Wedding Fashion- Tips for Picking Bridal Accessories


By Guest Writer – David Wicks

Wedding accessories provide creative ways to transform and complete bridal outfits. From veils to footwear, the options are limitless. Brides are advised to pick their accessories according to their sense of style, personality and their favorite items.

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#WeddingWednesday: Destination Style

The question has been asked…the answer was yes…you’re thinking of a unique way to celebrate your special day… we think you should plan a getaway!

See full details of this set on Polyvore -Styled by Dose of Vitamin F

Destination Weddings are nothing new, but they’re increasingly becoming more popular as people want to combine the wedding with their honeymoon in one location. Popular places continue to be the Carribean, Hawaii, or international all-inclusive resorts.  Continue Reading

#WeddingWednesday: Jessie Lynn of MOD Events

MOD events by Jessie Lynn logo
Are you a recently engaged fiancé or in a committed relationship and will be planning a wedding or ceremony event soon? Does the thought of having to find all the different vendors to help you with the flowers, decor, and other decision making factors make you a little less excited and want to just elope? Sure, you could get a Wedding Planner, but they still have to check in with you and may not be able to deliver what you really want for your special day.
Similarly to how when seeking out a new wardrobe, many women seek out the assistance of a fashion stylist to help them come up with an overall “theme” of their new wardrobe, a new bride might want to seek out the assistance of a wedding stylist to assist with creating a theme and overall process for their wedding.  How great would it be to have customized options already created for you that you could either then take as a “wedding portfolio to all of your vendors, or better yet work with a stylist who already has a relationship with credible and experienced vendors? There is now a company and service that will provide a wedding stylist to help you plan and execute your big day with ease and sophistication…

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Styled by Vitamin F – Unique Bridal Looks!

Styled by vitamin f
Even though the summertime is known to be the most popular season for wedding ceremonies, we all know that there is no true time frame for when weddings must happen. I actually have attended more Fall weddings, than the supposedly more common June weddings. By now most future brides are trying to find the perfect venue, cakes, menu, etc. to prepare for this one big day. I have 4 friends that are getting married between July and October, and I thought it would be fun to create very unique and non-traditional looks for their weddings.

For these looks I have combined affordable pieces with more expensive pieces. Since I believe she designs very lovely, unique and creative designer and better priced wedding gowns, I decided to give all of the “brides” Vera Wang dresses/gowns. The accessories that I have chosen are also for a bride who is not afraid to wear non-traditional shoes, jewelry or hairpieces. For shoes, all of the styles are from For jewelry, all of the styles are from (of course, lol). Lastly, I decided to highlight and feature bridal headpieces from to make the looks complete.

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Fashion Industry Highlight- The Feathered Head

Logo image
The wedding items that are most important (next to the dress, of course), are the bridal accessories! Whether you are a “traditional bride” or “fashionista bride”, the type of accessories you choose will help complete your “bridal style”.

This bridal accessories selection process was the inspiration that made Andie Cohen-Healy create her company, The Feathered Head. A unique and creative company that offers beautiful one-of-a-kind feathered headpieces for brides and party-goers, often incorporating vintage jewelry and other media. The story of The Feathered Head all began when Andie was preparing for her own wedding and she didn’t want the “cookie-cutter” type of bridal accessories, but instead wanted to that would make her stand out and reflect her personality. She then also thought about the actual ceremony and how lots of pet owners incorporate their various animals into the wedding, but the only thing is, Andie’s pets are chickens! Needing to find a way to incorporate her chickens, and figure out a unique bridal-wear piece, she had the great idea to fashion her hens beautiful, colorful plumes into a bridal head piece in place of a veil. When she received so many compliments on her one-of-a-kind headpiece, she created more pieces and that was the start of her business.

In addition to her high-end wedding and cocktail fascinators, headbands, hats, veils and clips, Andie has recently introduced other accessories including feathered boutonnieres and a few handbags. Just last year one of her amazing pieces was featured on The Today Show during the coverage of the Royal Wedding!

Clips of Lori Hat on Today show - Click here to watch the segment!

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