The Return of Saint Laurent

My fellow (Yves) Saint Laurent lovers, the brand has finally released their Fall 2013 Ad Campaign. The ad features Southern California twins, Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. They are behind the skater punk band “The Garden.” But most importantly, they are exclusive Saint Laurent models. They debuted on the Saint Laurent runway and now are the stars of the ad campaign.

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

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Joe Fresh Ad: Sam and the Womp

I was going through my Facebook news feed a couple of weeks ago and this video image was screaming at me to click it. All it said was “Spring is here! Coloured denim, $19”, but I had a feeling since it was by created by the fun and chic label Joe Fresh I would enjoy it… and now I want you to enjoy it too!

Joe Fresh colored denim

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VIP Holiday Botox Party!

House of Beauty feature

This Friday Dec. 7th you are invited to the “House of Beauty” event at the fabulous Lexington Plastic Surgeons offices in NYC for the Annual VIP/Celebrity Botox Party.

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House of Shoena – London!

Feature image House of Shoena

Londontown’s very own, a very Fab Chick, and oh so Stylish Blogger (our own amazing Guest Writer)….Sheena Isokari,  has just added Fashion Boutique Owner to her already impressive resume!


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American Hipster – The YouTube Channel

American Hipster feature

The irony of the Hipster lifestyle is that OLD is NEW. The every growing American subculture that is everywhere… in fashion, in music and various social aspects of our everyday.

To live as a Hipster is in a way saying “Cool is to appreciate what others no longer find cool”. How cool is that?! I know… very cool!

Phototshoot by John Meister for Paste Magazine in 2009 -

Now there is a YouTube channel dedicated to introducing you to everything Hipster in three different video platforms.
YouTube’s just-launched American Hipster, created by local creative studio Seedwell, broadcasts three shows that simultaneously debunk and propagate stereotypes of our favorite fixie riders. ~
I watched the promo video for all three shows and decided that American Hipster Presents which is the show dedicated to  “creating video portraits of America’s trendsetters” caught my interest the most. The shows premise is hosted by Paavo Steinkamp who takes us to 10 Hipster filled cities across America and shows us the Art, Food, Music, Style and Social aspects of each city through the eyes of a true Hipster. The first two episodes cover San Francisco, but the upcoming cities announced include Austin, Philly and New Orleans.

In both of the first two episodes of this new show, the opening image releases a flash of “HIPSTERS ARE…” title in white with defining words in red. The “hipsters are” adjectives listed in the flashes were: Contentious, Cool, Tight Jeans, Commodified, Fixies, Original, Vintage, Mustaches, Warehouse parties, Cliche’, Creative, Pretentious, Too big too ignore, Over, underground, Mainstream, Changing, Everywhere, Ironic, Relevant.
In the second episode we are introduced to Bex Finch who talks iPhone pictures, Instagram and Medium/Film Photography with Paavo. Bex has more than 60K followers on Instagram which she uses as a platform that allow her to “keep composing and practicing everyday, even when I can’t buy film” (for her camera). She states that she tries to somehow connect with what her Alzhiemer stricken father while composing her photos. One of her quotes during the interview was “We can’t travel time backwards, so it’s nice to act like we can with our cameras.”

So what do you think? Will you watch more of American Hipster Presents?

On the edge of the blues – Styled by Vitamin F!

Styled by vitamin f

This look that we have styled is great for those “still a bit chilly” Spring nights.

The beautiful blueish hue colored silk satin top paired with the black cracked leather skinnies are a perfect combination of femininity and edge.

Just add a few accessories from Dose of Vitamin F and the look is complete for wherever the night takes you!

Top – Creatures of the wind, cropped silk-satin top – Available at

Pants – Notify Bamboo 75, cracked leather skinny pants – Available at

Accessories – Stretch multi-stone ring, feather tassel long drop necklace,” Lace up Executive” Booties, Multi zipper wristlet wallet and Black “leaf” earrings. All available at

Fashion Star styled by Dose of Vitamin F!

fashion star and vitamin f feature

Here is our take on how you can take the hottest design from this week’s Fashion Star and accessorize it with Dose of Vitamin F for a complete look!

GET THIS LOOK: Turquoise Amy Dress from Fashion Star designer Sarah Parrott at H&M -, Blue and red feather silver drop earrings from Vitamin F, Green beaded stretch ring from Vitamin F, Black "Lace Up Executive" Heels from Vitamin F, Mult- bead strand necklace from Vitamin F and Black crossbody leather handbag from Vitamin F.

Molami- The Ultimate Combo of Music & Fashion!

Molami feature


Where superb audio is combined with avant-garde design, incorporating a function meets fashion ideal. Molami headphones are designed with the contemporary individual in mind.

This is the statement that you will find when you visit the Molami website.I stumbled upon this great collection while on With the music and music player innovation on the rise, it is not a surprise that to add a fashionable concept was the missing link. The actual worldwide launch was Oct. 19th in Antwerp, Belgium at the Renaissance Release Party. There were also several events worldwide to celebrate the launch of these great products during the end of 2011. Including Germany, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Italy, New York and Sweden.
Here is a video titled “The Making of Molami”, which acts as a invitation inside the mind of Molami designer Maria von Euler and the inspiration to create for her avant garde headphones. The aspects of the video express her unique design aesthetics, which include sculpting, draping and folding.


