5 beach outfits to try this summer

No summer can pass without relaxing on the beach, basking at the sun and enjoying the water. But, all ladies know that every place and every occasion are always great opportunities to show off some of your fashion style and uniqueness. No matter whether you plan to actually swim or not, the swimsuit is definitely not the only thing that can make people turn heads.

Boho style outfits

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Wearing Underwear as Outerwear

Image underwear as outerwear 01

If girls and women from nineteenth and twentieth century could catch a glimpse of modern women and today’s fashion trends, they would have been shocked. With fashion designers becoming more bold and innovative every season, it was a matter of time when they would decide that ‘keeping things hidden’ (and by ‘things’ we mean underwear) was too boring a trend and that it lacked a fresh perspective. As a result, women all over the world are wearing their underwear as a statement piece of clothing and are not ashamed of showing it off.

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OBA Designs by NJE – S/S 2016

The spring is always a time for refreshing your wardrobe. What better way to add a little freshness to your wardrobe than to add some unique and creative pieces that not many people will also have. Look no further, because we have just the brand for you – OBA Designs by NJE!

SpringSummer2016 lookbook cover

Inspired by global trends and especially African fashion, OBA Designs by NJE uses African textiles, known as ankara, in trendy clothing designs and home accessories. Oba Designs caters to all women’s shapes and sizes. It embraces the boldness, confidence and vibrancy in each woman.

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My Top 3 Favorite Fall Trends

I have always been a fan of vintage fashion and the different styles that come with each decade. This particular season I found myself really loving the modern 70’s fashion trends that have been taking over! Even though I have a list of trends that I think are great, I’ll just be sharing my favorite three:

turtleneck +polyvore

The Turtleneck

 Turtlenecks are making a comeback and are becoming very trendy again in the fashion world. Turtlenecks are classic and now that they’re becoming more modern they don’t have to be considered “bad fashion” anymore.
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Wear Now…Wear Later: Leather Crop Top & Plaid Mini Skirt

The weather is definitely starting to change, so how do you take items in your current wardrobe and make them cross-seasonal? Our latest blog series is here to help you answer that question.
Today’s post is about taking the crop top and mini skirt trend of the spring/summer and making it still work for the fall/winter season. 

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Plus Style: The Kimono

“Plus Style” is a new series that will be featured on the Dose of Vitamin F blog. These posts will focus on style advice or tips for the plus size fashionista. Feel free to leave comments or email info@doseofvitaminf.com with any suggestions for what we should write about or what you would like to see more of under this category.
For the first post in the Plus Style series, my client Theresa asked me to show her a few examples of how she could wear the popular trend – the kimono.


Plus Style: Kimonos

7 Ways to Wear Tropical Prints!

Tropical Trend...Every Day of the Week

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Until recently the idea of wearing a “tropical print” under the age of 65, usually meant cheesy vacation shirts or granny style loungewear caftans. These days the tropical print (either floral, Palm or a combo) has resurfaced in a anti- cheesy way. It’s an easy trend that anyone can incorporate without seeming too addicted to the trend or overly trendy. We will give you 7 examples of how you can rock this bold print trend throughout the week while on vacation or on a stay-cation this summer. Continue Reading

Far Out! Fashion

Main Image

Image courtesy of Frost Magazine

The 1970s was an era filled with rock and roll, hippies, and catchy expression. As a result, old trends cycle back inspired by the carefree and light attitude of the time. Shows and movies, like “The Waltons” and “Annie Hall” also helped revolutionize fads. From flowing floral dresses, “Saturday Night Fever” attire, to the rustic bohemian chic comfort, the fashion world revolves around the time period more than any other period.

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It’s Time For A Cruise With Fashion’s Resort Collections For 2014

Image One feature

It’s that special time of year again, when our minds drift into the fantastical yet hectic land of fashion. Silhouettes, prints and patterns, trends in, trends out, sumptuous silks and rich taffetas in a whole rainbow of colors to choose from; these are the thoughts that deluge us daily. This can only mean one thing: we are caught in the throes of yet another fashion week. This time, it is the resort collections that have got our heads in a fashion spin.

Over the last few weeks we have seen our favorite luxury fashion labels, from Paris to New York to London, release their resort collections for 2014. And what a spectacle it has been! Come November, and even sooner knowing the high-street, there will be plenty of fresh stylish bounty for us to get our manicured hands on. Expect to see lots of tribal print, particularly on kaftans and maxi-dresses, super luxe over-sized silk t-shirts, and tailored trousers cut above the ankle. Key colors will include the classic bright white and jet black monochrome duo, tropical yellow and lagoon blue with playful accents of purple and orange.

Max Mara showcase bold colors and relaxed silhouettes in their resort collection for 2014. Image courtesy of www.blogs.glam.com

Max Mara showcase bold colors and relaxed silhouettes in their resort collection for 2014.
Image courtesy of www.blogs.glam.com

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Spot the next fashion trend – Trend Prediction

Trend prediction logo

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you will remember the interview we did with Vicky Nicholls of Twisted Angle. She has created a membership based website portal for all things “knitty fashion” for the independent knitter or professional designer. Vicky recently launched a new website – Trend Prediction,  which offers a platform to learn the professional way to predict colors and themes for all seasons. I have to say, it’s pretty cool and innovative.

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