DOVF Interview with Aziza Morgan – One Woman, Many Talents

What I love about social media is the networking factor that it allows you to have at the touch of a finger. There are so many cool people that you can meet on social media that you never would cross paths with organically in regular life. This happened to me recently while scrolling through my “likes” on Instagram. A person with the handle @artlovescompany had liked one of my pics, I was intrigued by the name so I checked out their profile page. What I found was this amazingly talented and beautiful individual. Read on to find out more about the woman behind the profile: Aziza Morgan.
Aziza 2There were images of everything from her personal style, to hair tips, writing samples, to music, to photography and her adorable newborn! I then went through and liked pretty much all of her pics, lol. I had to know more about her and how she juggled all these talents as well as being a new mom. As usual, whenever I find/meet new people that are unique and creative I love to share them with you. So, I setup a time to chat with her and found out there’s even ore to her than what is seen in the visual collage I first was introduced to on Instagram. I was introduced to Aziza Morgan, but I also met Charlie, August, Margot, and Lola. These are the personalities that make up Art Loves Company, the persona and the brand.


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Press Release: Lauren Luna – SCION Motivate

Lauren Luna Scion feature

We’ve been a fan and continue to show our support for the one and only Lauren Luna. Recently Lauren was among the finalists of the SCION Motivate Program, and we just want to share the great news…

Press release1

Congratulations Lauren!!

Shop her newest collection of shoes!

Website –

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Veronica Marché has a marker and a stylish vision!

About a month ago I saw a really nice illustration of Malia Obama on my FB feed, and it had a “fashion-y” approach to it that immediately caught my eye. I was very intrigued because I loooove all types of illustrations, especially fashion illustrations. I then followed the links back to the artist of this work and immediately became a fan! It was so refreshing to see a young illustrator focusing on creating beautiful images that highlight and celebrate Black Women.

Home banner

After I perused through her website/bio/external links… I learned that Veronica is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Fashion Design, at the same school that I attended for my degree! More than being just an artist and student, I realized she is wearing many hats and wears them very well! Continue Reading

Fashion. Nightlife. Management – RUSI LLC

Rusi feature image

Are you an entrepreneur looking to promote a new event? An upcoming actor or artist looking for quality management? or just someone that is looking to update your current style or enhance your current image? How great would it be if there was one company that could make all of this happen? Introducing… RUSI LLC!

Ruby Singh is the face and name behind this great new company. She is a driven businesswoman with a passion for fashion, fostering new talent and showing people a good time! A master student of the “work hard -play hard” institute of Life, Ruby takes her business seriously but has lots of fun with it as well.

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Continuous Line by Shantell Martin


Towards the beginning of the summer, we introduced you to the unique world of expressive and creative visual works by a Brit-born- Brooklyn- based artist named, Shantell Martin. At the time of our interview she was traveling to Austria, and then headed back here to present a workshop at the Eyeo Festival, had just received a major feature in the NY Times, and was working on various projects/collaborations with photographers, shoes, apparel and more! It seems as though not much has changed in her schedule since then, and Shantell’s work is still high on the “innovative artists” radar!

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Fashion truly an art?!

salvatore ferragamo feature image
One of the oldest Italian fashion house’s created history this week, by taking over the arcades of Louvre, and running the first ever fashion show in the 900-year old world famous building.

Photo courtesy of

This is one event that captured my attention, as the debate of weather fashion is an art has been going on since centuries; and this was the perfect answer to it, portrayed in the most unbelievably aesthetic manner. The 140 metres long runway in the temple of fine art was by far, the longest for a Paris show.  The audience included Hollywood celebrities Hillary Swank, Frieda Pinto and Fan Bing Bing from China, who were given a private tour of the exhibition before commencing the show.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The fashion house unveiled their latest collection that Giornetti designed in shades of pale stone, to keep the palette in coherence with the Louvre and Paris. Slouchy leather trousers with flat boots clearly brought out the Parisian aesthetic and then there were more Italian mini dresses formed major part of the clothes collection. The crochet short dresses definitely were my favorite and without a doubt the highlight of the show were the heritage of the brand, gladiator sandals, and thigh high boots in snakeskin with various embellishments.

Photo Courtesy of –

Photo Courtesy of –

Photo Courtesy of –

The brand Salvatore Ferragamo, is an 84-year old fashion house, that has always been associated with art and culture.  It is also considered the first fashion house to establish a link between celebrities and fashion. It is said that screen siren Marilyn Monroe and Greta Grabo were pivotal in bringing a mere shoe repair shop from California to a leather star shoemaker.

Marilyn Monroe shoes at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum. Photo Courtesy of –

At the event, Ferragamo’s creative director, Massimilanio Giornetti, explained to the audience the early links between Leonardo Da Vinci and Salvatore Ferragamo, and that the latter also studied the anatomy of feet to understand the function of the shoe and appearance and make sure he produced something that was wearable. The brand’s motto that makes it so successful, is “beauty with functionality”.

