, acting and film he is also a drummer, keyboardist, DJ and MC, as well as a graphic designer, photographer, and works on other visual compositions.  A native of Belmont, Massachusetts, Alexander attended Wheaton College and graduated Cum Laude in 2009. Since Wheaton College did not offer any sort of film major, Alexander took it upon himself to create his own Independent Film Major, entitled “Film Production in Practice and Cultural Narrative.” He has always loved to be on both sides of the camera and is also fully pursuing modeling and acting. The 26 years old artist has already worked as a Production Assistant on multiple independent films, spending the majority of his time writing feature length screenplays, short scripts, and then soon began embarking on his own endeavors as an independent filmmaker; writing, directing, producing, and editing.

Alexander is very passionate about the work he is doing and uses the various creative platforms within his industry to pursue his ultimate goals. During our interview he had a lot to tell us, including: the great role he believes fashion plays in film, who and what inspires him, how music plays a big role in his life, and how in 5 Continue Reading