Man Bun Coolness Featured in Ad

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Graduate In Style: Menswear Addition

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Graduation is nearing whether it is for college or high school and I would first like to congratulate everyone that is graduating this spring! Now on to the post. I’ve selected some pieces that will help you stand out in the crowd at your graduation and beyond. The following featured pieces are from “The Ludlow Shop” at J. Crew.

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The Great Gatsby – My Movie, Music, and Menswear Fashion Review

I have not been this excited to see a movie in awhile. It made me smile just to see all of the trailers, which I felt were so visually hypnotic… and so crazy good. As you now know this movie is now in theaters nationwide as of Friday, May 10th. I was originally going to write a post about The Great Gatsby before it came out, but decided I could speak to it better once I had actually seen it.

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Men’s Fashion Week Debuts in London!

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Women’s fashion, has been written about, spoken and showcased since centuries. There are fashion weeks all over the globe dedicated to women’s fashion. But how many of us recollect talking about the men’s fashion. Faintly. It is definitely one of those areas of fashion that is slowly but steadily picking up. One of the biggest evidence of the growing popularity and fashion sense amongst men is the newly introduced full-fledged 3-day Men’s Fashion Week in London.

Men’s fashion week was prevalent in Milan and Paris, and finally this year Britain decided it was time to showcase the British men’s fashion full throttle. So far, London fashion week used to be a 3 day affair for the women’s fashion and the last day was crammed with men’s fashion; that left very little time and a tiny space for the men. A lot of British talent, when it came to men’s designers, were seen moving out of the country considering the tiny scope of growth. Hence, keeping the increasing awareness of fashion amongst men, and giving and an expanded time and space to the men’s designers. The 1st men’s London fashion week was announced to be taking place soon after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and in time before the Olympics 2012.

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The fashion week finally commenced on the 15th of June till the 17th of June and was launched by none other Continue Reading

Styled by Vitamin F- “Tonight”- Ludacris

Styled by vitamin f

As we stated in the previous post, we love the styling for John Legend’s new video ft. Ludacris, “Tonight”. In this post we take a look at Ludacris’s looks and show you our versions.

As Luda raps his verses, he switches between two different looks.  Look 1- an all black ensemble complete with a shimmer cardigan, sunglasses, dog tag necklace, beaded bracelet, statement rings and “Mirror” hi-top sneakers; Look 2-  includes a Navy Textured stripe zipper detail Pea Coat, sunglasses, statements rings and a plaid printed scarf.
Here are a few stills of Look 1 from the video.

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Styled by Vitamin F- “Tonight”- John Legend

Styled by vitamin f

As we stated in the previous post, we love the styling for John Legend’s new video “Tonight”. In this post we take a look at John’s look and show you our versions.

In the opening of the video we are introduced to a shirtless John Legend, but soon enough a very dressed and dapper John appears in a perfectly tailored Dark Navy/Black 3pc suit, White fitted shirt, with a Matte Black satin tie and neutral print pocket square.
Here are a few stills from the video.

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Music&Fashion- John Legend ft/Ludacris “Tonight”

Tonight feature

You’ve heard me say it many times… “Music and Fashion are so intertwined”. Fashion is more than clothes or accessories, just like music is more than just a song.

Therefore, as a huge “music head”, I don’t just listen to music I like to experience it . Not just the broad idea of listening to it, I’m talking all of the parts (beats, verses, bass, verses, chorus, etc.) are just as crucial to me. The most common platform in which sound and imagery unite is within music videos.
I recently have had the song “Tonight” on repeat and wanted to share it with you. I originally heard this song while searching for new songs on YouTube, and John Legend was premiering it during a small concert. I fell in love with it at that very moment! The smooth drumming and cymbal flow, then a strong beat, completed by John singing the beginning verse captures you before 5 seconds into the song.  I’m a fan of both John Legend and Ludacris and was very excited to find out they collaborated on the actual version that would be released for the Think Like A Man movie soundtrack (in theaters on April 20th!). I have also always enjoyed Luda’s flow and playfully naughty lyrics he brings to R&B songs.
Ladies… As you can see John is not only confident in his singing and styling capabilities… And as for Ludacris, he has never been shy with his style choices or lyrical content!
The new video premiered March 13th and to my surprise I found I had something else to love about it…the styling of both gents was as great as the song!
Although at various performances and appearances I think John Legend’s styling has been on Continue Reading