Sweet ’16

sweet 16By Bre Ausby
“At 16, set your goals, turn your dreams into reality, you have your whole life ahead of you.” -Unknown

Here we are, in the second month of the year 2016, meaning you either stayed in the race with your goals or you completely gave up because something did not go exactly as planned. Much like the year you turned 16 years old, this year marks the beginning of the rest of your life. This year you’ve more than likely set goals for the amount of weight you want to lose, you’ve determine what foods you won’t eat, and you’ve told yourself that you’re leaving everything that wasn’t good for you last year behind. Granted we do this every year on January 1st and every year on our birthdays; however, by day 3 we have failed completely.

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Lifestyle Supplement: The New Normal

new normal 1She was happily married or so we thought; yet she was broken, becoming more shattered every day and she became very great at hiding it.
I found out about my mother’s sexual orientation my 7th grade year and at that time I did not understand what that would mean for me as her daughter, yet I also didn’t know what she dealt with as far as hiding it from the public eye. Having friends living the lifestyle of a homosexual never compared to having a parent living the lifestyle. Life went from having a step-father and a mother to having a mother and her girlfriend. Life as we knew it changed quickly and nobody asked questions we just went with it.

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Holiday Wonderland

Everyone spends their holidays differently, yet we all have traditions during the holiday season. Whether you start eating thanksgiving dinner as soon as you wake up, or you spend New Year’s Day taking down the Christmas tree you’ve had up since thanksgiving, it’s always the same thing every year.
Thanksgiving with my family, as a child, was spent every year at my great aunts house. After we ate we always picked out a name for our family secret Santa gift exchange. Thanksgiving was spent with the family that lived in North Carolina, and always consisted of a lot of food and the family game of pokeno (that I am no longer allowed to play because of the last time I won). A lot of my family members also set up their tree for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day while waiting for the food to finish cooking.

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Follow Your Passion – It’s Not Just College, It’s Your Career.

Follow your passion 1
As a child I was encouraged to find what I was passionate about and to work towards that. At first it was helping people; whether the person was hurt physically or I was needed as a listening ear I was there. As I grew and matured I learned that writing was my escape, something that I had to do to maintain a level of sanity during the day. When applying to college I did what everyone said was the best, which was to apply to a major in the STEM programs I that when I graduated money wouldn’t be an issue. The STEM majors are science, technology, engineering and math, which happen to pull in the most income into a household. The issue for me was not the money but my will to stay focused on something I honestly had no interest in.

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Unforeseen Tragedy 

Tragedy happens every second of every day, but how close does it have to hit before we not only respond accordingly but start working on preventing such things from happening?
As many may know – yet most will not – we have been observing World Suicide Prevention Week.

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The Escape: Lost In A Book

Books“So this is what insanity is. Not goofy behavior, but watching a sudden change in the world you used to know.”
Toni MorrisonGod Help the Child
That is a quote from one of my favorite books. Have you ever found yourself reading a book or novel and not only does it speak to what you might be feeling at the time, but also allow you to escape from your current reality?

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Tomboyish, yet girly.

Being a tomboy does not mean that we do not know how to dress or that we do not like dressing up we just have a certain way of pulling it off. The greatest thing about being this type of female is that nobody is aware of what you look like in a dress and a cute pair of heels. While wearing our choice of clothing we often hide our shapes without actually intending to. However, we are also considered the most modest amongst our group of friends and when we do dress to impress everyone is normally super surprised by the level of our style.
Sweatpants and sneakers will always be my best friend but I have recently noticed how much I also love wearing heels. I will assume the problem is the comfortability of the sweat pants and the cuteness of the heels. But I am here to assure you that it is perfectly okay to love both heels and sneakers.

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Converse: the perfect shoe to wear with anything, anywhere.

You know that Sunday when you really do not want to wear heels, or that Tuesday when you refuse to wear flats? Those days are the days when you can wear Converse, flat enough to not be heels but you can dress them up so it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing sneakers.
Jules 1

Image courtesy of sincerelyjules.com

Founded in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse, this brand is an American shoe company with shoes to fit the sportswear lifestyle. Often called “Chuck Taylors” or “Chucks” they are a brand with various lines of shoes. The new launch of the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II this year has excited the faithful brand wearers with the new fabric and make of the shoe.

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Natural Hair: Fashion or Political movement?

Afro 1From the Black Panthers, to our Grandparents graduation pictures, and now present the Afro has always been a hairstyle that symbolized strength and dignity. Often categorized as a woman who is strong, always nice, and protective we who rock our natural hair find ourselves constantly fighting to not only change the views of natural hair but also fight to show what our natural hair mean to us individually.

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Meet Our Newest Team Member!

Meet our Intern – Breanna Ausby!

Breanna Ausby is a writer who attends North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC working towards a B.A in English with a concentration in literature, she also has two web based businesses. Breanna is a driven young woman and also a wonderful writer who puts her heart into everything she writes. This talented young writer will be writing articles on fashion, music, art, & current events.
Read her complete bio here.
Join us in Welcoming Breanna Ausby to the Dose of Vitamin F Team!!