May Blog Review!

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Another month has gone by in the blink of an eye… we are literally halfway through 2013! Can you believe it?  We had some fun and exciting blog posts during May, so here’s my list of the top 10 highlights of last month.

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Dress like You Mean It!

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Being your best is about giving 100% of yourself, and that’s in mind, body, spirit-emotion. Its all one hundred percent. Too many times as women we place ourselves in the backseat of our appearance (I’ve been guilty of that too), but once you see the affects it does to your mind and spirit, you will really change from doing that- and this is what I have done in my personal life.

I want to dive into the physical aspect of ourselves and that is the Presentation. How you present yourself speaks volumes. How you dress yourself from day to day, shows who you are, how you feel from within about yourself and the environment or space around you.

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Style Diary of a Manchester Chick: Sophie Gardner

Sophie Gardner has been embracing an unconventional personal style since she was a child, and totally rejects the idea of matching your handbag with your shoes. Sophie recently decided to share examples of these rule breaking looks on her style diary and inspiration blog “Bang Bang Pretty Pretty”The “unconventional stylista”  is starting to make waves across the pond, and we love it!

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The top 12 doses of 2012!

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Today people all over the globe will be remembering the great moments, movies, news and more from throughout 2012. We’re joining in the fun with our own reflection of our best posts of the year.

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Fashion. Nightlife. Management – RUSI LLC

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Are you an entrepreneur looking to promote a new event? An upcoming actor or artist looking for quality management? or just someone that is looking to update your current style or enhance your current image? How great would it be if there was one company that could make all of this happen? Introducing… RUSI LLC!

Ruby Singh is the face and name behind this great new company. She is a driven businesswoman with a passion for fashion, fostering new talent and showing people a good time! A master student of the “work hard -play hard” institute of Life, Ruby takes her business seriously but has lots of fun with it as well.

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Topshop: One Season Ahead

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Topshop is one of my favourite stores on the high street! In fact you will often find me in the Topshop store round the corner from work on my lunch break either browsing or queuing up to pay for a fab find.

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BLING it on!!

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On a Friday evening, before a night out with my crew I had my entire wardrobe ruffled up, with almost everything on the floor; the tragedy- I had nothing new to wear! After spending an hour on trying different dresses and outfits, I stumbled upon an old gold shimmer dress, paired it with a chunky pair of earrings, metallic gold peep toes and a floral print cross body bag and I had an amazing ensemble within minutes. It made me realize the importance of accessories more than ever.

My look for the night

Accessories are like celebrities to my wardrobe, they are the highlighted features. The mere presence of them is a game changer to any outfit, regardless for the day or night. They are the essential add-ons without which our entire ensemble would be in complete.

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The journey of casual to corporate…

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What takes up most of your wardrobe space? Most of you will answer work clothes, because that is where you spend the majority of your time.  Dressing up for work, does not mean chucking your style and being boring; but at the same time your style choices should not jeopardize your professional status or your career.

Dressing up or work used to be the most tedious task for me until I realized it did not have to be dreary; adding a dash of color would just make the outfit pop without making it look inappropriate for office.
Most corporate places have a designated dress code, but some of the more creatively inclined agencies like media and advertising are a bit relaxed as far as the dressing decorum is concerned.
Relaxed norms are easier and a little more fun, as you can play around with a lot of different looks, with a summer dress or fun pants and printed jeggings and bright colors; but with strict corporate dress codes, experimenting too much with different kinds of looks could move you towards the edge of the “appropriate attire” zone.

Work dress-, Belt-

Get this look: Vintage hat, Fun Red pants-, Loafers- Bronx, Cream, Animal print and Chain belts- Found on

Printed Floral Jeggings-

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Fashion Police – Cricket Matches!

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When I read the cover story on “How to look sexy and classy for cricket matches” in a leading Indian Tabloid (Bombay Times, Times of India) I could not help but wonder the extent to which the fashion police keep tabs on the attendees….

So far the norm for match coverage was derby dressing and football pret, but designers and fashionistas are extending their opinions and advice on the fashion disasters and hits while sitting in the stand or in the special invitee box watching the players battle it out on the field.  Gone are the days when a girl would put on a simple polo t-shirt with a pair of jeans and she would not catch the eye of the fashion police. Times are changing…Dressing like that equals to dressing like a man.

The new styles of "cricket match sexy".

Some of the fashion hits this season, for the Indian Premier League (IPL), are linen jumpsuits, or printed georgette dresses in bright colors.
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Made in USA, Made just for You! – Den.m bar

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Custom tailored denim jeans made in the U.S. of A?… Really?! Yes!

I think this is a concept that has been so necessary, but hard to create. Various companies have made “customized fits” to cater to all of the different yet still somewhat “average” body types. Even the denim jeans creator Levi’s has their Curve ID fit campaign trying to remind us that “It’s about shape, Not size”. Lane Bryant has a color coded system for their Right Fit campaign for all of their bottoms. Although I am not aware of many “Fit” campaigns out there for men, I know the wide selection of fits available at most stores, speaks to the demand.

Every woman, and man as well, is always on the search for the perfect fitting jeans. No matter the trend – skinny, low rise, flare or bootcut, boyfriend, slightly sagging but fitted… everyone likes to wear a great pair of jeans. From the being of introduction to the textile and apparel industry by Levi Strauss, denim is the “American Staple Pant”, so with all of the innovations, trends/styles, it seems only right that now you should be able have the denim jeans of your dreams. The fact that they can be tailored to fit you is fashion heaven on earth!

Den.m Bar

So this is where the fresh new concept of Den.m Bar comes into play.

Den.m Bar was founded on the notion of bringing customized, personalized denim jeans to the masses using traditional denim craft methods. We want to offer a kick butt pair of premium denim at reasonable prices.

Den.m Bar Store in action - photo courtesy of

Now you will be able walk -in to their store (or set an appointment) and co-create/design a pair of jeans to your liking (or duplicate your favorite pair of jeans), specific to your measurements with the finest quality of denim from Japan, North Carolina and Georgia, and then pick them up (or have them shipped) ready to wear in less than 2 weeks time!

Select your style!

From the 2012 Bar Lookbook - Photo by Jeff Chen

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