Style Diary of a Manchester Chick: Sophie Gardner

Sophie Gardner has been embracing an unconventional personal style since she was a child, and totally rejects the idea of matching your handbag with your shoes. Sophie recently decided to share examples of these rule breaking looks on her style diary and inspiration blog “Bang Bang Pretty Pretty”The “unconventional stylista”  is starting to make waves across the pond, and we love it!

Sophie 1


A truly cheeky Brit, Sophie discusses how her style has multiple personalities, her style Continue Reading

Veronica Marché has a marker and a stylish vision!

About a month ago I saw a really nice illustration of Malia Obama on my FB feed, and it had a “fashion-y” approach to it that immediately caught my eye. I was very intrigued because I loooove all types of illustrations, especially fashion illustrations. I then followed the links back to the artist of this work and immediately became a fan! It was so refreshing to see a young illustrator focusing on creating beautiful images that highlight and celebrate Black Women.

Home banner

After I perused through her website/bio/external links… I learned that Veronica is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Fashion Design, at the same school that I attended for my degree! More than being just an artist and student, I realized she is wearing many hats and wears them very well! Continue Reading

A conversation with the owner of House of Shoena….Sheena!

Before 2012 came to a close, our very own Sheena (aka Ms. Shoena) made her debut into the London fashion scene with House of Shoena!!

House of Shoena and DNZR

Once we felt Sheena had a moment to take a breath we couldn’t wait to to chat with her about everything! Of course we not only wanted to talk about the new business, but also wanted to shine some light on the woman behind House of Shoena. Check out what she had to say….

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Fashion. Nightlife. Management – RUSI LLC

Rusi feature image

Are you an entrepreneur looking to promote a new event? An upcoming actor or artist looking for quality management? or just someone that is looking to update your current style or enhance your current image? How great would it be if there was one company that could make all of this happen? Introducing… RUSI LLC!

Ruby Singh is the face and name behind this great new company. She is a driven businesswoman with a passion for fashion, fostering new talent and showing people a good time! A master student of the “work hard -play hard” institute of Life, Ruby takes her business seriously but has lots of fun with it as well.

I have personally known Ruby for two years and it has been amazing to witness her ever evolving dream that has Continue Reading

Along the Visual Lines – Shantell Martin

logo-shantell-martin feature image
Visual Artist, Digital VJ, Performer, Lecturer, Innovator…these are just a few of the words that come to mind when we think of the one and only, Shantell Martin. At the young age of 8 or 9, little Shantell began to of doodling in the back of school books, from there on she couldn’t put her pen down. When she draws she really doesn’t take a literal approach to the lines that she creates, instead she allows her gut and intuition to lead her, and feels like most of the time she’s just following her pen.

As seen on Signified Interview -

A London native, Shantell has lived in the UK, Japan and most recently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Shantell is a graduate of the Central St. Martins School of Art and has lead interactive workshops on digital painting creativity around the world. The world is literally her canvas as she not only takes to paper when she illustrates, but tends to Continue Reading

ZYEM Lifestyle Brand – by Monique Glover

Zyem logo image
At the young age of 9, Monique Glover, CEO/Designer of ZYEM, knew that she wanted to become a fashion designer. It all began with a PBS special she happened to be watching about an African man who designed clothing for a prince. She was immediately intrigued with the colorful illustrations, the beautifully draped pieces in elaborate fabrics. Monique knew at that very moment she wanted to create these same beautiful pieces one day. She soon began on her journey of pursuing that goal, while at the Laguardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts she was able to build on her natural skills of drawing and creativity. Furthering her education in the arts she attended Pratt Institute for Fashion Design, where she realized that learning about fashion was more than drawing something cool, it was about executing wearable art.

After 12 years in the fashion industry, designing for various brands, traveling to Europe, Hong Kong and India, studying art and observing NYC’s pop culture; Monique’s “PBS special” dreams were becoming a reality. In 2011, she launched a Lifestyle Brand named after her little prince, her son Zyem (which means leader). ZYEM is a Brooklyn, NY based company creating garments that are fit for kings and queens, promoting a Continue Reading

Innovative Knitwear Designs – Twisted Angle

twisted-angle-logo feature
British Fashion Designer Victoria (Vicky) Nicholls, was a young child when she first discovered her love personal love for fashion. Her Grandmother’s talent of knitting items for her toys and stuffed animals also sparked her interest in the creative world of knitting. Later while attending University, she had the opportunity to specialize in an area of fashion design, and she chose Knitwear. While working on her fashion degree, Vicky learned how to work on both domestic and industrial knitting machines, which enhanced her design capabilities. Soon she picked up hand knitting again and began teaching herself how to make creative fashion patterns. This was not any easy fete, as there was not as much information as there is now on how to create fashion forward hand knitted patterns or fashion trends.