Here is the collection:

Twine is a soft headpiece made of silk-satin and chiffon blends that comfortably wraps around your head – giving you a unique listening experience. The speakers inside of Twine are attached to adjustable clips that move up and down the fabric headpiece for a customized and comfortable fit. Silk/Satin/Chiffon - Available in Black/Gold, Black/Silver and White/Gold

Pleat is a headphone that complements the bone structure of the face – framing your look. Napa Leather - Available in Black/Gold and White/Gold

Bight is a boldly innovative earphone that rests securely in your ears. Its small size and construction lets you enjoy sound comfortably. Napa Leather or Stingray - Available in Napa Black/Gold, Napa White/Gold, Stingray Black/Silver and Stingray White/Silver

Fashion Star… A genius concept!

Fashion Star feature

What a fresh show concept! Fashion Star not only showcases designers in its new take on fashion reality television, it includes great music, a live audience and runway presentation! Each week the designers receive a new focus or theme that they and their pattern makers/seamstresses work to complete. These new looks sold at SAKS, Macy’s or H&M,  If the designer has no offer/buy they are eligible for elimination. The twist is that the buyers decide who will be sent home and the mentors decide who to save each week!
This show makes so much sense because a lot of designers do not get the exposure necessary for a successful line, plus they usually don’t have the funds to get it going.. This show gives them both!


Background Synopsis of 11 out of the 14 designers who were highlighted in the shows premiere:

Orly 26, NYC -bartender who wants to be a designer, tuc + wes her brand of convertible pieces, “cut + sew backwards”, signature look fitted semi- high waisted skirt with zipper application, basically a two- fer skirt. Sold to Saks

Available Now at SAKS


Edmond 32, GA – barber stylist and designer, likes to design dresses that are Studio 54 meets 2012, signature look is a bubble skirt cocktail dress. Sold to Macy’s

Available Now at Macy's

Oscar 37, TX – grew up in El Salvador with hard past, wears colorful hats and scarves, describes his designs as “happy orgy of colorful things”, signature look is butterfly dress. Had no offers
Nikki 43, FL – has a line of swimwear and resort wear that is 3 years old, signature look is the kimono caftan. Sold to Macy’s

Available Now at Macy's

Nicholas 38, CA – Australian model turned designer of menswear, does not take criticism well, signature look is the motorcycle jacket. Had no offers

Barbara 55, IL – mother of 3, breast cancer survivor, used to work in corporate America and sold her designs during breaks at work, quit to become full time designer, signature look is a skirt and top. Had no offers
Sarah 31, GA – self taught, mother passed away and inspires her to pursue this, signature look is a sexy shift dress. Sold to H&M

Available at H&M

Ross 27, TX – describes himself as a straight male who likes to hunt and fish, a bow tie wearing southern gent, he studied under great tailors, makes his own patterns and sews, signature look is tailored wide leg pants. Had no offersLizzie 41, WA – former project manager at Microsoft, mother of 2, bought sewing machines from craiglist looking to make clothes she couldn’t find in stores, signature look is asymmetrical tunics and dresses. Sold to Macy’s

Available NOW at Macy's

 Kara 38, NY – former elementary school teacher, androgynous and deconstruction designer, likes to deconstruct garments and create accessory pieces, signature look is a collar, stand and tie combo accessory. Had no offers
Nzimiro 28, NY – grew up in Detroit with Nigerian background of importance of success, designer of menswear, signature look is a functional blazer or sports jacket. Sold to H&M

Available at H&M

Nicholas, Oscar and Kara were in the elimination, Oscar was saved by mentors and Nicholas was sent home by the buyers


 The following are my favorite quotes of the night:

“Well fashion is a reinvention of itself, yes I’ve seen it before and you’ve seen it before, but you’ve never seen it with my label..right!” -Oscar to John Varvatos
“Why would you put those shorts with that leather jacket” – Jessica Simpson on Nicholas’s last look
“It’s hard to understand the girls advice on men’s fashion” – Nicholas reply to the mentors
“As a designer, sometimes you need to pull back and say is this saleable? Is this wearable?” – Caprice Willard, for Macy’s on Barbara’s looks
“Those pants were all sorts of ‘no’.. You can say it” – Nicole Richie on Ross’s pants
“You’re so cute with your bow tie and suit, I would have loved that for a woman… A sexy version of you” -Nicole Richie to Ross

150/15 – Darcel for Colette Exhibit!

150 15 feature

Always on the hunt for unique and creative news that is circulating thru the fashion industry, I was so excited to find out about the exhibit going on now at the Colette boutique in Paris to celebrate its 15th Anniversary…

Sarah Andelman’s amazing boutique will be hosting a carnival of various booths (friends and vendors of the store will be participating) to celebrate 15 years in the business. To highlight this momentous occasion the biggest part of the celebration will be a portrait exhibit that will cover many of the boutique walls. Craig Redman, who is an NYC based illustrator and creator of the infamous blog Darcel Disappoints, has collaborated with Sarah in the past on projects for her store. So it does not come as a surprise that he would be involved in her boutique’s birthday bash! Redman has illustrated a collection of 150 portraits based on his “one-eyed” Darcel character, resembling celebrities from different worlds of fashion, music, design, photography. The exhibit is on display now until March 31st and the portraits will be available for shipping on April 15th.

Here are few of my favorite portraits:


Here is a short video clip of the other portraits:


Happy 15th Birthday to Colette Boutique!!!

Stay up to date with the latest Colette news here.

Check out more of the travels and adventures of Darcel here and here.