10 Fun & Creative Date Ideas

By Bree Fesh
With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I’m sure a lot of us are racking our brains with questions of what we can possibly do for a fun date. Unfortunately, on this alleged romantic holiday a lot of us just settle for going out to dinner and maybe seeing a movie, yawn. Where is the spice? Where’s the romance?! Well, no fear, because I’ve constructed a list of 10 fun date ideas for new and seasoned couples alike that will surely make this Valentine’s Day unique and memorable!



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Holiday Wonderland

Everyone spends their holidays differently, yet we all have traditions during the holiday season. Whether you start eating thanksgiving dinner as soon as you wake up, or you spend New Year’s Day taking down the Christmas tree you’ve had up since thanksgiving, it’s always the same thing every year.
Thanksgiving with my family, as a child, was spent every year at my great aunts house. After we ate we always picked out a name for our family secret Santa gift exchange. Thanksgiving was spent with the family that lived in North Carolina, and always consisted of a lot of food and the family game of pokeno (that I am no longer allowed to play because of the last time I won). A lot of my family members also set up their tree for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day while waiting for the food to finish cooking.

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Land of the Free, because of the Brave!


Today is Memorial Day. Often this day is thought of as the unofficial start to summer, the beginnning of BBQ season, and a long holiday weekend away from work. Not to say that we shouldn’t enjoy these concepts that have become synonomous with the last Monday in May, but we also must not forget the real reason the holiday even exists. 

We really should celebrate today because of those who have given their lives and continue to give their lives and service to protect our country and way of life. This can mean visiting a veterans memorial site or other military related memorial sites and paying your respects to those who have fallen in the line of duty, going to the veteran ‘s hospital and visiting with a wounded veteran, donating and/or volunteering support to the Wounded Warriors Project, or sending a care package to a soldier currently serving abroad. These are just a few ideas I thought of off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are plenty more ways to honor those today who have given us this ideal of freedom so that we can go to the beach today, have a BBQ, or sleep in and be lazy just because of those who have protected and continue to protect our freedom!