Why Oils Must Become Part of Our Beauty Routine

Image Oils

Although consuming natural oils is an old beauty secret, expansion of other cosmetic developments puts them aside for a while. Recently, these oils, along with their magical benefits, have become trendy again. If you haven’t already, you should definitely make them a part of your daily beauty routine.

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Make-up Obsession: Strobing

Image strobing

While Kim Kardashian made the world crazy for contour, many brands came up with various contouring kits and Internet is full of tips and tricks on how to contour your face, other celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé showed the true glory of a great make-up technique that is strobing. Strobing is a new way to highlight your natural features using highlighters and dewy foundations. It is a lot easier than contouring while the effect it gives makes the face radiant, fresh and glowy.

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Tricks to Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive

By Sophia Smith
Staying chic and stylish on a daily basis can be very demanding, however, you have to be aware that owning expensive pieces in order to look expensive is not obligatory. Instead, try working with the pieces you already have in your closet, and invest more money in some high-quality basics and statement pieces of jewellery. Of course, taking care of your clothes is crucial if you want to wear them as long as possible.
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Here are some useful tricks on how to accomplish that, so check them out.

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Natural Makeup Trend Alert!

DKNY_bbt_S12_009  0481f52886e3c7b107be94aa1d5475ce  Valli bbt F11 024

When it comes to wearing makeup a lot of women like to look as natural as possible. Now, just because you want to come off as wearing minimal makeup doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it or have a “beat” face. The “no makeup”makeup look also known as the “natural makeup” trend has become very popular on the runways and leaves people wondering of all the tricks used to achieve such looks. My goal is to tell you how to do two simple natural makeup looks!

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Make Your Own Skin Care Calendar

skin calendar featured
Caring for your skin is not just a simple act of washing your face and massaging a crème in every once in a while. It isn’t about the most expensive cosmetics either. There is nothing static about it, really – every season is a new adventure that requires particular caring process.
It doesn’t really matter what the reason behind your skin routine is – whether you are looking to eliminate acne, simply update your look for the upcoming season, or treat and prevent signs of aging, it helps to have a step-by-step plan. Know that this process will take a lot of discipline and getting used to, but once it becomes a part of your daily/monthly/seasonal routine, you’ll be okay.  Plus, your skin will thank you in the long run!

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#OOTD: Kicking It Up in Calia

While working at Dick’s sporting goods recently I had the opportunity to work with their merchandising team on a brand new active wear line by singer Carrie Underwood called Calia. I have to admit that after three days of working alongside the other merchandisers on this project; I totally found a reason to buy some new clothes for the gym!
So what is Calia exactly? Calia, as I stated earlier, is a new line of exercise wear by Carrie Underwood. However what makes is unique is the fact that it is specifically designed not only as exercise wear, but also for women on the go. These clothes are things you can definitely wear everyday while out shopping, running errands, or just having lunch with friends, without looking like a gym rat. I feel this is the reason I was so drawn to the Calia line myself, because they’re not so much exercise clothes but they are lifestyle clothes. And with how crazy my life can be I was thrilled to find an exercise line that I could wear all day while running errands, doing photo shoots (yes these clothes are actually appropriate for my job! Awesome, right?) and having casual lunch meetings with clients. I have to say it was great not to have to change once I got to Planet Fitness. Another great thing I have to point out about this line is that it is incredibly comfortable as well as incredibly well made and true to size (something I feel is hard to gauge in active wear nowadays).
What I Got:

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Natural Hair: Fashion or Political movement?

Afro 1From the Black Panthers, to our Grandparents graduation pictures, and now present the Afro has always been a hairstyle that symbolized strength and dignity. Often categorized as a woman who is strong, always nice, and protective we who rock our natural hair find ourselves constantly fighting to not only change the views of natural hair but also fight to show what our natural hair mean to us individually.

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Meet Our Newest Team Member!


Meet our Guest Writer – Bree Fesh!

Bree Fesh discovered fashion through Harper’s BAZAAR at age twelve and hasn’t stopped playing dress up since. An Avid fashion lover, Bree is also a writer, blogger, and photographer. Bree works full time as a product photographer and photo retoucher at Dick’s Sporting Goods, while the rest of her life consists of reading, planning photo shoots, and constantly jotting things down. Bree will be a featured Guest Writer covering a variety of topics such as fashion styling, DIY projects, beauty tips, and much more!
Read her complete bio here.
Join us in Welcoming Bree Fesh to the Dose of Vitamin F Team!!


Brooklyn’s Atlantic Avenue – An Emerging Fashion Hotspot!

On Wednesday, October 23 the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District held two walking tours for members of the press. One tour focused on home decor/design and the other focused on fashion apparel/beauty establishments along Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn located between Barclay’s and Brooklyn Bridge Park. I had the pleasure of being invited on the “fashion” walking tour. I have to say I was really excited to see why “many shoppers now come from other boroughs to check out the fashion and design trends that are converging here”, as noted by the AABID Executive Director Josef Szende.

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The Allure of The Painted Red Nail

A good manicure is the pinnacle of every well pulled together look. In recent years we have seen almost as many new nail beauty trends emerge as we have fashion trends. Every spring and autumn there are new shades and tones, new techniques of patterning. From modern French manicures to magnetic nail varnishes that can be manipulated to create crazy prints, like leopard (the animal print that knows no bounds). But despite all this endless swapping and changing of nail designs, one nail polish color that has always been irresistible is red.

Dark cherry, warm burgundy, fire-engine scarlet, moody crimson, classic and understated or slap-in-the-face bright, each and every season we see some shade of red nail varnish. Whether the fashion set is wearing emerald green, sky blue or slate grey on their nails, the classic red nail lacquer will always be spotted on the chic lady, hovering nonchalantly in the background. And, no matter how many times we are tempted by the highly technical modern nail arts, we continue to reserve a place in our hearts, and our beauty bags, for our faithful old friend, goes-with-anything, suitable-for-any-occasion, red nail polish.

There's something about painted red nails that women just can't resist. Image courtesy of www.traditions.cultural-china.com

There’s something about painted red nails that women just can’t resist.
Image courtesy of www.traditions.cultural-china.com

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