New Artist Alert – Lianne La Havas

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Lianne La Havas

This 26 year old singer/songwriter from London, England is making her mark in the music industry. Inspired by soul and R&B, her music reflects true lyrical genius.

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New Artist Alert – Alessia Cara

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Alessia Cara

This 19 year old singer from Ontario’s lyrics are beautifully written and are connecting to audiences all over the planet.

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by Mariah Flores
*I’m sorry if I seem uninterested…*
Alessia Caracciolo, otherwise known as Alessia Cara, a singer/songwriter whose strong alto vocals help her deliver lyrical masterpieces that covers topics of love to self independence.
Her most popular song to date is titled “Here”. In the tune, she sings about a terrible party full of people she cannot stand, and how she feels she needs to separate herself. As the song continues, she describes the ever relatable feeling of wanting be alone in a crowd full of people who don’t really care about you. Cara’s ability to deliver witty and sarcastic lines about life in general draws people in.

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New Artist Alert – Troye Sivan

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Troye Sivan

This 20 year old Youtuber turned singer is taking the music world the storm.


by Mariah Flores
*My Happy Little Pill…
            Troye Sivan started his Youtube channel in 2012, and quickly garnered a huge following of adoring fans. Known for his quirky and outgoing personality, the Australian native expressed his musical skills early on, but it was not until more recently that his music became a “kind of a big deal”.

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#ThrowbackThursday: I Made You A (digital) Mixtape!

I might be showing my age with this post… who cares! The 80’s & 90’s were great decades to grow up in! I used to love buying blank cassette tapes, setting up my boombox on the floor in my bedroom, recording my very own (introduction only) “radio show”,  and then adding live radio music or other tapes to complete my segment of the day. It took great skills to release the pause and press both the play and record buttons simultaneously… skills I tell you!

ANYWAY… Times have changed.

Today with the advancement of digital music, from time to time I get nostalgic and miss old school cassette tapes. But, there’s still hope…

Milktape USB thumb-drive cassette tape, case and playlist insert.

Milktape USB thumb-drive cassette tape, case and playlist insert.

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