House of Shoena has a new home!

new HOS feature

Back in December, we shared the news that Sheena Isokariari had launched her House of Shoena boutique. Well, now you can shop HOS on the new home website!! Complete with a new collection, more items, and more images…

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A conversation with the owner of House of Shoena….Sheena!

Before 2012 came to a close, our very own Sheena (aka Ms. Shoena) made her debut into the London fashion scene with House of Shoena!!

House of Shoena and DNZR

Once we felt Sheena had a moment to take a breath we couldn’t wait to to chat with her about everything! Of course we not only wanted to talk about the new business, but also wanted to shine some light on the woman behind House of Shoena. Check out what she had to say….

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The top 12 doses of 2012!

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Today people all over the globe will be remembering the great moments, movies, news and more from throughout 2012. We’re joining in the fun with our own reflection of our best posts of the year.

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House of Shoena – London!

Feature image House of Shoena

Londontown’s very own, a very Fab Chick, and oh so Stylish Blogger (our own amazing Guest Writer)….Sheena Isokari,  has just added Fashion Boutique Owner to her already impressive resume!


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Allow me to introduce: Jake Bullough

Beara beara feature image

Meet Jake Bullough; the brain child behind super cool, ethical brand Beara Beara.

Jake Bullough (on the left)

Beara Beara produce beautiful bags that will leave you swooning for hours. They work with a local families/communities in Bolivia to produce these beauties.

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Introducing….. House of Shoena

Feature image House of Shoena
Like many ladies I so do not make use of all the items I own in both my wardrobes, case in point; a few weeks ago I ‘discovered’ a real beauty- a Dark green, velvet blazer from Topshop that was squashed on a hanger at the back my wardrobe. I grabbed the blazer immediately (feeling very delighted) and tried it on, I then reached into one of the pockets and made yet another discovery, now what I’m about to tell you is quite embarrassing as inside one of the pockets was a train ticket from 2005- the last time that I had worn this blazer. This made me want to go through my entire wardrobe and that’s exactly what I did. Believe me when I tell you I came across many great ‘forgotten’ items.

The green velvet blazer

Sitting on the train on my way to work, flicking through my magazines and of course  wearing my ‘new’ blazer I began to think of ways to pass on some of my unwanted items, I mean of course as always I would donate lots to charity but I wanted a additional and creative option. Simply because due to the years of previously working in fashion buying coupled with my addiction to vintage and all things fashion oh and that I’m a hoarder!! I have collated way too much stuff and I mean way too much!!

Then just like that something clicked; why don’t I start an on line shop? My sisters are always teasing me that my room is ‘like shopping in topshop’ and I definitely have the product. The concept would be a sort of eBay meets vintage boutique and it would consist of all products I have loved at some point and still do love but that now need to go to a new home.

I would need a name that sits nicely alongside my fashion blog, ‘Just call me Shoena’ and I would need a fab business partner who I trust and admire to help me run the store. So that’s what I did.

Please allow me to introduce my online store ‘House of Shoena’ (H.O.S).

The Revised concept

My online ’boutique’ will still stock pre-owned products, including one off samples, and a little bit of Vintage. But it will also showcase excellent emerging talent.

My Business partner

My very good friend Erika who is a Sales manager for Erickson Bemon will help me run the store.

HOS will launch in 2 weeks time on

The New Denim Short

Feature image Ragged Priest short
One of my favourite items of clothing to wear is shorts! Whether that is Denim, leather, sequin, studded, printed, or Aztec, for me shorts always win hands down. Shorts are a big trend this summer and there are so many cute shorts kicking around at the moment.

My favourite shorts are denim cut off shorts as they are just so versatile and can be dressed up or down. This season denim shorts have been customised to the max with studs, spikes, print, dip dye and embellishment, such as these bad boys pairs of spiked shorts from cool vintage brand-The Ragged Priest.

Good girl gone bad studded shorts, The Ragged Priest,    £95.

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Get The Look: Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah feature image
Tinie Tempah is a British rapper, MC and CEO of Disturbing London Records. His first single “Pass Out”, debuted at number 1 on the UK singles chart In March 2010. I remember when I first heard this song, it was early 2010 and I was at a work event, the DJ introduced this song as ‘a song that was going to be big this year’ and boy was the DJ right!  From that day and onwards everywhere I went I heard this song being played. Each and every time “Pass Out” was played in a bar everyone  would go crazy! The infectious beat and the catchy, yet somewhat wacky lyrics, this song blew up in 2010 and made the world sit up and take note of the oh –so-stylish and very cute  rapper Tinie Tempah (real name Patrick Junior C. Okogwu).

Photo courtesy of

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VV Vintage

VV brown feature
The scenario is all too familiar: You have an important event in the next few weeks and, you find yourself in a slight panic as wait for it, you have nothing to wear! Don’t freak out just yet because there is there is still time to plan and plus freaking out will do you more harm than good.

To ensure you do not end up wearing the same outfit as another guest  (cringe!). Going vintage is a safer option to ensure this does not happen. I have recently discovered VV , a cool online store by British singer/model; VV Brown.

VV Brown - Image courtesy of

The online vintage clothing site re launched in January 2012 and has been going down a storm in the UK. Just in case you are not familiar with VV brown, she is a gorgeous, pop rock/soul singer who is well known for her unique and quirky style.

VV Brown... quirky and fabulous!

Image courtesy of

What is different about this site is that it celebrates recycling  and reinvention and  emerging designers. What is even more exciting about this site it is working with charity, Oxfam and 10% of all profits will go to this charity.

Below are three outfit options from that will definitely make you look stylish and stand out from the crowd!

This bright pink 80s dress is a statement piece and screams :’look at me now’. This dress is fun, bold and beautiful and would look good teemed with a sexy pair of  black wedges or even a printed wedge.

80s dress bright pink - £65

If your event calls for more of an evening wear outfit, why not opt for a jumpsuit instead of a long gown?

These next two jumpsuits are divine.

The first option is a velvet jumpsuit which just looks so elegant, teem this jumpsuit with a with a gorgeous pair of strappy sandals , a black pair of platform shoes or a fab ankle boot – (as seen in the photo).

Velvet sleeveless evening jumpsuit- £120

Option two is this beautiful silk pink jumpsuit! Wear this jumpsuit with a chunky black platform sandal or a black ankle boot.

Boobtube jumpsuit salmon pink- £200

On a final note, whatever you choose to wear the main thing is that you feel confident, sexy and fashion fabulous!!
 For more information on VV Vintage visit

Fashion 12- Supporting the Unknown

Fashion 12 feature
There is nothing more exciting then discovering something new ,whether its a  hot new  pair of shoes, an amazing singer or a fab designer! Well last week Friday I discovered not 1 but 12 new designers all in the same night!!  How?  I was invited to attend a fashion show showcasing the collections of 12 emerging designers from the UK.

Image courtesy of

The show was hosted by a company called Fashion 12 who aim to shed light on up-and-coming talent within fashion.  Fashion12 is made up of various designers, pattern cutters, models and fashion journalists with the 12 ‘symbolizing the varying months of the year and the philosophical number of perfection.‘ The show featured many talented Womenswear, Menswear and Footwear designers.  Below are my top 2 favourite designers.

Ashanti Lou

Meet Louisa Osei –one of two footwear designers in the show. Her London based shoe brand Ashanti Lou launched in 2011. The name Ashanti comes from her ethnic origin as she is from the Ashanti region of Ghana and then Lou is the shortening of her name, Louisa.

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