Fashion Capitals Every Fashion Blogger Should Visit

When you think about Paris, before you think of the Eiffel tower, you think of Coco Chanel – if you don’t then you have to work up on your fashion mojo. Though style and fashion are not really synonyms, they pretty much depend on one another. Knowing that fashion is a big industry with great influence, we all know that there are centers of that influence – fashion capitals. There are five most important ones: Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Tokyo. These cities master and lead the fashion world globally. Why these cities are known as the fashion capitals of the world?

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OBA Designs by NJE – S/S 2016

The spring is always a time for refreshing your wardrobe. What better way to add a little freshness to your wardrobe than to add some unique and creative pieces that not many people will also have. Look no further, because we have just the brand for you – OBA Designs by NJE!

SpringSummer2016 lookbook cover

Inspired by global trends and especially African fashion, OBA Designs by NJE uses African textiles, known as ankara, in trendy clothing designs and home accessories. Oba Designs caters to all women’s shapes and sizes. It embraces the boldness, confidence and vibrancy in each woman.

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Asia En Vogue

Feature image
From K-pop to bubble tea, Asia has influenced the world from music to cuisine.  In the fashion world, new trends arise with each new season with ideals originally from the islands of Japan to Korea all the way to cities of China. Summer provides a major display for the trends and summer 2015 is a major example.
      The random rainstorms throughout the season provide a perfect excuse to pair an ASOS kimono trenchcoat with a fresh summer dress or lightweight wrap skirt. The elements of the coat stay true to the traditional Japanese kimono, displaying elongated sleeves and vibrant entwinements of blue and  pink threading. Japan was most recently the focal point for the line Marc by Marc Jacobs, showcasing Japanese schoolgirl inspired skirts and karate attire.

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Could John Galliano be the perfect fit for Oscar de la Renta?

It was inevitable really. From the moment the willowy, doll-like models went swooping down Oscar de la Renta’s runway in New York in February, the rumour mill went into overdrive.

De la Renta’s fall/ winter 2013 collection had all the hallmarks of a typical Oscar collection- lavish evening gowns, stunning prints, the most luxurious fabrics cut draped and pin-tucked to perfection- but, to the fashionably trained eye there was something else present among the layers of bustling silk and taffeta. A mere hint of playfulness, the slightest suggestion of irony. There was definitely no mistaking John Galliano’s influence in this collection.

This rich purple silk-taffeta gown from Oscar de la Renta’s fall/ winter 2013 collection bares the Galliano signature.  Image courtesy of

This rich purple silk-taffeta gown from Oscar de la Renta’s fall/ winter 2013 collection bares the Galliano signature.
Image courtesy of

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One To Watch – A Chat With Emerging Designer: Satu Maaranen

Last Tuesday, I attended the Première Vision NY and Indigo NY (textile and print design shows), for Fall-Winter 14/15. I This was the first time the two shows have been combined into one big event. I had a great time checking out the predicted print and textile trends for next year.

Right before I left the shows, I noticed a “featured display” corner of fashion and photography work that was so unique and creative. It ended up belonging to the winning designer of this year’s Hyères International Festival of Fashion & Photography  competition, which partners with Première Vision. The designer was Satu Maaranen, who hails all the way from Helsinki! I was glad chat with her a little about her design aesthetics and the competition.

Designer Satu Maartanen

Designer Satu Maaranen

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It’s A Greek Thing – Bold Prints & Bright Color: From The Streets Of Crete To The Catwalks In Athens

feature image

Last month I spent ten glorious days in Crete. The largest and most southerly of the Greek islands, Crete is well known, largely for its reputation as a popular holiday destination, though having visited the island myself I feel it is also the most under-appreciated. Yes the climate is everything a sun-seeking tourist could hope for (38 degrees and getting hotter) and the beaches are stunning, the Greek salads are mouth watering and the locals are always smiling, but Crete has so much more to offer.

So much more in the form of silk, jersey, cotton, lace and crepe. Bright colors and bold prints served up in a delicious cocktail of delicate floaty fabrics. Strolling around Heraklion, in Crete, I saw such a vivacious mix of bright colors and patterns that I instantly fell in love with the Greek style.

Effortless, cool and sexy; the epitome of Greek fashion and style. Image courtesy of

Effortless, cool and sexy; the epitome of Greek fashion and style.
Image courtesy of

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Fashionistas Flock to Paris for Couture Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013

feature image

Paris. Often revered as the most fashionable city on the planet, the fashion capital of the world. So when it comes to Haute Couture, where else would fashion’s design elite congregate to showcase their most precious and expensive collections? Fresh from the throes of yet another fashion week- Haute Couture fall/winter 2013 to be precise- it is time to sit back and explore the new trends that have emerged.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

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Sophia Webster Shoes + Revlon Lipstick = Fun and Flirty Footwear

Feature image

Suede, it’s a material more commonly associated with shoes than with make-up. However, that was not that the case when shoe designer Sophia Webster was inspired by Revlon’s latest lipstick collection for a new line of footwear. Suede by Sophia is fun and flirty heels based off of lipstick shades.

So why, then, was I so shocked to hear of Webster’s, latest collection, named Suede by Sophia? Well, for starters, the shoes in the collection are not made exclusively from suede; there is plenty of glossy patent leather and vinyl involved too. Webster, who happens to be the shoe designer of the moment, has collaborated with cosmetics giant, Revlon, to produce a capsule collection inspired by the rich and sumptuous colors of Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick range. Confused? Well, allow me to explain.

The Suede by Sophia collection in all its glory.  Image courtesy of

The Suede by Sophia collection in all its glory.
Image courtesy of

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FEED USA Collaborates With Target

FEED USA and Target feature

FEED USA and Target

Earlier this week, I picked up the latest issue of Marie Claire you know the one with the sizzling hot Lauren Conrad cover. Okay, back to the article. As I was browsing the pages of the magazine I stumbled upon a groundbreaking collaboration which happens to be FEED USA + Target. If you guys haven’t heard of FEED, it is an organization founded by Lauren Pierce Bush and before you go and Google her yes she is the niece to former president George W. Bush, which aids in giving food and nutrients to underprivileged children in mostly third world countries. Continue Reading

Rocks Delux Jewels

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know how much I love discovering unique and creative fashion/art/design/music…well, everything. Similarly, when I find out about up and coming creative entrepreneurs, I love sharing their work with the world… well, at least the “world’ of Dose of Vitamin F 😉

"Bringing a Sketch to Life". Credit: A still from Rocks Delux Design Secrets video.

“Bringing a Sketch to Life”. A still from Rocks Delux Design Secrets video.
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Today, I’m highlighting a few pieces from an exquisite jewelry line – Rocks Delux. Created in 2012 by a self-taught German- Brazilian jewellery designer, Gabrielle J. Weil, who’s unique artistic sensibility and mixed cultural influences blend to create sexy yet structural pieces that truly “adorn the body”. Continue Reading