Plus Style: 10 Shoe Sites for Size 10+


Feet size sometimes receives the same discrimination that clothing size does. The “average” shoe size for the “average” woman is said to be 8 – 8 1/2. However, I have more friends (tall and short), that don’t fit into this average. I feel like I know more people that wear either much smaller sizes or larger sizes, myself included. Since my feet are on the larger side this post is dedicated to my fellow 10+ footers.

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Spring 2016 Footwear Trends at FFANY

FFANY logo

FFANY logo sign at the show in the New York Hilton Midtown

It’s #FootwearFriday!! One of the reasons that I love footwear is because it’s one of the easiest accessories to use to update or upgrade any outfit. Throw on a white tee and jeans with a colorful funky heel and your look is automatically fashion forward!
On Tuesday, I had the pleasure to attend the 2015 FFANY Shoe Show and Spring 2016 Trend Presentation.  I’m always interested in seeing the newest shapes, innovative materials, and new brands within accessories and in the industry as a whole. So you can imagine how exciting it was to be invited to see the upcoming trends in the footwear industry!

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Fall Into Fall

As I opened my front door today, the wind whispered, rustling the leaves on my trees in the front yard. Gosh! Autumn has arrived. Just the thought of having to go out and buy new clothes is daunting, yet upon flipping through the pages of Elle, the October issue, I had a change of thought. This year may actually be fun!

So I started out by ordering a pair of fall/winter boots from and boy when they arrived I was pretty happy. Check out my video below and then go get yourself a pair.

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Flat Fetish

flat fetish feature
Image via

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“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”; Very aptly said by the great Marilyn Monroe, right shoes even at the wrong time with the wrong attire can overturn the situation, such is the power they wield.

Stilettos, wedge heels, and platforms are every girls’ magic wand, no matter how painful they might get, they will stand tall with a smile on their face; however times are changing, slow and steady but I can see the change. Comfort is finally starting to gain a little bit of importance when it comes to footwear and guess who the happiest person is- ME of course! Do not get me wrong- I do love them 7-inches killer heels, but I also beg for comfort, especially on a rainy/icy day, when one has to walk miles, stay on feet for entire day/night, flats come to my rescue! Continue Reading

Animal Print For Us Casual Ladies!

year of the snake feature

The classic House of Converse is getting in on the “skin” trend with their line of “Snake Skin” detailing on leather fabric. Not an isolated launch, it also coincides with celebrating Chinese New Year – Year of the Snake!

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Hickies.. Innovative Sneaker Love.

Hickies feature image
While browsing thru the latest news on Accessories I came across this new “must have- adult friendly- lace-free- self expressive- innovation” called…Hickies! A creative way to make your shoes/sneakers unique without the hassle of actual laces.

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Fashion for my eyes, like music for my ears!

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Summer spells fun, warm and sunny blue skies; but summer also spells…Music Festivals.

Yes! Its that time of the year again when it starts pouring music. To name a few big ones, Ultra Music Festival (Miami, April), Tomorrowland (Belgium, July), Creamfields (UK, August), Gatecrashers (Amsterdam, June).

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Its my favorite part of the year, because music is like my drug, it has healing power.  It has done wonders for me when I have felt like nothing can mend the situation or uplift my spirit. Music is so inspirational in so many different ways, the beats, the lyrics, the tune, the singers voice, the visuals, the theme; every aspect of it can inspire different people in different ways. It’s a single element that brings together a whole lot of people under the same roof, or sky for that matter. 😉

Photo courtesy of

I have noticed, that in a past couple of years music festivals have really become a raging trend.  Most times the festivals bring together all the artists from the same genre, but sometimes there are a couple of different genres over a couple of days.  Different genres mean different fashion as well. Fashion is another element that always goes hand in hand with music.  There has always been designated attire for a particular genre of fashion pertaining to a particular genre of music.

Hip Hop Concert Style- Photo courtesy of

Rock Concert Style- Photo courtesy of

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