The Allure of The Painted Red Nail

A good manicure is the pinnacle of every well pulled together look. In recent years we have seen almost as many new nail beauty trends emerge as we have fashion trends. Every spring and autumn there are new shades and tones, new techniques of patterning. From modern French manicures to magnetic nail varnishes that can be manipulated to create crazy prints, like leopard (the animal print that knows no bounds). But despite all this endless swapping and changing of nail designs, one nail polish color that has always been irresistible is red.

Dark cherry, warm burgundy, fire-engine scarlet, moody crimson, classic and understated or slap-in-the-face bright, each and every season we see some shade of red nail varnish. Whether the fashion set is wearing emerald green, sky blue or slate grey on their nails, the classic red nail lacquer will always be spotted on the chic lady, hovering nonchalantly in the background. And, no matter how many times we are tempted by the highly technical modern nail arts, we continue to reserve a place in our hearts, and our beauty bags, for our faithful old friend, goes-with-anything, suitable-for-any-occasion, red nail polish.

There's something about painted red nails that women just can't resist. Image courtesy of

There’s something about painted red nails that women just can’t resist.
Image courtesy of

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My Nail Files – Week 1: From Stubby To Stunners

Nail files image feature

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have started a new challenge for basically this entire Spring/Summer season. I thought of this challenge as soon as I kept seeing so many amazing Instagram/Pinterest photos showing fun and creative manicures by nail designers and DIY nail lovers alike. I will not only be posting the pics, but I will let you know my process and nail polish used. So, here’s my Week #1 Nail File: From Stubby To Stunners.

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My Nail Files Challenge!

Nail files image feature

So this is the newest challenge I have given myself for the next 20 weeks (basically Spring to Fall). I want to try to do weekly posts of new DIY manicures that I have tried, establishing “Nail Files”. I feel like I’ve added a unique and creative accessory to my hands when my nails are painted. With that logic, I would have a new accessory to wear every week right?

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Monochrome Manicures

The trend of wearing black and white color combinations in clothing trends has been everywhere these days. From bold stripes and graphics, to monochromatic solid combinations, to mixing of black/white prints in one look.. both ends of the color spectrum are getting a lot of “wear” by everyone.

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of

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Gem Party Nails

Even though the idea of unique manicure colors, nail shapes, and DIY designs have been increasing in popularity over the past three years or so, there is always something more that can be done. I recently watched NYLON MagTV’s latest “Beauty Queen: DIY GEM PARTY NAILS WITH BUTTER LONDON”, Tutorial video by Katie Hughes really caught my eye.

DIY example on Nylon TV

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Spice Up Your Manicure!

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So far we have gotten ourselves trendy outfits, chic accessories, that hot handbag and those killer stilettos, but we completely forgot about our pretty nails! Nails make for an important part of grooming, and it is important that we keep them in the best of shape all the time. Neglecting manicures and pedicures have known to create problems, for example in-growth, leading to infected finger and toe nails requiring operation. Hence it is necessary that we regularly get those toes and fingers cleaned up.  However along with keep them neat and tidy, we also need to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends pertaining to colors and the very trendy nail art.

Something that recently caught my eye was the Ryan Gosling nail art. Can you imagine have faces of pretty boys pasted on your nails? Distracting much? Indeed! The name says it all, HOT-MAN-ICURE; created by MTV style editor Chrissy Mahlmeister. These are nail wraps to be applied over white or clear nail paints and you can choose Continue Reading

WAH Nails – For Downtown Girls Worldwide

wah_logo feature
In 2005, founder Sharmadean Reid had created a “London-based fanzine”, known as WAH that became a hub for all things music, fashion and “street smart feminism”. By combining her love for nail art and her talent for spotting trends Sharmadean decided to conquer a missing niche in the London nail salon industry. Now, just four years later, WAH Nails has become a high-demand brand that creates nail art for the masses!

It’s just a small thing people notice..but when they do look down and they see you have something different.. they’re like “OOOHH! I wouldn’t have thought that”…You know it can sometimes be an element of surprise.. It’s like wearing hot pink socks under a business suit..nice little finisher. -Sharmadean Reid

Sharmadean Reid

In 2008, Sharmadean (an experienced trend consultant), had an undeniable feeling that the unique nail art she and her friends had been sporting for years was about to hit the mainstream. She noticed that nail salons in New Continue Reading

Nail Trends – Too Too Scented & Caviar Manicure!

too too and caviar feature

It used to be that the only way to have “exciting” nails was for them to be fake with airbrushing or other artistic elements. Wearing your “natural” nail length and dressing it up has now taken on high demands. For the past 3 years there have been numerous innovations in the nail care industry from Minx to Crackle to Magnetic and everything in between, we’ve seen it all… or have we?

