Flat Fetish

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Image via 2.bp.blogspot.com

Image via 2.bp.blogspot.com

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”; Very aptly said by the great Marilyn Monroe, right shoes even at the wrong time with the wrong attire can overturn the situation, such is the power they wield.

Stilettos, wedge heels, and platforms are every girls’ magic wand, no matter how painful they might get, they will stand tall with a smile on their face; however times are changing, slow and steady but I can see the change. Comfort is finally starting to gain a little bit of importance when it comes to footwear and guess who the happiest person is- ME of course! Do not get me wrong- I do love them 7-inches killer heels, but I also beg for comfort, especially on a rainy/icy day, when one has to walk miles, stay on feet for entire day/night, flats come to my rescue! Continue Reading

The top 12 doses of 2012!

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Today people all over the globe will be remembering the great moments, movies, news and more from throughout 2012. We’re joining in the fun with our own reflection of our best posts of the year.

Image courtesy of kwwl.com

Image courtesy of kwwl.com

You viewed, you read, you shared and so this post is dedicated to YOU our A daily dose of vitamin F blog readers! Continue Reading

Bracher Emden : A pleasant discovery!

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I came to London with a dream to live by the iconic Thames River and work for a fashion PR Company. Today, the accessories brand Bracher Emden, has put me a few steps closer to making that all a reality. I’m now working in fashion PR while I search for a beautiful apartment by the Thames!

I was doing a work experience role with a media agency and at the same time rigorously applying for other permanent role, when I came across a tweet about Bracher Emden looking to assist their press and publicity Continue Reading

Statement Trousers!

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I thought of writing about this trend a couple of times, but wasn’t sure if it was a wearable trend. However, after I arrived in London last week and I spotted more than just a couple of women donning the trend (and rocking it if I may say so), up and down the streets of central London.

Statement trousers are one of the newly born trends that I find so inspiring, as it breaks all boundaries of imagination and creativity. They make going little crazy feel so normal. There are printed trousers, harem pants Continue Reading

Style me up at ZARA!

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It was a bright Saturday afternoon and massive end of season sale time. I couldn’t think of anything better, but a day out in town with my girls, frolicking around, shopping and styling. As we hopped from one mall to another, one store to another, I came up with the bright idea of playing “style up”. My friend happily agreed and once we started, there was no stopping.

We first hit my favorite high street store, Zara! Zara has been my shopping paradise for the past 5 years now. I almost always find everything I need in that store. With the mercury rising, I first picked high waist vintage shorts in Continue Reading

Hats ON!!!

Royal Ascot 2012  Day 3
Hats are one of my favorite accessories. They have fascinated me since I was a little kid and clearly the obsession has not seemed to fade away. With beach season on our heads, I couldn’t think of a better time to talk about this. There are a number of different kinds of hats for different occasions; and then there are fascinators, which is another league of decorative headpiece, like a smaller hat that is pinned to the head or attached to a comb or a headband.

What attracts me towards hats is, that apart from serving the main purpose of acting like a protective shield against heat, dust and sunlight, it is a brilliant cover up for a bad hair day and how. It totally changes the look and adds charisma to the attire be it a casual day at the beach or a night out.

Introduced in the 1800s, Fedoras came as a boon (ideal item) to fashionable women and it wasn’t long before men stole this great accessory; but as we have seen in the fashion history with gender-bending/androgyny being Continue Reading

All Aboard The Louis Vuitton Express!

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Imagine being aboard a train of one of the biggest names in the fashion and designer world. Sounds like a fairy tale. Well, this is dream that none other than Louis Vuitton can make you experience with your eyes wide open.

The audience assembled at a life size station with a station clock, high ceiling, once all were seated, steam was released, the false floor slide away to give way to the train tracks and quite dramatically a one carriage train arrived at one of the courtyards of the Louvre in Paris. The passengers were female models, visible from the glass Continue Reading

Men’s Fashion Week Debuts in London!

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Women’s fashion, has been written about, spoken and showcased since centuries. There are fashion weeks all over the globe dedicated to women’s fashion. But how many of us recollect talking about the men’s fashion. Faintly. It is definitely one of those areas of fashion that is slowly but steadily picking up. One of the biggest evidence of the growing popularity and fashion sense amongst men is the newly introduced full-fledged 3-day Men’s Fashion Week in London.

