Guest Writer Position

 Q: Why should I become a Dose of Vitamin F blog contributor?

A: We provide unique and creative content to our readers. On our site you won’t just find the OOTD (Outfit of the Day) pics with a few words describing it. Our blog aims to provide readers with more original and meaty content driven posts, now that’s not to say we might not have a few OOTD image posts or Celeb fashion type of posts here and there, but we also try to bring in the not so typical styling concepts and industry news. We seek to write about various topics including: interviews with Independent designers/artists/musicians, highlights on up-and-coming fashion companies, innovative fashion/product design, how to style certain unique trends, global fashion trends, fashion events, coverage on creative red carpet style, and so much more.

Job Description
Dose of Vitamin F is looking for individuals who would like to contribute to our fashion/lifestyle blog on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The ideal candidates are industry professionals or those with experience working in the fashion industry. These individuals should have a passion for fashion, enjoy writing short stories, trend synopsis and/or feature editorials about various topics within the fashion industry.


Responsibilities will include:
-Maintaining an independent blog post schedule
-Creating an online portfolio of articles and unique visual content
-Submitting weekly or bi-weekly articles for review
-Sharing your written articles on various social media platforms


Essential Skills & Requirements:
-Excellent written English
-A proven ability to work efficiently
-Strong time management skills and ability to meet deadlines
-Sound knowledge of and women’s fashion, designers and brands
-Creative flair and a genuine love of the fashion industry
-Keen eye for fashion news, trends, styling




  1. Hello,
    I am also a blogger who usually write about fashion related topics.
    please give me an email address where I discuss my topics in detail.

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