After working in the fashion industry as a Knitwear Designer for ten years, Vicky found herself reignited with the passion she had in school to create hand knitwear with catwalk inspirations of her own and share that passion with people just like her. Her new business idea was to give knitwear students, independent designers, etc. a place where they could easily access knitwear trends and knitwear patterns they could create for themselves. At the same time she wanted to create a platform for them to learn and share information with other knitwear lovers. So, with all of her knitwear design knowledge, hand and machine knitting skills, and trend research experience, she has created a membership based website portal for all things “knitty fashion” titled Twisted Angle!

Vicky talked with Vitamin F about early stages as a young fashion drama queen, not leaving the house without her Dior Poison perfume, how in her eyes Galliano and McQueen are amazing designers, her hush hush private design work for her clients for AW13, what she believes Liv Tyler, Jessie J and Kate Winslet have in common and Continue Reading

Model, Actor, Filmmaker – Alexander J. Robinson



Experienced model, Independent filmmaker, freelance Videographer/Editor, and Actor – Alexander J. Robinson is somewhat of a creative Renaissance man.

His love for the arts extends past modeling, acting and film he is also a drummer, keyboardist, DJ and MC, as well as a graphic designer, photographer, and works on other visual compositions.  A native of Belmont, Massachusetts, Alexander attended Wheaton College and graduated Cum Laude in 2009. Since Wheaton College did not offer any sort of film major, Alexander took it upon himself to create his own Independent Film Major, entitled “Film Production in Practice and Cultural Narrative.” He has always loved to be on both sides of the camera and is also fully pursuing modeling and acting. The 26 years old artist has already worked as a Production Assistant on multiple independent films, spending the majority of his time writing feature length screenplays, short scripts, and then soon began embarking on his own endeavors as an independent filmmaker; writing, directing, producing, and editing.

Alexander is very passionate about the work he is doing and uses the various creative platforms within his industry to pursue his ultimate goals. During our interview he had a lot to tell us, including: the great role he believes fashion plays in film, who and what inspires him, how music plays a big role in his life, and how in 5 Continue Reading

ENAMOUR – by June Monteiro

website-logo feature
Boston, MA based Fashion Designer, June Monteiro has a background in design, art, textiles, and just a genuine love for fashion and fabric. After years of teaching and working in other aspects of the fashion industry, June soon realized that designing and creating fashion was her true passion.
In October of 2010, June founded ENAMOUR clothing, after having a well received “preview showcase” of her then upcoming line. The past few years ENAMOUR has been featured at fashion events in Boston,  Washington D.C, and Baltimore, MD. In 2011, June presented her Spring 2012 collections for ENAMOUR during Boston Fashion Week.

A few images from ENAMOUR Fall/Winter 2012 Look Book **THIS IS NOT THE LOOK BOOK**

She recently finished her first Look book for Fall/Winter 2012 “Life of the Party” Collection and is now working on her next collection for Spring 2013! We’re so glad that this very busy and oh-so talented lady, took time out of her schedule to chat with A daily dose of vitamin F. June talked with us about her no style-style, how historic women as wellaso women presently in her life inspire her collections, the type of music energizes her while working, seeing Jennifer Lopez in her line… Continue Reading

Fashion Forward and Eco Friendly – TS Rubber

Feature image 1
Edgy, Industrial Fashion that is Upcycled – TS Rubber Bags & Accessories line by Tanja Schroeder. Based in Denmark and inspired by the Steampunk genre/sub-culture, TS Rubber Bags makes handmade rubber bags, belts and accessories using industrial rubber. Every item is very unique, and some of them are adorned with military jewelry, gears and various recycled parts.

At A daily dose of vitamin F, we’re always on the lookout for innovative, creative and unique movements within the fashion industry. So it’s no surprise that we immediately got excited to learn more about this fashion forward and eco-friendly company. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to have a Skype chat with Tanja, the founder and designer of TS Rubber Bags.

During the call we discussed her life, her line and what the future holds for TS Rubber Bags.

 VF: Describe yourself using 4 words

TS: Creative, Designer, Passionate, Loves Life

VF: When did you fall in love with fashion? And when did you feel you came into a style of your own?

TS: Well I always loved design and knew I wanted to design. At age 16 I started to make things and it all came very naturally. When I was young I would always mix things to keep my style affordable, so I would wear both new and old clothes and accessories. Not having a lot of money I wouldn’t buy a lot of designers, but I tried to create a look that was fashion forward by making my own things, using recycled items, buying clothes from the Salvation Army, etc.

VF: Who do you admire, or who inspires you within the art/fashion world (dead or alive)?

TS: Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer, I really like his designs. I am also inspired by Alex London, of Alex London Fashion House (a small couture house based out of NYC) who has a similar design aesthetic to McQueen’s.

VF: Where does your personal inspiration come from?

TS: I am personally inspired by the whole steam-punk scene and style, and so this bears some influence on my work as well.

VF: How did you get into this (business/industry)? How did the idea for these pieces come about? Continue Reading