Artsy Tidbits: Art Influenced Fashion

For many years, art has been inspired by artists’ view of the world or their perspective of seemingly everyday items. Artists are able to portray moods and emotions through their work. From Van Gogh to Andy Warhol, the list goes on for the most talented artist of all time.
Nowadays, fashion is basically a wearable form of art. It allows to express your feelings on any given day. It can be intricate or simple, colourful or plain. Designers always try to see what fresh ideas can inspire their next major line, and artwork is one of the first places they look. For example, Modcloth created a simple dress that showcased print from The Starry Night, one of Vincent van Gogh’s most recognizable pieces of work. The dress is perfect for a evening stroll or a casual outing. Another fashion line that used van Gogh as inspiration includes Rodarte, who, in their 2011 Spring collection, featured a dress that sported print from one of his popular paintings of 12 sunflowers (titled Sunflowers). Recently, for his Spring 2015 collection, Moschino designer Jeremy Scott, (who has dressed everyone from Katy Perry to Beyoncé), has created eccentric pop art design. The bright and colorful prints are similar to Andy Warhol pieces, and they add a fresh and vibrant taste of fashion.

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Beautiful, Bold, Modern, Minimalistic: HEATHER LJØNES Jewelry NYC

hljones logoI had the pleasure of first meeting Heather Ljønes while attending The SET NYC’s Fashion Night Out event. I was immediately drawn to her displays, which were like pieces of art that had been formed into jewelry. Heather’s aesthetic is not only eye catching, it is also very innovative. I had the chance to interview the talented jewelry designer and get to know a little bit more about what makes her unique and creative. Read on to see what she had to say…

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One To Watch – A Chat With Emerging Designer: Satu Maaranen

Last Tuesday, I attended the Première Vision NY and Indigo NY (textile and print design shows), for Fall-Winter 14/15. I This was the first time the two shows have been combined into one big event. I had a great time checking out the predicted print and textile trends for next year.

Right before I left the shows, I noticed a “featured display” corner of fashion and photography work that was so unique and creative. It ended up belonging to the winning designer of this year’s Hyères International Festival of Fashion & Photography  competition, which partners with Première Vision. The designer was Satu Maaranen, who hails all the way from Helsinki! I was glad chat with her a little about her design aesthetics and the competition.

Designer Satu Maartanen

Designer Satu Maaranen

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