Make-up Obsession: Strobing

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While Kim Kardashian made the world crazy for contour, many brands came up with various contouring kits and Internet is full of tips and tricks on how to contour your face, other celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé showed the true glory of a great make-up technique that is strobing. Strobing is a new way to highlight your natural features using highlighters and dewy foundations. It is a lot easier than contouring while the effect it gives makes the face radiant, fresh and glowy.

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The Makeup Wonderland

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“Make up is simply an extension of the personality and colors, clothing, makeup all express something”Gene Simmons

Make up is a part of dressing up and half done is no fun; something that I learnt quite late in life. I used to always apply the usual liner or kohl until I was in university, then slowly by watching friends and other people, I graduated to using eye make up and blush. However, I used to wear all the above without using a base, such a big disaster! Luckily for me, I have an even skin tone, but I could definitely tell the difference after I started applying a base. I owe my friend for introducing me to the magic of make up! There are a lot of girls, who are still to discover this magic and I hope that it happens for them soon enough.

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The art of make up goes back more than 1000’s of years. It’s been said to have been invented by the ancient Egyptian women who would burn matchsticks for the kohl and berries for red lips. Some of the more crude methods included using arsenic, lead, mercury and even leeches. Well, lets heave a sigh of relief that we no longer have to use such toxic mediums of beautification.

Today, the cosmetic industry has numerous laws against using any forbidden products or products that could have extreme side effects.  The products used might have completely changed, but the purpose and effects have certainly just gotten more effective and advanced.

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His and Her Easter Baskets!

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Whether you celebrate the religious holiday or the commercial holiday…Easter gifts are not just for kids! So we decided to put together two celebration worthy baskets for the woman or man in your life.

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