Music To Know: Part One

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Looking for some different and new music to add to your “Get me through Monday” playlist? Perfect. Tune into these three bands to delve into the rich depths of musical genius and genuine talent. These groups are not constant fixtures on the radio and that’s what makes them special. Let’s take a peek…

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The Great Gatsby – My Movie, Music, and Menswear Fashion Review

I have not been this excited to see a movie in awhile. It made me smile just to see all of the trailers, which I felt were so visually hypnotic… and so crazy good. As you now know this movie is now in theaters nationwide as of Friday, May 10th. I was originally going to write a post about The Great Gatsby before it came out, but decided I could speak to it better once I had actually seen it.

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Joe Fresh Ad: Sam and the Womp

I was going through my Facebook news feed a couple of weeks ago and this video image was screaming at me to click it. All it said was “Spring is here! Coloured denim, $19”, but I had a feeling since it was by created by the fun and chic label Joe Fresh I would enjoy it… and now I want you to enjoy it too!

Joe Fresh colored denim

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Music Mondays – MIKA: Relax

Happy Monday Beautiful People!

MIKA - Relax, Take It Easy

I’m sure you would agree that after a relaxing weekend returning to work on Monday can be anything, but relaxing. For that reason, I decided to post a song that I play on my Continue Reading

Music Monday – SXSW 2013

This past week thousands of stylish innovators, celebrities, and fans migrated to Austin, TX for the annual music, film, and interactive conference and festival known as SXSW! This huge event is known for promoting great new talent, showcasing independent artists, and being on the forefront of the next big thing!


Check out all the SXSW News on the website –

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Bond Soundtrack Performances

50 years of James Bond movies, has to mean thousands of amazing scores and soundtrack/theme songs. Well last night’s Oscars highlighted two major voices of Bond history and Bond future. Adele and Shirley Bassey took to the stage and belted out their iconic 007 worthy theme songs.

Both ladies not only sounded great they looked bond girl beautiful!! Love how their wardrobe also “coordinated” with the feeling of their songs… Shimmering Gold Flakes and Sparkly Night Sky.

Shirley and Adele

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Music Monday – Light Em Up!

The “boys” announced their return, by kicking off  tour named after their new album. Their Save Rock And Roll tour began earlier this month in Chicago, and the band released this hot new single shortly after.

Light Em Up” is actually the short title of today’s music highlight from the recently reunited “pop punk band” Fall Out Boy. The original title is “My Songs Know What You Did in The Dark but that is wayyy too long of a title… Don’t you think?? This is a great comeback song for a band who’s sound is truly in an arena of it’s own. In true Fall Out Boy style they have a great balance of singing and rockin out!! Watch and Enjoy!


Music Monday – Sweet Dreams

So far it seems that Beyonce has set out to make 2013 everything but a dream. She is back with on the scene in a way different reality. She’s a mother, she had a inauguration scandal, dominated the Super Bowl, took home another Grammy, spoke to mama Oprah, released a (semi) concert/life story documentary, and now  her upcoming World Tour Concert is sure to be the things dreams are made of!

Beyonce LBD

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