 It was only a matter of time before new trends would emerge for the Spring 2012 season. The two highly anticipated items are Betsey Johnson‘s new collaboration with OPI and SephoraToo Too Scented Nail Color, which smells like her latest perfume of the same name, and the UK nail polish brand Ciate’s Caviar Manicure kit. Both of these new polishes will be sold at Sephora and Betsey Johnson’s Too Too is available now and Ciate’s Caviar will launch in April!!

"The bold hue perfectly complements any afternoon adventure or adds a playful pop of color to an evening out with the girls. Flash your fingers and take in the effervescent, fruity scent with every flick of your wrist." -

 I think I would be waving my hands in front of my face all! Although the Too Too only comes in this lovely pink hue you can jazz it up “Betsey style” with her fun collections of nail designs!

Caviar Manicure Set - Mother of Pearl - This product contains: 1 x Caviar Beads White, 1 x Paint Pot Nail Polish - Snow Virgin. -

Caviar Manicure Set - Rainbow - This product contains: 1 x Caviar Beads Multi, 1 x Paint Pot Nail Polish - Strawberry Milkshake. -

Caviar Manicure Set - Black Pearls - This product contains: 1 x Caviar Beads Dark, 1 x Paint Pot Nail Polish - Ghetto Fabulous. -

I want to try ALL 3 of these options!! During the week wear the Mother of Pearl or Rainbow, and then on the weekend wear the Black Pearl! So excited for these kits to arrive! Which one is your favorite?

Creatively Designed Nails…the new accessory!

CND feature

I have recently started paying more attention to my nails. I have been wearing gel overlays while experimenting with various nail polish colors, and it has me really excited!!

I’m not stating that nails (real or tips), polish color options or designs are a new phenom, but there is a new breath of life being shown in the importance of nails in fashion and style expression that is subtle yet speaking volumes!!

With the New Year as well as a new fashion season fast approaching the trends from the September runway shows are being recapped on various Facebook posts, fashion/beauty blogs and fashion magazines. One of the most mentioned trends are nails for Spring/Summer 2012!!

I was amazed by the various  image examples for “nail design trends” that popped up from my Google search. Here are a few that I thought were pretty impressive.


"Countdown" - Unknown google source

"Zebra-Tips"- from Acrylic Nail Products

"Festive Tips"- Unknown Google Source

Shiny and Matte- "Black on Black Manicure"- by Chloe's Nails


"Shimmer Tips"- Unknown Google Source


"Newspaper Nails"- Unknown Google Source

During my search I came across news about the company Creative Nail Design who were all over this past season’s Spring/Summer 2012 Runway Shows as the go to nail design experts. Not only do they have a successful line of  nail colour and effects, plus treatments , but they are professionals in the business of runway styling!

CND is celebrating 15 years of creating fashion and nail styling on the runway!.. Also celebrating the official end of minimalism, especially for nails. Fashion Designers are celebrating right there with us, as they now incorporate the CND fashion nail as the ultimate accessory for expressing the story behind their collections. ~ Jan Arnold (Co-Founder of CND)

Above is a quote from the CND LookBook video for Fall/Winter 2011/2012.

CND Look for Jen Kao for SS12

Click video to see behind the scenes of the CND experience during Fashion Week.

"Colours are the clothes - Effects the accessories"

A fun "raindrop" nail effect from the CND LookBook video


How you can "play" with Colour and Effect

Magnetic by design… New LCN nail polish!

LCN polish feature

Keep a look out for this new trendy nail polish this fall:

LCN, a professional nail polish company, currently has a magnetic nail polish.  How does it work?  Well first you simply paint your nails as your normally would, (the polish is $9.90 each).

Next, with the magnets, either the diagonal design or the star design, (sold separately for $19.90 each) put it on top of the polish and hold for 10 seconds.  The magnet, right before your eyes, pushes the polish away forming a mirror image of the pattern on your nails.

Examples of polished designs:

 pictures courtesy of Vampy Varnish