Why Thrifting is Fashionable


“I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket…” may sound familiar to you I’m sure. That line is from Macklemore’s famous song titled Thrift Shop. When this song became as big as it did it not only made Macklemore popular, but it also introduced thrifting to many people who were probably unaware of it before.
First off I would like to define “thrifting”. Thrifting is the term used for shopping in Thrift Stores. These are stores that sell secondhand clothing and other goods typically used to raise funds for a charitable institution. So when you get to the point, it’s shopping for used clothing that other people no longer can fit or want at an affordable price.

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New Artist Alert – Troye Sivan

musical heart


Troye Sivan

This 20 year old Youtuber turned singer is taking the music world the storm.


by Mariah Flores
*My Happy Little Pill…
            Troye Sivan started his Youtube channel in 2012, and quickly garnered a huge following of adoring fans. Known for his quirky and outgoing personality, the Australian native expressed his musical skills early on, but it was not until more recently that his music became a “kind of a big deal”.

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Man Bun Coolness Featured in Glasses.com Ad

I usually don’t catch commercials because I don’t like to watch live TV, lol. However on occasion I have the TV on as background noise while I work and recently I caught a commercial that I had to watch.

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#ThrowbackThursday: I Made You A (digital) Mixtape!

I might be showing my age with this post… who cares! The 80’s & 90’s were great decades to grow up in! I used to love buying blank cassette tapes, setting up my boombox on the floor in my bedroom, recording my very own (introduction only) “radio show”,  and then adding live radio music or other tapes to complete my segment of the day. It took great skills to release the pause and press both the play and record buttons simultaneously… skills I tell you!

ANYWAY… Times have changed.

Today with the advancement of digital music, from time to time I get nostalgic and miss old school cassette tapes. But, there’s still hope…

Milktape USB thumb-drive cassette tape, case and playlist insert.

Milktape USB thumb-drive cassette tape, case and playlist insert.

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The Return of Saint Laurent

My fellow (Yves) Saint Laurent lovers, the brand has finally released their Fall 2013 Ad Campaign. The ad features Southern California twins, Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. They are behind the skater punk band “The Garden.” But most importantly, they are exclusive Saint Laurent models. They debuted on the Saint Laurent runway and now are the stars of the ad campaign.

Image courtesy of style.com

Image courtesy of style.com

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Mrs. Carter Tour and Fashion…The Meaning

Image credit: Mrs.Carter World Tour ©SIPA

Image credit: Mrs.Carter World Tour ©SIPA

Beyoncé has done it again. Traveling the world with her amazing crew of talent and skilled professionals; almost like a huge circus, with every bling, bells and whistles. Her mission is simple, to inspire and empower the nation. Her 2013 world tour has received rave reviews of 5 stars from europe to america. Everyone is speaking how on point is the performance. And what’s so amazing is she has no new album out yet, she is still riding the surf of her last album, 4.

What interests me are the selection of fashion pieces she is wearing in her performances. High fashion- couture pieces that fit her body shape beautiful and flawlessly. But, knowing her, they mean more than just fashion, her selection speaks power, embracing femininity, being an  independent woman is cool, loving your life, and going after your dreams above and beyond.  Continue Reading

Throwback Thursday: Solange Chats With Brooklyn Magazine

Solange in BK mag feature image

Solange Knowles may not be on a global takeover tour like her big sister, but she is definitely dominating on the local front, especially here in NYC.  Even though she is a fairly new resident to Brooklyn, she epitomizes much of the eclectic and creative vibe that resides there. Not to be confused with the hipster subculture movement alive and well in BK, Solange has a special way of making the past new again.

She’s featured in Brooklyn Magazine showcasing her unique “throwback” style, as she discusses how she has embraced the past and how she’s discovering to live in the present.

Solange in BK mag

Photo credit: bkmag.com

Known to be a trend creator not  follower, Solange continues to be an “it girl” with a great sensibility for mixing past and present in her style. It doesn’t hurt that she seems to be born of another time and glows with a beautiful old soul. Continue Reading

The Great Gatsby – My Movie, Music, and Menswear Fashion Review

I have not been this excited to see a movie in awhile. It made me smile just to see all of the trailers, which I felt were so visually hypnotic… and so crazy good. As you now know this movie is now in theaters nationwide as of Friday, May 10th. I was originally going to write a post about The Great Gatsby before it came out, but decided I could speak to it better once I had actually seen it.

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#WhatRUWearing by the GIOGO Girls

Giogo girls feature image
(R) Julianne Waters and (L) Tiana Brown make up the GIOGO Girls

(R) Julianne Waters and (L) Tiana Brown make up the “comically- fashion- fabulous duo” the GIOGO Girls.

I subscribe to the GIOGO Show channel on YouTube and just think their content is so creative and fun! Today they uploaded their new music video titled #WhatRUWearing.  After watching it a few dozens times, I am now sharing this comically- fashion- fabulousness on Dose of Vitamin F. Continue Reading

Comfort can be chic…

Happy Saturday! It’s the weekend… lounging around, going to brunch, running errands, or maybe even traveling is probably somewhere on today’s agenda. In most of these activities it’s ideal to be comfortable and still look like we made an effort to get dressed. A couple of weeks ago I came across this photo of Rihanna on Instagram traveling for her concert, and I thought it was such a great look. Which then inspired me to explore the new ways of styling comfortable clothes and still make them look chic. Think of it as my “sleepy to stylish” outfit tips!

Rihanna styled sweats

“What?! I’m wearing sweats and I still look fabulous!!”

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