House of Shoena has a new home!

new HOS feature

Back in December, we shared the news that Sheena Isokariari had launched her House of Shoena boutique. Well, now you can shop HOS on the new home website!! Complete with a new collection, more items, and more images…

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Monochrome Manicures

The trend of wearing black and white color combinations in clothing trends has been everywhere these days. From bold stripes and graphics, to monochromatic solid combinations, to mixing of black/white prints in one look.. both ends of the color spectrum are getting a lot of “wear” by everyone.

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of

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Gem Party Nails

Even though the idea of unique manicure colors, nail shapes, and DIY designs have been increasing in popularity over the past three years or so, there is always something more that can be done. I recently watched NYLON MagTV’s latest “Beauty Queen: DIY GEM PARTY NAILS WITH BUTTER LONDON”, Tutorial video by Katie Hughes really caught my eye.

DIY example on Nylon TV

In last year’s blockbuster movie The Hunger Games nail design lovers everywhere could not stop talking about Effie Trinket’s 3D embellishments on her nails. It is now Continue Reading

Bracher Emden : A pleasant discovery!

BEmain feature

I came to London with a dream to live by the iconic Thames River and work for a fashion PR Company. Today, the accessories brand Bracher Emden, has put me a few steps closer to making that all a reality. I’m now working in fashion PR while I search for a beautiful apartment by the Thames!

I was doing a work experience role with a media agency and at the same time rigorously applying for other permanent role, when I came across a tweet about Bracher Emden looking to assist their press and publicity Continue Reading

House of Shoena – London!

Feature image House of Shoena

Londontown’s very own, a very Fab Chick, and oh so Stylish Blogger (our own amazing Guest Writer)….Sheena Isokari,  has just added Fashion Boutique Owner to her already impressive resume!


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Introducing….. House of Shoena

Feature image House of Shoena
Like many ladies I so do not make use of all the items I own in both my wardrobes, case in point; a few weeks ago I ‘discovered’ a real beauty- a Dark green, velvet blazer from Topshop that was squashed on a hanger at the back my wardrobe. I grabbed the blazer immediately (feeling very delighted) and tried it on, I then reached into one of the pockets and made yet another discovery, now what I’m about to tell you is quite embarrassing as inside one of the pockets was a train ticket from 2005- the last time that I had worn this blazer. This made me want to go through my entire wardrobe and that’s exactly what I did. Believe me when I tell you I came across many great ‘forgotten’ items.

The green velvet blazer

Sitting on the train on my way to work, flicking through my magazines and of course  wearing my ‘new’ blazer I began to think of ways to pass on some of my unwanted items, I mean of course as always I would donate lots to charity but I wanted a additional and creative option. Simply because due to the years of previously working in fashion buying coupled with my addiction to vintage and all things fashion oh and that I’m a hoarder!! I have collated way too much stuff and I mean way too much!!

Then just like that something clicked; why don’t I start an on line shop? My sisters are always teasing me that my room is ‘like shopping in topshop’ and I definitely have the product. The concept would be a sort of eBay meets vintage boutique and it would consist of all products I have loved at some point and still do love but that now need to go to a new home.

I would need a name that sits nicely alongside my fashion blog, ‘Just call me Shoena’ and I would need a fab business partner who I trust and admire to help me run the store. So that’s what I did.

Please allow me to introduce my online store ‘House of Shoena’ (H.O.S).

The Revised concept

My online ’boutique’ will still stock pre-owned products, including one off samples, and a little bit of Vintage. But it will also showcase excellent emerging talent.

My Business partner

My very good friend Erika who is a Sales manager for Erickson Bemon will help me run the store.

HOS will launch in 2 weeks time on

The New Denim Short

Feature image Ragged Priest short
One of my favourite items of clothing to wear is shorts! Whether that is Denim, leather, sequin, studded, printed, or Aztec, for me shorts always win hands down. Shorts are a big trend this summer and there are so many cute shorts kicking around at the moment.

My favourite shorts are denim cut off shorts as they are just so versatile and can be dressed up or down. This season denim shorts have been customised to the max with studs, spikes, print, dip dye and embellishment, such as these bad boys pairs of spiked shorts from cool vintage brand-The Ragged Priest.

Good girl gone bad studded shorts, The Ragged Priest,    £95.

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Style me up at ZARA!

shopping girls feature image
It was a bright Saturday afternoon and massive end of season sale time. I couldn’t think of anything better, but a day out in town with my girls, frolicking around, shopping and styling. As we hopped from one mall to another, one store to another, I came up with the bright idea of playing “style up”. My friend happily agreed and once we started, there was no stopping.

We first hit my favorite high street store, Zara! Zara has been my shopping paradise for the past 5 years now. I almost always find everything I need in that store. With the mercury rising, I first picked high waist vintage shorts in Continue Reading

Topshop: One Season Ahead

Topshop feature image
Topshop is one of my favourite stores on the high street! In fact you will often find me in the Topshop store round the corner from work on my lunch break either browsing or queuing up to pay for a fab find.

So last week on a typical lunch break there I was in Topshop browsing when something caught my eye, it was Continue Reading

Hats ON!!!

Royal Ascot 2012  Day 3
Hats are one of my favorite accessories. They have fascinated me since I was a little kid and clearly the obsession has not seemed to fade away. With beach season on our heads, I couldn’t think of a better time to talk about this. There are a number of different kinds of hats for different occasions; and then there are fascinators, which is another league of decorative headpiece, like a smaller hat that is pinned to the head or attached to a comb or a headband.

What attracts me towards hats is, that apart from serving the main purpose of acting like a protective shield against heat, dust and sunlight, it is a brilliant cover up for a bad hair day and how. It totally changes the look and adds charisma to the attire be it a casual day at the beach or a night out.

Introduced in the 1800s, Fedoras came as a boon (ideal item) to fashionable women and it wasn’t long before men stole this great accessory; but as we have seen in the fashion history with gender-bending/androgyny being Continue Reading