I Was There: Zero Power Smart Fashion

Zero power 2

Image courtesy of zpfashion.org

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the Zero Power Smart Fashion event held at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The event was organized by the Zero Power Swiss initiative, Guardian Angels EPFL, swissnex Boston, and ETH Zurich.

The goal of this special, one-day exhibition and symposium is to showcase the latest innovations in wearable technologies, and to connect the fashion and high-tech industries with the research institutions and universities from the US and Europe.

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The Eco Fashion Movement of 2013…

garyharveynewspaperdress feature

“Being green is the new black”…. I know this has been said many times before, but I completely agree with that statement! I don’t think sustainable fashion will ever go out of style. I think we’re just now starting to see more and more evidence of the “Eco Fashion Movement” becoming more popular over the last few years. From the quirky challenges on Project Runway to the noted “true pioneer of eco-chic” Stella McCartney to the increasingly popular DIY fashion and accessory creations on such global websites as Etsy.com… we have seen the idea of being “fashion conscious” take on a very new concept.

Gary Harvey newspaper dress

Image courtesy of theolivia.wordpress.com

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Your Designs,Your Products- Cubify!

cubify feature image

Wish you could design your own shoes, home decor, or children’s toys in the comfort of your own home? Well my friend I’m here to tell you this is your lucky day, because with the Cube 3D Printer you can do just that!

With new technological advancements and innovations being created everyday the design industry continues to blow our minds. The things that used to seem so futuristic are continuing to become more real and accessible. That is exactly the where Cubify.com comes into the picture, allowing you to “express yourself in 3D”. Now instead of waiting for your favorite company to create something unique and fascinating you can make your own products!

Cubify is a place to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life in 3D. Cubify.com combines coloring book simplicity with cloud gaming fun to deliver a fun create and make experience in 3D.

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Fashion Forward and Eco Friendly – TS Rubber

Feature image 1
Edgy, Industrial Fashion that is Upcycled – TS Rubber Bags & Accessories line by Tanja Schroeder. Based in Denmark and inspired by the Steampunk genre/sub-culture, TS Rubber Bags makes handmade rubber bags, belts and accessories using industrial rubber. Every item is very unique, and some of them are adorned with military jewelry, gears and various recycled parts.

At A daily dose of vitamin F, we’re always on the lookout for innovative, creative and unique movements within the fashion industry. So it’s no surprise that we immediately got excited to learn more about this fashion forward and eco-friendly company. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to have a Skype chat with Tanja, the founder and designer of TS Rubber Bags.

During the call we discussed her life, her line and what the future holds for TS Rubber Bags.

 VF: Describe yourself using 4 words

TS: Creative, Designer, Passionate, Loves Life

VF: When did you fall in love with fashion? And when did you feel you came into a style of your own?

TS: Well I always loved design and knew I wanted to design. At age 16 I started to make things and it all came very naturally. When I was young I would always mix things to keep my style affordable, so I would wear both new and old clothes and accessories. Not having a lot of money I wouldn’t buy a lot of designers, but I tried to create a look that was fashion forward by making my own things, using recycled items, buying clothes from the Salvation Army, etc.

VF: Who do you admire, or who inspires you within the art/fashion world (dead or alive)?

TS: Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer, I really like his designs. I am also inspired by Alex London, of Alex London Fashion House (a small couture house based out of NYC) who has a similar design aesthetic to McQueen’s.

VF: Where does your personal inspiration come from?

TS: I am personally inspired by the whole steam-punk scene and style, and so this bears some influence on my work as well.

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True Artistic Style- Lauren Luna

Lauren Luna LTD Logo feature

Lauren Luna is a professional fine artist with a true passion for her artistry as well as having a great eye for style.  She not only creates because she loves it, but also because it is what she was born to do. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with this amazingly talented,(and very busy) woman who continues to make her mark within the fine art and fashion industries. I was very impressed that she was able to conduct a great interview all while leaving work, running errands and then taking her beloved English Bulldog for a nice walk. We chatted about her life, her inspirations, her brands and her future.

VF: Describe yourself using 4 words…

LL: Busy..Umm.. Busy, Busy and Busy… (Laughs)..Ok well honestly I would have to say.. definitely Busy, and then Ambitious, Determined and Creative

VF: How do you define your personal style?

LL: Well there’s really no real easy answer to that. I’m very picky with what I wear, and I don’t want to wear anything just because it is in my size. I like to wear heels, but I don’t like the fact that your feet get so uncomfortable, I want to be able to walk, you know? I also don’t like “too too” flat flats, because then your feet can hurt with those as well. (Laughs) Um, I like to be comfortable, but I also like to be cute.

VF: So, your style is “Comfortable & Cute”?

LL: Yeah!

VF: When did you fall in love with art?

LL: Oh at a very, very young age…it’s just always been something that I have really been very interested in. My earliest memory was, I would say when I was about 5, and I went to the local rec center, and had art classes.

VF: So when people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what would you say?

LL: Oh every time it was always “an artist”.

VF: You have several degrees in painting, how long have you been a professional fine artist?

LL: Right after graduation from Undergrad, but I would say even before then, during my program I was actively showing. So I guess that would still be considered “professional” even though I was in school. My first show was in 97’ or 98’.

VF: What art mediums do you work with? Which is your favorite?

Shoe Fetish Medium: Encaustic, rhinestone, mylar, and handpulled linoprint

LL: Preferred- oil or acrylics on canvas. I did take a Printmaking class last year, and I really enjoyed using the different things that I learned from that class and applying it to my pieces. I think you said that you had seen my picture I tweeted of several different shoe art pieces titled “Here’s my shoes”? Well that was done through a printmaking technique. I really enjoy doing that, more so to the fact that it’s commercial, it’s easy to sell, and I can make a whole bunch of prints, minus clean up time, I can do it a whole lot faster than I can do one painting. Also to clarify, each one of the prints are done by hand, but because I can make multiples of it, that’s why it’s called a “print”. The process is similar to the old school book making, but without the steamroller print bed. It allows me to combine my commercial art- in the sense of “shoe art” work, and my fine art, which allows me to create my pieces much faster..

VF: Who do you admire, or who inspires you within the art/fashion world (dead or alive)?

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Have a Picnic in your Pants…Literally!

Pic Nic pants feature

So you’re out and about enjoying the beautiful Spring weather…you’ve just picked up some carry out from your favorite spot… and you decide you want to enjoy the your meal at the park across the street… but there is not a table or bench in sight….

Photo courtesy of panoramio.com

Normally the ending of this story would have you either 1- going home and eating your meal there or 2- trying to do your best juggling act of sitting comfortably and keeping the food out of the grass…. Well you no longer have to compromise.. as long as you have on your “Pic Nic Pants” you will never miss out on a spontaneous picnic again!
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