DOVF Interview: Let’s Talk Style with Ashley Lindo!


A few weeks ago I sat down wit Ashley Lindo who is a good friend of mine to talk about style among other fashion related topics. Ashley is a 20 year old Fashion retail and management student at The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. I chose to interview Miss Lindo because her style has always stood out to me way before we became friends. When I think of a “Fashionista” this girl definitely comes to mind. Read on to find out where Ashley’s love for fashion came from and why she adores Rihanna and Olivia Palmero!

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Tomboyish, yet girly.

Being a tomboy does not mean that we do not know how to dress or that we do not like dressing up we just have a certain way of pulling it off. The greatest thing about being this type of female is that nobody is aware of what you look like in a dress and a cute pair of heels. While wearing our choice of clothing we often hide our shapes without actually intending to. However, we are also considered the most modest amongst our group of friends and when we do dress to impress everyone is normally super surprised by the level of our style.
Sweatpants and sneakers will always be my best friend but I have recently noticed how much I also love wearing heels. I will assume the problem is the comfortability of the sweat pants and the cuteness of the heels. But I am here to assure you that it is perfectly okay to love both heels and sneakers.

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DOVF “Style Supplement” of The Week

In case you haven’t been following Dose of Vitamin F on Instagram, (shame on you lol) then you don’t know about our new “fashion contest”called #StyleSupplement. We want to showcase your unique and creative doses of style and inspire other followers with your sense of style!
Each week we will be featuring a new #stylesupplement model. Anyone can enter and everyone has a chance to be featured.

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Animal Print For Us Casual Ladies!

year of the snake feature

The classic House of Converse is getting in on the “skin” trend with their line of “Snake Skin” detailing on leather fabric. Not an isolated launch, it also coincides with celebrating Chinese New Year – Year of the Snake!

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My list of 33 things…

33 image kimdavisblog

I started a list on my birthday in 2011, which notes things that come to my mind when I hear the word “fashion”. I forgot to add to it last year when I turned 32, but I plan to keep up with it from now on.

Here is the updated list for my 33rd Bday!

1. “The new Black”

2. The Garment District

3. Haute Couture

4. Chanel Suit

5. Fashion week

6. Market week

7. The evolution of Denim

8. Hemlines

9. Necklines

10. Military Chic

11. Cotton pricing

12. Bold prints

13. Pop of color

14. Accessories

15. Young and exotic fashion models

16. Red carpets

17. Alexander McQueen

18. Roberto Cavalli

19. Louboutin heels

20. Influenced by music

21. 80’s trends

22. Sample sales

23. The “it” bag

24. Volume/Shape

25. “You’re either IN or you’re Out!”

26. Celebrity fashion lines

27. CFDA Awards

28. F.G.I.

29. Valentino

30. Dolce and Gabana

31. and of course Dose of Vitamin F!

32. Handmade creativity

33. GenArt Fresh Faces

What would be on your list?

House of Shoena – London!

Feature image House of Shoena

Londontown’s very own, a very Fab Chick, and oh so Stylish Blogger (our own amazing Guest Writer)….Sheena Isokari,  has just added Fashion Boutique Owner to her already impressive resume!


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18 Days of Christmas Giveaway Contest!

Box Dovf logo red feature

December 1st until December 18th, Dose of Vitamin F will be running our “18 Days of Christmas Gift Giveaway Contest”.  Everyday we will post a new “Item of the Day” on our Facebook Fan page. Everyday a new free gift, everyday a new chance to win!

TO ENTER: Everyday we will post an item and a question. Leave a comment under the image with your answer and you will be entered to win. The winner will be announced the following day. Check back everyday for the next item and enter as many times as you want!

Hickies.. Innovative Sneaker Love.

Hickies feature image
While browsing thru the latest news on Accessories I came across this new “must have- adult friendly- lace-free- self expressive- innovation” called…Hickies! A creative way to make your shoes/sneakers unique without the hassle of actual laces.

Hickies are a stretchable “shoe lace” accessories that can fit various shoe and sneaker styles. Coordinate your Continue Reading

GenArt Fresh Faces.. Fresh Fashion- Part 2

GenArt Audience feature

Forget Lincoln Center or other venue’s runway presentations… During NYFW, the real runway shows are found with the people in attendance and on the streets of NYC!! Lol.. of course the designer collections are the highlight… but sometimes the people are more interesting to watch!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I took some pics of a few of the stylish attendees at Sunday night’s GenArt Fresh Faces in Fashion event. In true New York Fashion Week style, there were a lot of unique and creative looks Continue Reading

The Exclucisve Xcluzv Event at Linda’s!

Lindas feature image
Imagine this setting.. it’s a lovely, warm, yet breezy NYC summer day, you’re in a well known boutique on the east side of the city, you’re sipping on a refreshing caipirinha drink, while you shop for a swimsuit for your upcoming vacation, right next to you is a beautiful model showcasing various swimwear pieces from a new line made in Brazil, and there are several people ready to assist you in picking out the perfect swim suit…sound far fetched? Well that’s exactly what happened at the event Xcluzv Lifestyle Brands hosted at Linda’s Bra Salon in Murray Hill.
Photo Courtesy of Chat Lokuge

I had never been to Linda’s, but ironically I had been to several restaurants in the neighborhood, so it was very exciting to finally visit this very well know boutique. From the sidewalk I was already loving the store, it was brightly lit with lovely underwear, lingerie and swimwear on display. The interior had a “modern boudoir” feeling, with Continue Reading