Photo Courtesy of –

Salvatore Ferragamo has been one of my favorite brands for shoes and bags! I can truly vouch for the confidence and faith, that all us fans across the globe have in the groundbreaking future of this iconic fashion house.  This magnificent event is just the beginning of their cutting-edge potential.

Photo Courtesy of

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Along the Visual Lines – Shantell Martin

logo-shantell-martin feature image
Visual Artist, Digital VJ, Performer, Lecturer, Innovator…these are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of the one and only, Shantell Martin. At the young age of 8 or 9, little Shantell began to of doodling in the back of school books, from there on she couldn’t put her pen down. When she draws she really doesn’t take a literal approach to the lines that she creates, instead she allows her gut and intuition to lead her, and feels like most of the time she’s just following her pen.

As seen on Signified Interview -

A London native, Shantell has lived in the UK, Japan and most recently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Shantell is a graduate of the Central St. Martins School of Art and has lead interactive workshops on digital painting creativity around the world. The world is literally her canvas as she not only takes to paper when she illustrates, but tends to Continue Reading

Model, Actor, Filmmaker – Alexander J. Robinson



Experienced model, Independent filmmaker, freelance Videographer/Editor, and Actor – Alexander J. Robinson is somewhat of a creative Renaissance man.

His love for the arts extends past modeling, acting and film he is also a drummer, keyboardist, DJ and MC, as well as a graphic designer, photographer, and works on other visual compositions.  A native of Belmont, Massachusetts, Alexander attended Wheaton College and graduated Cum Laude in 2009. Since Wheaton College did not offer any sort of film major, Alexander took it upon himself to create his own Independent Film Major, entitled “Film Production in Practice and Cultural Narrative.” He has always loved to be on both sides of the camera and is also fully pursuing modeling and acting. The 26 years old artist has already worked as a Production Assistant on multiple independent films, spending the majority of his time writing feature length screenplays, short scripts, and then soon began embarking on his own endeavors as an independent filmmaker; writing, directing, producing, and editing.

Alexander is very passionate about the work he is doing and uses the various creative platforms within his industry to pursue his ultimate goals. During our interview he had a lot to tell us, including: the great role he believes fashion plays in film, who and what inspires him, how music plays a big role in his life, and how in 5 Continue Reading

True Artistic Style- Lauren Luna

Lauren Luna LTD Logo feature

Lauren Luna is a professional fine artist with a true passion for her artistry as well as having a great eye for style.  She not only creates because she loves it, but also because it is what she was born to do. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of chatting with this amazingly talented,(and very busy) woman who continues to make her mark within the fine art and fashion industries. I was very impressed that she was able to conduct a great interview all while leaving work, running errands and then taking her beloved English Bulldog for a nice walk. We chatted about her life, her inspirations, her brands and her future.

VF: Describe yourself using 4 words…

LL: Busy..Umm.. Busy, Busy and Busy… (Laughs)..Ok well honestly I would have to say.. definitely Busy, and then Ambitious, Determined and Creative

VF: How do you define your personal style?

LL: Well there’s really no real easy answer to that. I’m very picky with what I wear, and I don’t want to wear anything just because it is in my size. I like to wear heels, but I don’t like the fact that your feet get so uncomfortable, I want to be able to walk, you know? I also don’t like “too too” flat flats, because then your feet can hurt with those as well. (Laughs) Um, I like to be comfortable, but I also like to be cute.

VF: So, your style is “Comfortable & Cute”?

LL: Yeah!

VF: When did you fall in love with art?

LL: Oh at a very, very young age…it’s just always been something that I have really been very interested in. My earliest memory was, I would say when I was about 5, and I went to the local rec center, and had art classes.

VF: So when people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up, what would you say?

LL: Oh every time it was always “an artist”.

VF: You have several degrees in painting, how long have you been a professional fine artist?

LL: Right after graduation from Undergrad, but I would say even before then, during my program I was actively showing. So I guess that would still be considered “professional” even though I was in school. My first show was in 97’ or 98’.

VF: What art mediums do you work with? Which is your favorite?

Shoe Fetish Medium: Encaustic, rhinestone, mylar, and handpulled linoprint

LL: Preferred- oil or acrylics on canvas. I did take a Printmaking class last year, and I really enjoyed using the different things that I learned from that class and applying it to my pieces. I think you said that you had seen my picture I tweeted of several different shoe art pieces titled “Here’s my shoes”? Well that was done through a printmaking technique. I really enjoy doing that, more so to the fact that it’s commercial, it’s easy to sell, and I can make a whole bunch of prints, minus clean up time, I can do it a whole lot faster than I can do one painting. Also to clarify, each one of the prints are done by hand, but because I can make multiples of it, that’s why it’s called a “print”. The process is similar to the old school book making, but without the steamroller print bed. It allows me to combine my commercial art- in the sense of “shoe art” work, and my fine art, which allows me to create my pieces much faster..

VF: Who do you admire, or who inspires you within the art/fashion world (dead or alive)?

LL: Well within the fashion world that is a really easy answer… I Continue Reading