Wear Now…Wear Later: T-shirt Dress

The weather is definitely starting to change, so how do you take items in your current wardrobe and make them cross-seasonal? Our latest blog series is here to help you answer that question.
Today’s post is about how you can wear the t- shirt dress trend from early fall into winter. A “casually polished” theme is demonstrated in the styling of each look.

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Hey Guys, What’s Your Swimwear Style?

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Swimming. An activity characterized by many as being exhilarating, freeing, or just plain fun. Although summer vacation is almost over for many of us there still is plenty of time to enjoy the beach and heat across the globe.

Some of us take little notices as to what we wear to the pool/beach etc., especially us guys. But there is one thing I can say is that there are certain types of styles certain men gravitate towards. There is the short-short man, the Speedo wearing dude or the long board short traditional lad. I myself fall in between the short-short and board short range. But there isn’t anything wrong with wearing the Speedo if you body is right for it.


The Short-Short Man

Robinson Les Bains Swim Shorts. Image courtesy of www.mrporter.com

Robinson Les Bains Swim Shorts.
Image courtesy of www.mrporter.com

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Pool Side Fashion

feature image MaraHoffmanSwim2013

I have been going to the pool lately, since the weather has gotten real warm, some days even hot. My little one is taking swimming lessons and so “mama coach” is in effect. lol. So what am I wearing? Leggings, t-shirt, flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen and a little makeup, especially a pop of colour on the lips.

At her classes, I am carrying a book to read, which is a must because after awhile all you see is a lot of splashing and that’s it…smh. So I was thinking about a nice gear to put together for going to the pool for training with my little one vs. going to the pool in my backyard. What to wear? so this is what I came up with:


I really love Mara Hoffman’s pool side/ beach wear. This piece is so beautiful and exotic. Perfect for any pool or sea destination you want to be at.
Mara Hoffman 2013 SS Swimwear Image via HighSnobette.com

Mara Hoffman 2013 SS Swimwear
Image via HighSnobette.com

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Scandal – Season 2: Olivia Pope’s Wardrobe Tips

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Okay, so it has only been less than a month since the finale of season 2 aired, but I am already having full on Scandal withdrawal!! Therefore today’s post is just my way of still connecting to the show… thank you in advance for humoring me 😉

Image created. Photo credits: beta.abc.go.com/shows/scandal/photos

Image created. Photo credits: beta.abc.go.com/shows/scandal/photos

Whether you watch show or not, you probably already know that “Olivia Pope” played by Kerry Washington, is becoming somewhat of a fashion (character) icon through this popular TV show. Although the shows and characters are drastically different, you could compare the definite buzz and attention around Olivia’s exquisitely chic looks to the interest in Carrie’s eclectic designer wardrobe in the days of Sex In The City’s popularity. Olivia’s looks may not have the same extent of “trendy” interest, but there is a similar fashionable interest in each character’s wardrobe. It makes the show even more interesting to watch because Kerry is great in the character and is well matched with the on point wardrobe. Continue Reading

Dress like You Mean It!

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Being your best is about giving 100% of yourself, and that’s in mind, body, spirit-emotion. Its all one hundred percent. Too many times as women we place ourselves in the backseat of our appearance (I’ve been guilty of that too), but once you see the affects it does to your mind and spirit, you will really change from doing that- and this is what I have done in my personal life.

I want to dive into the physical aspect of ourselves and that is the Presentation. How you present yourself speaks volumes. How you dress yourself from day to day, shows who you are, how you feel from within about yourself and the environment or space around you.

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Graduate In Style: Menswear Addition

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Graduation is nearing whether it is for college or high school and I would first like to congratulate everyone that is graduating this spring! Now on to the post. I’ve selected some pieces that will help you stand out in the crowd at your graduation and beyond. The following featured pieces are from “The Ludlow Shop” at J. Crew.

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Comfort can be chic…

Happy Saturday! It’s the weekend… lounging around, going to brunch, running errands, or maybe even traveling is probably somewhere on today’s agenda. In most of these activities it’s ideal to be comfortable and still look like we made an effort to get dressed. A couple of weeks ago I came across this photo of Rihanna on Instagram traveling for her concert, and I thought it was such a great look. Which then inspired me to explore the new ways of styling comfortable clothes and still make them look chic. Think of it as my “sleepy to stylish” outfit tips!

Rihanna styled sweats

“What?! I’m wearing sweats and I still look fabulous!!”

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Dark Suits For Spring – Inspired by Thandie Newton

I think actress Thandie Newton is as much talented, as she is beautiful and smart. She’s extra amazing, because she has a very “sophisticated cool” style vibe that fits her so well. She doesn’t ever look like she’s trying to hard to look fashionable or trendy, she just goes with what works for her. While perusing zimbio.com, I came across an image of her at a promotional event for her new TV series “ROGUE”. Ironically the outfit she was wearing inspired me to write a post on how to wear a dark suit in the spring!

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THIS! Tuesdays: Get This TV

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Back in the day, waiting for a mail order catalog and being able to receive your chosen items in the mail after weeks seemed like such a great concept. Shortly after the mail order you then had new “real time” shopping platforms such as QVC, then online shopping became the most convenient and easy way to shop several places all at once.

Things have greatly changed over the years technology has changed how we shop in general. Advancements in internet and technology have allowed us to shop form various stores nationally and internationally. Shopping is now accessible on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. These days the more “fast fashion” becomes more of the way of the world, you are even able to watch various designer shows such as NBC’s Fashion Star and immediately shop the new looks bought by the featured retailers.

Question: So what could possibly be next?… Answer: Get This TV!

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Forever LA x Cassie for Forever 21

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Recently, Forever 21 has announced their collaboration with R&B singer Cassie for their summer 2013 collection, which just launched on April 19th. You may or may not remember her, but she is the singer of the hit song from 2006 entitled “Me & U” now she Continue Reading