Men’s fashion week was prevalent in Milan and Paris, and finally this year Britain decided it was time to showcase the British men’s fashion full throttle. So far, London fashion week used to be a 3 day affair for the women’s fashion and the last day was crammed with men’s fashion; that left very little time and a tiny space for the men. A lot of British talent, when it came to men’s designers, were seen moving out of the country considering the tiny scope of growth. Hence, keeping the increasing awareness of fashion amongst men, and giving and an expanded time and space to the men’s designers. The 1st men’s London fashion week was announced to be taking place soon after the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and in time before the Olympics 2012.

Image from styleandthensome.wordpress.com

The fashion week finally commenced on the 15th of June till the 17th of June and was launched by none other Continue Reading

Fashion truly an art?!

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One of the oldest Italian fashion house’s created history this week, by taking over the arcades of Louvre, and running the first ever fashion show in the 900-year old world famous building.

Photo courtesy of elitedaily.com

This is one event that captured my attention, as the debate of weather fashion is an art has been going on since centuries; and this was the perfect answer to it, portrayed in the most unbelievably aesthetic manner. The 140 metres long runway in the temple of fine art was by far, the longest for a Paris show.  The audience included Hollywood celebrities Hillary Swank, Frieda Pinto and Fan Bing Bing from China, who were given a private tour of the exhibition before commencing the show.

Photo courtesy of media3.onsugar.com

Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

The fashion house unveiled their latest collection that Giornetti designed in shades of pale stone, to keep the palette in coherence with the Louvre and Paris. Slouchy leather trousers with flat boots clearly brought out the Parisian aesthetic and then there were more Italian mini dresses formed major part of the clothes collection. The crochet short dresses definitely were my favorite and without a doubt the highlight of the show were the heritage of the brand, gladiator sandals, and thigh high boots in snakeskin with various embellishments.

Photo Courtesy of – msnbcmedia.msn.com

Photo Courtesy of – 2.bp.blogspot.com

Photo Courtesy of – harpersbazaar.co.uk

The brand Salvatore Ferragamo, is an 84-year old fashion house, that has always been associated with art and culture.  It is also considered the first fashion house to establish a link between celebrities and fashion. It is said that screen siren Marilyn Monroe and Greta Grabo were pivotal in bringing a mere shoe repair shop from California to a leather star shoemaker.

Marilyn Monroe shoes at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. Photo Courtesy of – 3.bp.blogspot.com

At the event, Ferragamo’s creative director, Massimilanio Giornetti, explained to the audience the early links between Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvatore Ferragamo, and that the latter also studied the anatomy of feet to understand the function of the shoe and appearance and make sure he produced something that was wearable. The brand’s motto that makes it so successful, is “beauty with functionality”.

Photo Courtesy of – loft22.files.wordpress.com

Salvatore Ferragamo has been one of my favorite brands for shoes and bags! I can truly vouch for the confidence and faith, that all us fans across the globe have in the groundbreaking future of this iconic fashion house.  This magnificent event is just the beginning of their cutting-edge potential.

Photo Courtesy of efashiontrend.net

Photo Courtesy of fashionweekdaily.com


Spice Up Your Manicure!

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So far we have gotten ourselves trendy outfits, chic accessories, that hot handbag and those killer stilettos, but we completely forgot about our pretty nails! Nails make for an important part of grooming, and it is important that we keep them in the best of shape all the time. Neglecting manicures and pedicures have known to create problems, for example in-growth, leading to infected finger and toe nails requiring operation. Hence it is necessary that we regularly get those toes and fingers cleaned up.  However along with keep them neat and tidy, we also need to keep them up-to-date with the latest trends pertaining to colors and the very trendy nail art.

Something that recently caught my eye was the Ryan Gosling nail art. Can you imagine have faces of pretty boys pasted on your nails? Distracting much? Indeed! The name says it all, HOT-MAN-ICURE; created by MTV style editor Chrissy Mahlmeister. These are nail wraps to be applied over white or clear nail paints and you can choose Continue Reading