The Dos and Don’ts of Celebrity Fashion

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Featured Guest Article By Maria Joyce

Celebrity style is such a big deal that countless magazines (Seventeen, Cosmopolitan) literally BASE themselves off documenting what each celebrity wore/wears (other than trying to keep tabs on their personal lives). Celebrity Style Guide is a blog that focuses on how one can pull of celebrity looks. The recent Met Gala had social media companies like basing its content on documenting what each celebrity wore, and details about their dresses.
So, you might want to avoid the pitfalls that come with imitating celebrity style to be more on point and up your lookbook or #OOTD game. Luckily, for you, we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts to guide you better regarding celebrity style. 

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Must Have Hollywood Fashion Items

By Featured Guest Writer – Sujain Thomas

There are quite a number of trends that have come and gone in the world of fashion. Hollywood stars are the best trend setters in the world today. Once a celebrity is pictured on the red carpet with an item, it instantly becomes a fashion craze. Hollywood’s finest fashionistas answered questions about what the must-have item for their closet is. Read their responses below.

whit t shrt

  1. A Plain White T-shirt

Jennifer Lopez, a world famous pop singer, confessed that she must have a plain white t-shirt in her closet. She says that it is versatile and can be layered under a sweater or over a tank top. You may also tuck it into a skirt or wear it loosely with a pair of denim jeans. She says that with the white t-shirt, you can never go wrong.

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DOVF Interview: Let’s Talk Style with Ashley Lindo!


A few weeks ago I sat down wit Ashley Lindo who is a good friend of mine to talk about style among other fashion related topics. Ashley is a 20 year old Fashion retail and management student at The Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham. I chose to interview Miss Lindo because her style has always stood out to me way before we became friends. When I think of a “Fashionista” this girl definitely comes to mind. Read on to find out where Ashley’s love for fashion came from and why she adores Rihanna and Olivia Palmero!

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Scandal – Season 2: Olivia Pope’s Wardrobe Tips

olivia pope season 2 feature image

Okay, so it has only been less than a month since the finale of season 2 aired, but I am already having full on Scandal withdrawal!! Therefore today’s post is just my way of still connecting to the show… thank you in advance for humoring me 😉

Image created. Photo credits:

Image created. Photo credits:

Whether you watch show or not, you probably already know that “Olivia Pope” played by Kerry Washington, is becoming somewhat of a fashion (character) icon through this popular TV show. Although the shows and characters are drastically different, you could compare the definite buzz and attention around Olivia’s exquisitely chic looks to the interest in Carrie’s eclectic designer wardrobe in the days of Sex In The City’s popularity. Olivia’s looks may not have the same extent of “trendy” interest, but there is a similar fashionable interest in each character’s wardrobe. It makes the show even more interesting to watch because Kerry is great in the character and is well matched with the on point wardrobe. Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday: Solange Chats With Brooklyn Magazine

Solange in BK mag feature image

Solange Knowles may not be on a global takeover tour like her big sister, but she is definitely dominating on the local front, especially here in NYC.  Even though she is a fairly new resident to Brooklyn, she epitomizes much of the eclectic and creative vibe that resides there. Not to be confused with the hipster subculture movement alive and well in BK, Solange has a special way of making the past new again.

She’s featured in Brooklyn Magazine showcasing her unique “throwback” style, as she discusses how she has embraced the past and how she’s discovering to live in the present.

Solange in BK mag

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Known to be a trend creator not  follower, Solange continues to be an “it girl” with a great sensibility for mixing past and present in her style. It doesn’t hurt that she seems to be born of another time and glows with a beautiful old soul. Continue Reading

The Great Gatsby – My Movie, Music, and Menswear Fashion Review

I have not been this excited to see a movie in awhile. It made me smile just to see all of the trailers, which I felt were so visually hypnotic… and so crazy good. As you now know this movie is now in theaters nationwide as of Friday, May 10th. I was originally going to write a post about The Great Gatsby before it came out, but decided I could speak to it better once I had actually seen it.

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My “Punk: Chaos to Couture” Red Carpet Review

modaoperandi met gala feature

Even though the event is truly about the exhibition and the fundraising efforts for the institute, the red carpet is the kickoff (and extra highlight) of the exhibition. I’m quite sure that by now you have seen the thousands of images online and read the reviews for this year’s Met Gala red carpet arrivals, as most blogs put up their posts the next morning or that night. However, I’m late to the party as usual, because I like to do my research and make sure I comb through as many images as possible and include background info. So finally, here it is…

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Comfort can be chic…

Happy Saturday! It’s the weekend… lounging around, going to brunch, running errands, or maybe even traveling is probably somewhere on today’s agenda. In most of these activities it’s ideal to be comfortable and still look like we made an effort to get dressed. A couple of weeks ago I came across this photo of Rihanna on Instagram traveling for her concert, and I thought it was such a great look. Which then inspired me to explore the new ways of styling comfortable clothes and still make them look chic. Think of it as my “sleepy to stylish” outfit tips!

Rihanna styled sweats

“What?! I’m wearing sweats and I still look fabulous!!”

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THIS! Tuesdays: Get This TV

Get this image feature

Back in the day, waiting for a mail order catalog and being able to receive your chosen items in the mail after weeks seemed like such a great concept. Shortly after the mail order you then had new “real time” shopping platforms such as QVC, then online shopping became the most convenient and easy way to shop several places all at once.

Things have greatly changed over the years technology has changed how we shop in general. Advancements in internet and technology have allowed us to shop form various stores nationally and internationally. Shopping is now accessible on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. These days the more “fast fashion” becomes more of the way of the world, you are even able to watch various designer shows such as NBC’s Fashion Star and immediately shop the new looks bought by the featured retailers.

Question: So what could possibly be next?… Answer: Get This TV!

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Forever LA x Cassie for Forever 21

f21_main1_us feature


Recently, Forever 21 has announced their collaboration with R&B singer Cassie for their summer 2013 collection, which just launched on April 19th. You may or may not remember her, but she is the singer of the hit song from 2006 entitled “Me & U” now she Continue Reading