Music To Know: Part Two

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Are you tired of hearing the same Taylor Swift song playing over and over again on the radio? Now you can escape those catchy lyrics about heartbreak while listening to these powerful, yet seemingly obscure female vocalists. From duos to bands, to the individual singer, the world of music has never looked so great. Plug in your headphones and settle in for a ride filled with breathtaking female talent. Seriously, who runs the world? That’s right! Girls. Continue Reading

Fall Into Fall

As I opened my front door today, the wind whispered, rustling the leaves on my trees in the front yard. Gosh! Autumn has arrived. Just the thought of having to go out and buy new clothes is daunting, yet upon flipping through the pages of Elle, the October issue, I had a change of thought. This year may actually be fun!

So I started out by ordering a pair of fall/winter boots from and boy when they arrived I was pretty happy. Check out my video below and then go get yourself a pair.

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