Natural Makeup Trend Alert!

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When it comes to wearing makeup a lot of women like to look as natural as possible. Now, just because you want to come off as wearing minimal makeup doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it or have a “beat” face. The “no makeup”makeup look also known as the “natural makeup” trend has become very popular on the runways and leaves people wondering of all the tricks used to achieve such looks. My goal is to tell you how to do two simple natural makeup looks!

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DIY Beauty Regiment/Detox Baths

Today with everyone’s busy schedules I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder for us to take a breather and unwind, even harder yet to keep up with the ever changing beauty routines and detoxes to help our bodies (and skin!) not to take a hit from our stress and busy lifestyles. This being said if you are anything like me and love a good bath after a long day this article is definitely for you.
                For the past couple weeks I have taken to researching the most beneficial baths that help de-stress, refresh, sooth, and keep skin glowing. Each of the 5 baths on this list have been tested by yours truly and I can tell you I am (my skin especially is) reaping the benefits of these DIY gems. Let’s take a look, shall we?


  1. Epsom Salt BathSalts
Major Benefits: Pain relief; reduce muscle inflammation, and relaxation.
Recipe: Add ½ a cup of Epsom salt to warm running bath water soak for about 20 minutes. Epsom salt can also be added to all of the following baths for added benefits!
Why take an Epsom salt bath?
Historically Epsom salt has been known to help relieve aches and pains in sore muscles, this is because the nutrients in the salt breakdown the buildup of lactic acid which causes muscle pain.  The reason this bath made my list is because due to my forever on the go lifestyle, muscle aches are bound to happen, and due to using my muscles for recreational activities such as hiking and dance, I simply can’t have them around long! So when I’m feeling a little achy I simply take a dip in an Epsom salt bath.

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Natural Hair: Fashion or Political movement?

Afro 1From the Black Panthers, to our Grandparents graduation pictures, and now present the Afro has always been a hairstyle that symbolized strength and dignity. Often categorized as a woman who is strong, always nice, and protective we who rock our natural hair find ourselves constantly fighting to not only change the views of natural hair but also fight to show what our natural hair mean to us individually.

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The Allure of The Painted Red Nail

A good manicure is the pinnacle of every well pulled together look. In recent years we have seen almost as many new nail beauty trends emerge as we have fashion trends. Every spring and autumn there are new shades and tones, new techniques of patterning. From modern French manicures to magnetic nail varnishes that can be manipulated to create crazy prints, like leopard (the animal print that knows no bounds). But despite all this endless swapping and changing of nail designs, one nail polish color that has always been irresistible is red.

Dark cherry, warm burgundy, fire-engine scarlet, moody crimson, classic and understated or slap-in-the-face bright, each and every season we see some shade of red nail varnish. Whether the fashion set is wearing emerald green, sky blue or slate grey on their nails, the classic red nail lacquer will always be spotted on the chic lady, hovering nonchalantly in the background. And, no matter how many times we are tempted by the highly technical modern nail arts, we continue to reserve a place in our hearts, and our beauty bags, for our faithful old friend, goes-with-anything, suitable-for-any-occasion, red nail polish.

There's something about painted red nails that women just can't resist. Image courtesy of

There’s something about painted red nails that women just can’t resist.
Image courtesy of

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Sophia Webster Shoes + Revlon Lipstick = Fun and Flirty Footwear

Feature image

Suede, it’s a material more commonly associated with shoes than with make-up. However, that was not that the case when shoe designer Sophia Webster was inspired by Revlon’s latest lipstick collection for a new line of footwear. Suede by Sophia is fun and flirty heels based off of lipstick shades.

So why, then, was I so shocked to hear of Webster’s, latest collection, named Suede by Sophia? Well, for starters, the shoes in the collection are not made exclusively from suede; there is plenty of glossy patent leather and vinyl involved too. Webster, who happens to be the shoe designer of the moment, has collaborated with cosmetics giant, Revlon, to produce a capsule collection inspired by the rich and sumptuous colors of Revlon’s ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick range. Confused? Well, allow me to explain.

The Suede by Sophia collection in all its glory.  Image courtesy of

The Suede by Sophia collection in all its glory.
Image courtesy of

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THIS! Tuesdays: DOSE Nail Color Capsules

Dose nail color feature image

Instagram… Love it or hate it, you can’t deny there are great fashion/art/beauty/life/news images posted to this “instant photo album” app each and everyday. If you haven’t taken the Instagram plunge I suggest you do. It’s a new way to get fun fashion/beauty industry insight as well, which brings me to today’s post.

I follow the Parisian boutique Colette Store, who posted the below image on Instagram announcing the arrival of a new nail colors at their store. The new image was of Jane Schub’s newest nail color collection called “DOSE”.

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

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Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution Screening Event Review

You may remember the post that I wrote about “Versailles ’73”, after I saw a short  clip of the documentary streaming when I attended the Stephen Burrows “When Fashion Danced” exhibit at the It still baffles me that I had never heard of this historic “runway showdown” which took place only 40+ years ago. Well, I was even more surprised a couple of weeks ago to receive an invitation to attend a screening event to view the film! So, you can imagine my excitement to RSVP (!).

(L) Almost showtime, taking my seat. (R) panel - Mikki Taylor, Pat Clevland, Alva Chin, Charlene Dash and Deborah Riley Draper.

(L) Almost showtime, taking my seat. (R) Discussion Panel – Mikki Taylor, Pat Cleveland, Alva Chin, Charlene Dash, and Deborah Riley Draper.

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My Nail Files – Week 3: Glitter and Citron

Nail files image feature

It’s a new week and you know what that meansss…  I’m sharing a new DIY manicure for “My Nail Files Challenge”. I hope you enjoyed my “Festive Fingers” look last week. This week I was feeling like I wanted to do glitter nails with a bright  pop of color…

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ELLE Celebrates 4th Annual Women in Music

Entrance close up feature

Last night celebrities, designers, stylists, fashion and music lovers came out to the 4th Annual ELLE Women in Music celebration event sponsored by COVERGIRL at The Edison Ballroom in New York City. The celebration coincides with their May 2013 Women in Music issue with powerhouse singer/artist Adele as one of the featured artists.

4th+Annual+ELLE+Women in music mag cover

Image courtesy of

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Monochrome Manicures

The trend of wearing black and white color combinations in clothing trends has been everywhere these days. From bold stripes and graphics, to monochromatic solid combinations, to mixing of black/white prints in one look.. both ends of the color spectrum are getting a lot of “wear” by everyone.

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of

All in one.. Houndstooth,, Zig Zag, Stripes and Graphic image. Photo courtesy of

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