Plus Style: 10 Shoe Sites for Size 10+


Feet size sometimes receives the same discrimination that clothing size does. The “average” shoe size for the “average” woman is said to be 8 – 8 1/2. However, I have more friends (tall and short), that don’t fit into this average. I feel like I know more people that wear either much smaller sizes or larger sizes, myself included. Since my feet are on the larger side this post is dedicated to my fellow 10+ footers.

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Fall Into Fall

As I opened my front door today, the wind whispered, rustling the leaves on my trees in the front yard. Gosh! Autumn has arrived. Just the thought of having to go out and buy new clothes is daunting, yet upon flipping through the pages of Elle, the October issue, I had a change of thought. This year may actually be fun!

So I started out by ordering a pair of fall/winter boots from and boy when they arrived I was pretty happy. Check out my video below and then go get yourself a pair.

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Flat Fetish

flat fetish feature
Image via

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“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”; Very aptly said by the great Marilyn Monroe, right shoes even at the wrong time with the wrong attire can overturn the situation, such is the power they wield.

Stilettos, wedge heels, and platforms are every girls’ magic wand, no matter how painful they might get, they will stand tall with a smile on their face; however times are changing, slow and steady but I can see the change. Comfort is finally starting to gain a little bit of importance when it comes to footwear and guess who the happiest person is- ME of course! Do not get me wrong- I do love them 7-inches killer heels, but I also beg for comfort, especially on a rainy/icy day, when one has to walk miles, stay on feet for entire day/night, flats come to my rescue! Continue Reading

True Artistic Style- Lauren Luna

Lauren Luna LTD Logo feature

Lauren Luna is a professional fine artist with a true passion for her artistry as well as having a great eye for style.  She not only creates because she loves it, but also because it is what she was born to do. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with this amazingly talented,(and very busy) woman who continues to make her mark within the fine art and fashion industries. I was very impressed that she was able to conduct a great interview all while leaving work, running errands and then taking her beloved English Bulldog for a nice walk. We chatted about her life, her inspirations, her brands and her future.

VF: Describe yourself using 4 words…

LL: Busy..Umm.. Busy, Busy and Busy… (Laughs)..Ok well honestly I would have to say.. definitely Busy, and then Ambitious, Determined and Creative

VF: How do you define your personal style?

LL: Well there’s really no real easy answer to that. I’m very picky with what I wear, and I don’t want to wear anything just because it is in my size. I like to wear heels, but I don’t like the fact that your feet get so uncomfortable, I want to be able to walk, you know? I also don’t like “too too” flat flats, because then your feet can hurt with those as well. (Laughs) Um, I like to be comfortable, but I also like to be cute.

VF: So, your style is “Comfortable & Cute”?

LL: Yeah!

VF: When did you fall in love with art?

LL: Oh at a very, very young age…it’s just always been something that I have really been very interested in. My earliest memory was, I would say when I was about 5, and I went to the local rec center, and had art classes.

VF: So when people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what would you say?

LL: Oh every time it was always “an artist”.

VF: You have several degrees in painting, how long have you been a professional fine artist?

LL: Right after graduation from Undergrad, but I would say even before then, during my program I was actively showing. So I guess that would still be considered “professional” even though I was in school. My first show was in 97’ or 98’.

VF: What art mediums do you work with? Which is your favorite?

Shoe Fetish Medium: Encaustic, rhinestone, mylar, and handpulled linoprint

LL: Preferred- oil or acrylics on canvas. I did take a Printmaking class last year, and I really enjoyed using the different things that I learned from that class and applying it to my pieces. I think you said that you had seen my picture I tweeted of several different shoe art pieces titled “Here’s my shoes”? Well that was done through a printmaking technique. I really enjoy doing that, more so to the fact that it’s commercial, it’s easy to sell, and I can make a whole bunch of prints, minus clean up time, I can do it a whole lot faster than I can do one painting. Also to clarify, each one of the prints are done by hand, but because I can make multiples of it, that’s why it’s called a “print”. The process is similar to the old school book making, but without the steamroller print bed. It allows me to combine my commercial art- in the sense of “shoe art” work, and my fine art, which allows me to create my pieces much faster..

VF: Who do you admire, or who inspires you within the art/fashion world (dead or alive)?

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Stylish + Sassy + Sporty = Sneakers?

Sneaker feature

Even when I was a teenager and all of my friends were wearing heels (or trying, I would only wear them for special occasions (Homecoming/Prom), when I went to college I started wearing them a little more frequently (to parties and clubs on the weekends), and as “career-oriented” adult I wore them even more with my day to day work outfits… that was until I started commuting into NYC…lol!

Walking across several large avenues to get to the office everyday made my feet hurt before the day was even started. You may say “oh, but you could have worn comfortable shoes into work and then change them”, well instead of changing shoes, I changed right back into my teenage self.. no more heels for this lady! Although I love to admire other women in their fabulous stilettos heels, I consider myself to be a true “sneaker girl” at heart.  I now try to find unique and creative sneakers (or flats), that will “jazz” up any outfit!

I’m not saying that sneakers are not considered as fashionable as heels, not at all! Sneakers have been a part of the fashion industry and have gone through various trends and fads and styles for many decades. From traditional Converse, Keds, and shell toe Adidas – the music and fashion world have embraced sneakers as an integral part of the fashion wardrobe. Well today that interest in “sneaker fashion” is continues. Although designer sneakers are not something that just happened yesterday, there has been a new visibility of sneaker styles on the runway and in the streets. They are taking on new heights, color combinations and definitely becoming a go to footwear choice for celebrities.

Here are a few of the styles I am falling in love with for both women and men:

Isabel Marant "Wedge Heel" (appx 2 inch) - Bekket Sneaker

Back view of Bekket Sneaker

Isabel Marant Willow side view

Willow Sneaker- 1 inch heel

Isabel Marant- Betty Hi-Top Sneaker

Betty Hi-Top- Side View

Ann Demeulemeester Hi Top Sneaker

Side view of "eyelet" details

Pierre Hardy "POW" Hi-Top Sneaker

"POW" Sneakers back view

See by Chloe leather and suede wedge hi-top sneakers

Anothe See by Chloe wedge hi-top style

Yohji Yamamoto for Adidas

Side view

ASH hi-Top wedge with buckle detail

ASH Low wedge buckle detail sneaker

Margiela Metallic Hi-Top Sneakers

Margiela- front view

Let’s check out how people are wearing these Street Chic Sneakers:

(unfortunately there were not many examples of the men”s shoe style pics in my search)

Wearing Margiella sneakers - photo courtesy of Titi Mutushi blog on Fashion Elle

Sneaker Chic Street Shot- Photo Courtesy of

Isabel Marant - Betty Hi Top

Isabel Marant-Willow

See by Chloe Hi-top

So will you be wearing these Spring 2012 sneaker trends? Comment below…