THIS! Tuesdays: DOSE Nail Color Capsules

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Instagram… Love it or hate it, you can’t deny there are great fashion/art/beauty/life/news images posted to this “instant photo album” app each and everyday. If you haven’t taken the Instagram plunge I suggest you do. It’s a new way to get fun fashion/beauty industry insight as well, which brings me to today’s post.

I follow the Parisian boutique Colette Store, who posted the below image on Instagram announcing the arrival of a new nail colors at their store. The new image was of Jane Schub’s newest nail color collection called “DOSE”.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

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My Nail Files – Week 5: All That Jazz

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It’s a new week and you know what that meansss…  I’m sharing a new DIY manicure for “My Nail Files Challenge”. I hope you enjoyed my “Feeling the Blues” look last week. I went to see The Great Gatsby this past weekend, and I’m so happy that it met my expectations of  being “great”. From the story, to the music to the fashion, the experience was a true sensory exercise. So, with that said I’m sure you can guess what this week’s manicure was inspired by…yep, The Great Gatsby.. and all that jazz 😉

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My Nail Files – Week 2: Festive Fingers

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So, it’s a new week and you know what that meansss…  I’m sharing a new DIY manicure for “My Nail Files Challenge”. I hope you enjoyed the “Stubby to Stunners” look from last week. This week I was feeling like I wanted to do something with lines and color…

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My Nail Files – Week 1: From Stubby To Stunners

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have started a new challenge for basically this entire Spring/Summer season. I thought of this challenge as soon as I kept seeing so many amazing Instagram/Pinterest photos showing fun and creative manicures by nail designers and DIY nail lovers alike. I will not only be posting the pics, but I will let you know my process and nail polish used. So, here’s my Week #1 Nail File: From Stubby To Stunners.

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My Nail Files Challenge!

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So this is the newest challenge I have given myself for the next 20 weeks (basically Spring to Fall). I want to try to do weekly posts of new DIY manicures that I have tried, establishing “Nail Files”. I feel like I’ve added a unique and creative accessory to my hands when my nails are painted. With that logic, I would have a new accessory to wear every week right?

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Monochrome Manicures

The trend of wearing black and white color combinations in clothing trends has been everywhere these days. From bold stripes and graphics, to monochromatic solid combinations, to mixing of black/white prints in one look.. both ends of the color spectrum are getting a lot of “wear” by everyone.

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of

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Gem Party Nails

Even though the idea of unique manicure colors, nail shapes, and DIY designs have been increasing in popularity over the past three years or so, there is always something more that can be done. I recently watched NYLON MagTV’s latest “Beauty Queen: DIY GEM PARTY NAILS WITH BUTTER LONDON”, Tutorial video by Katie Hughes really caught my eye.

DIY example on Nylon TV

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Spice Up Your Manicure!

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So far we have gotten ourselves trendy outfits, chic accessories, that hot handbag and those killer stilettos, but we completely forgot about our pretty nails! Nails make for an important part of grooming, and it is important that we keep them in the best of shape all the time. Neglecting manicures and pedicures have known to create problems, for example in-growth, leading to infected finger and toe nails requiring operation. Hence it is necessary that we regularly get those toes and fingers cleaned up.  However along with keep them neat and tidy, we also need to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends pertaining to colors and the very trendy nail art.

Something that recently caught my eye was the Ryan Gosling nail art. Can you imagine have faces of pretty boys pasted on your nails? Distracting much? Indeed! The name says it all, HOT-MAN-ICURE; created by MTV style editor Chrissy Mahlmeister. These are nail wraps to be applied over white or clear nail paints and you can choose Continue Reading

WAH Nails – For Downtown Girls Worldwide

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In 2005, founder Sharmadean Reid had created a “London-based fanzine”, known as WAH that became a hub for all things music, fashion and “street smart feminism”. By combining her love for nail art and her talent for spotting trends Sharmadean decided to conquer a missing niche in the London nail salon industry. Now, just four years later, WAH Nails has become a high-demand brand that creates nail art for the masses!

It’s just a small thing people notice..but when they do look down and they see you have something different.. they’re like “OOOHH! I wouldn’t have thought that”…You know it can sometimes be an element of surprise.. It’s like wearing hot pink socks under a business suit..nice little finisher. -Sharmadean Reid

Sharmadean Reid

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4 New Style Tips from Effie Trinket!

Effie Trinket feature

I can’t honestly say that I have seen The Hunger Games, the “Must See Movie Of the Year”, as of yet…but I plan to! One of the highlights aside from the great background story and action scenes is the one character that has everyone’s attention.. Effie Trinket.

Effie Hunger Games Poster - Hunger Games Blog

Photo from Entertainment Weekly

This bold, colorful, overly joyous, not to be trusted character played by Elizabeth Banks is the main attraction within fashion news surrounding the film. The costume design for Effie’s character may be the extreme in relation to what Elizabeth is used to wearing, but she has had red carpet success on the promo tour as well as other appearances. We applaud her own unique and creative style as well!

Photos courtesy of

Premiere photos courtesy of

So what better way to honor the escort of the District 12 tributes than a highlight of her “tribute” to new fashion trends that will be great additions to your Spring/Summer looks!

1. Fluttering butterfly eyelashes


Now available at Sephora for only $9

Small Peacock butterfly at

2. Big flower Hair and Clothing accessories

Photos from

Orange Gladiola Flower clip from $18

3. Shiny peep-toe booties

These 24 Karat gold booties by Alexander McQueen may not be in everyone's budget but there are many other affordable options out there!

Mossimo Venezia Pewter Peep toe Pump at Target

Studded Open toe heel at BCBG

Gold glitter 'Urge' platform peep toe booties at Jimmy Choo

4. Decorative Nail Adornment

Elizabeth Banks' blog photo of one Effie's nail designs

Effie's two tone gold and plum nails - photo courtesy of

The top nail design is done with more adornment than the nail design above, but many nail artists have posted their own version of DIY Effie Trinket inspired nail art.

Version done by Polish Vixen


so which

So which, if not all of these Effie Trinket Style “tributes” will you be trying? Feel free to comment below 🙂