Featured Post – Summer Gems Jewelry: The Colors Of Summer In Full Swing!

What would summer be without the ability to show some skin and go even further and decorate that skin on show with some fabulous accessories! Beach ready doesn’t need to mean sans jewelry either. Summer is a time when we can flaunt our natural colors and enhance our glow with complimentary colors, wherever the summer takes us.

I absolutely love mirroring the natural hues of the season in the jewelry that I wear. Think Tequila sunrises & the Caribbean like this floral bangle from Antik Batik! When wearing busy florals, be sure to choose an outfit that has solid colors and let the bangle be the focal point of pattern & color.

Rocks Delux Jewels

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know how much I love discovering unique and creative fashion/art/design/music…well, everything. Similarly, when I find out about up and coming creative entrepreneurs, I love sharing their work with the world… well, at least the “world’ of Dose of Vitamin F 😉

"Bringing a Sketch to Life". Credit: A still from Rocks Delux Design Secrets video.

“Bringing a Sketch to Life”. A still from Rocks Delux Design Secrets video.
Click here to watch full clip.

Today, I’m highlighting a few pieces from an exquisite jewelry line – Rocks Delux. Created in 2012 by a self-taught German- Brazilian jewellery designer, Gabrielle J. Weil, who’s unique artistic sensibility and mixed cultural influences blend to create sexy yet structural pieces that truly “adorn the body”. Continue Reading

Bracher Emden : A pleasant discovery!

BEmain feature

I came to London with a dream to live by the iconic Thames River and work for a fashion PR Company. Today, the accessories brand Bracher Emden, has put me a few steps closer to making that all a reality. I’m now working in fashion PR while I search for a beautiful apartment by the Thames!

I was doing a work experience role with a media agency and at the same time rigorously applying for other permanent role, when I came across a tweet about Bracher Emden looking to assist their press and publicity Continue Reading

Blocking sun in style!

block sun in style- feature image
Mercury is soaring; it is not safe to let those rays hit your beautiful eyes. Yes! This post is all about sunglasses; I love them! Not only do they protect your eyes against the sun, but they are also a fabulous accessory. However, one must not forget that it is essential that the sunglasses that they choose also serve the primary purpose of blocking the harmful rays of the sun.

Nevertheless, if you have been staying up-to-date with the latest styles and trends pertaining to clothing and accessories, why leave the eyewear behind.

Contrasting frame aviator sunglasses- caccessories.com

The shapes, sizes and styles of sunglasses have been evolving over the years but some of the classic ones like aviators never go out of fashion.

Ray Ban Aviators- elle.com

One of the big trends this season is the quirky shapes, which much to my amusement is doing amazingly well. There are all sorts of strange shapes likes oval, hearts, flowers, and even diamond. The designers are doing their Continue Reading

Fashion Industry Highlight- FERI Designer Lines

FERI logo Feature
The story of this amazing luxury designer brand begins as a family business that has history of manufacturing jewelry for major companies for more than 175 years. Taking on a new legacy has been the next logical step for this brand to become the only luxury design house in Canada. In 2005, the CEO founded Global Wealth Trade Corp a direct sales company and decided it was time to launch GWT’s own brand with its own high end fashion jewelry line.

Showroom in Toronto

In 2007, GWT launched FERI Designer Lines, to include innovative blends of metals, stones, leathers and fabrics within two luxury designer lines- the FERI line and the FERI MOSH line. What was started as a small jewelry company in the CEO’s basement home office in Ottawa, is now a major luxury designer brand with headquarters in Toronto. The brand ships to over 60 countries throughout the world, with distribution centers in Toronto, Hong Kong and St. Maarten. A truly unique brand, FERI’s exceptional product quality is like no other luxury designer brand you have come to know.
Each item is manufactured with three main components in mind – Design. Function. Exclusivity. As an owner of Continue Reading

Fashion Industry Highlight – SBG Designs


SBG Designs is a renowned jewelry company based in Minneapolis, MN. Designer and Owner, Sara Beth Goldfine created her jewelry line for the person who wants to “wear something different”.

Paisley Iridescent Metallic Pink crystal and silver necklace

Her collections have very distinctive characteristics, but are still one of a kind and versatile. Sara’s use of rare and vintage stones for her unique pieces along with her great attention to detail allows for brand to appeal to customer that appreciates both quality and fashion.
In business for over 7 years, it comes as no surprise that SBG Designs has become a leader in the fashion jewelry industry. Seen in many major fashion publications and worn by numerous celebrities Kim Kardashian, Continue Reading

Prada has TRICKS for treats…

Trick feature image

Prada’s gift book for 2012 was recently released, and I cannot wait to get my hands on any of the little charms they call “tricks”.

These “tricks” are collectable items to hook onto your Prada bags.  I can’t even pick which one I like the best, for now it’s the snake, but every time I look at them it changes!! They all even have names!!

Trick Trina and Trick Veronica


Trick Ax and Trick Joe


Trick Igor and Trick Rhyna


Trick Zaza


Trick Mimi


Trick Clio, Trick Medea, and Trick Iorio

I will admit that they do remind me a little of tamagotchis or the Hello Kitty plastic charms, from the 90’s, but they are showing how Prada has a sense of humor when they come to fashion.


Even though I LOVE these and want one so so bad, Prada is definitely marketing their products to even younger teens than ever before.  I remember in early high school when the coolest thing to get for Christmas was a designer bag. I predict that this year for Christmas younger girls, late middle school and early high school, having not only a Prada bag on their lists but these loveable bears as well!