Trend Alert: T-Shirts & Full Skirts

Many times there are fashion events that ask for a more formal attire than most of are accustomed to wearing when we go out. However, there has been a new trend that has made it much easier to get away with looking formal, yet trendy at the same time.
@Moguldiva at Full Figured Fashion Week. Image courtesy of @fffweek on Instagram

@Moguldiva at Full Figured Fashion Week. Image courtesy of @fffweek on Instagram

This week and weekend was Full Figured Fashion Week and the founder Gwen DeVoe wore a few styles that highlighted this trend and she looked fab!

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Exclusive Blogger Event: FFFWEEK/HSN

2015-06-18 16.37.39-1This past Thursday, I had the pleasure to attend an Exclusive Blogger Event hosted by Full Figured Fashion Week. It was a collection preview event to hear about, look at, and try on both Hal Rubenstein and Marla Wynne’s newest collections for HSN! The event was held at the Nation Design Showroom and it was a lovely and very welcoming space full of the most popular Plus Size bloggers and influencers…  and I was definitely among them as a newbie and excited for the opportunity to be in the same room.

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Plus Size Oh My!

plus size oh my feature

Who are you favorite top models in the world? Giselle, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss etc. Who are your favorite plus size models in the world?

Really you can’t think of any? That’s a shame, since there are so many great ones out there. Whether or not you want the plus size industry in the fashion world, guess what…. it is here to stay and it is not going anywhere!

There are enough plus size models out there now, who are in my opinion just as fabulous as a straight size model.  They are just as beautiful, just as sexy, and can sell the hell out of a garment! No they are not just modeling for Lane Bryant, which there is nothing wrong with Lane Bryant, but they are modeling for high fashion magazines such as Vogue Curvy and (in my opinion), Plus Model Magazine. The pictures in these magazines and other publications are absolutely beautiful. It sure makes me proud to have thick curves!

There are so many plus size models to choose from. Here is a just a few of my favorite ones, that you must absolutely check out their work.  Fluvia Lacerda, you have to check out this amazing model from Brazil. She is beautiful and a size 18. Fluvia does not care what her size is. She takes gorgeous shots, and you cannot stop looking at how beautiful she is. I had the pleasure of seeing her in person at this past year’s Full Figured Fashion week.  She is very sweet in person also. Also another model you check out is Maggie Brown. She is Hawaiian and really tall. I met her at 2010 Full Figured Fashion Week.  She is also another model who takes beautiful shots.  Of course there is many more such as Crystal Renn, Toccara Jones, and many more.

So stop thinking there is nothing going on in the plus size industry, when clearly there is a lot going on. If these beautiful women can concur this world and all of the prejudices, what is stopping you?

A Plus Size Girl in the Fashion Industry…

Feature image

Anyone in the United States who is over a size four in the fashion industry is already considered “too big.” Plus size begins at a size fourteen…

Which as we all know by now, is the average size for a woman in this country.  There is a lot of stress around not fulfilling the size two frame that everyone else is trying to become. It definitely puts a damper on my mood making patterns for top design houses in the United States, and never being able to wear any of it. The reality in the fashion industry is, they are still too stubborn to change their negative ways.  I am not just talking about the models though who are skinny.  A lot of the people who work in the fashion industry are also very thin. I pretty much was the largest intern at every company I worked at. I am only a size 12/14.  I don’t let that stop me from working at design houses that only go up to a size ten.  I look at all these beautiful clothes and tell myself that there are designers out there that do cater to the plus size woman.

Plus Model Magazine

I mean real designers that understand a plus size women’s body. Although there are stores that do have plus size women’s clothing, but the fit is just awful. They never do a fitting on an actual plus size fit model. All these companies do is grade their clothes from a size six, up until 26 or 28. They don’t see what problems will occur when you do it this way. The plus size industry is increasingly gaining more popularity. Women are starting to become more aware that they no longer have to continue to squeeze into clothes that will not fit. Now we have many companies such as Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Fashion to Figure, Sweet Tooth Couture, La Dan’s Closet, and many more who actually understand the plus size women’s body.

Ashley Stewart

La' Dans Closet

Why is the United States the only country that isn’t as open to larger size women as in other countries? Spain has fashion week with plus size models in their shows. France has plus size models featured in their top magazines. Italy has Vogue just for the curvy women. Australia has plus size designers in their fashion week. Why is it the country with the most amount of full figured women, is the worst to meeting the plus size women’s needs?

Crystal Vogue for Vogue Italia

Vogue Curvy

Well luckily that is changing now. Plus size women we have our fashion week! Within 3 years of it starting, it has reached internationally.  Yes women from Switzerland and France flew down to attend Full Figured Fashion Week. Good ole United States is going to have to start changing their negative outlook on woman who are not willing to starve themselves to fit into a designer’s couture gown.

Sweet Tooth Couture on the Runway at Full Figure Fashion Week

SNEAK PEEK NJ Full Figured Fashion Week 2011!

Nfinite Form Magazine

This weekend July 15th- 17th Celebrity Appearances, Fashion Showcase, Modeling Competition, Music, Networking Mixer, and More!

A must attend weekend of amazing events Presented by Nfinite Form, to celebrate New Jersey Full Figured Fashion Week (Coming this Fall… Stay tuned!)