Holiday Wonderland

Everyone spends their holidays differently, yet we all have traditions during the holiday season. Whether you start eating thanksgiving dinner as soon as you wake up, or you spend New Year’s Day taking down the Christmas tree you’ve had up since thanksgiving, it’s always the same thing every year.
Thanksgiving with my family, as a child, was spent every year at my great aunts house. After we ate we always picked out a name for our family secret Santa gift exchange. Thanksgiving was spent with the family that lived in North Carolina, and always consisted of a lot of food and the family game of pokeno (that I am no longer allowed to play because of the last time I won). A lot of my family members also set up their tree for Christmas on Thanksgiving Day while waiting for the food to finish cooking.

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How safe is waxing, really?

Human need of looking better has been one of the things that kept us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. Even though many animals have managed to develop a way of enhancing their appearance, for example, through multiple colouring which attracts the opposite sex, people have perfected this and now we see different beautifying methods.
When it comes to hair removal, waxing was one of the most popular methods for getting smooth, silky skin ever since the time of the upheaval of the Ancient Egypt. They used beeswax and sugar-based wax to remove bodily hair, even including head hair (it is well known that they removed hair due to lice problems, so they covered their heads with wigs in return).
However, even though waxing is one of the oldest methods of hair removal, it carries a few risks which are rarely being talked about. If you’re a delicate flower with sensitive skin like me, you may want to read on.

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Make Your Own Skin Care Calendar

skin calendar featured
Caring for your skin is not just a simple act of washing your face and massaging a crème in every once in a while. It isn’t about the most expensive cosmetics either. There is nothing static about it, really – every season is a new adventure that requires particular caring process.
It doesn’t really matter what the reason behind your skin routine is – whether you are looking to eliminate acne, simply update your look for the upcoming season, or treat and prevent signs of aging, it helps to have a step-by-step plan. Know that this process will take a lot of discipline and getting used to, but once it becomes a part of your daily/monthly/seasonal routine, you’ll be okay.  Plus, your skin will thank you in the long run!

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Follow Your Passion – It’s Not Just College, It’s Your Career.

Follow your passion 1
As a child I was encouraged to find what I was passionate about and to work towards that. At first it was helping people; whether the person was hurt physically or I was needed as a listening ear I was there. As I grew and matured I learned that writing was my escape, something that I had to do to maintain a level of sanity during the day. When applying to college I did what everyone said was the best, which was to apply to a major in the STEM programs I that when I graduated money wouldn’t be an issue. The STEM majors are science, technology, engineering and math, which happen to pull in the most income into a household. The issue for me was not the money but my will to stay focused on something I honestly had no interest in.

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Unforeseen Tragedy 

Tragedy happens every second of every day, but how close does it have to hit before we not only respond accordingly but start working on preventing such things from happening?
As many may know – yet most will not – we have been observing World Suicide Prevention Week.

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Why I’m Loving #BodyPosi

   As I’m sure everyone knows in this day and age negative body outlooks are unfortunately a big part of today’s society. Everywhere you look in the media you see articles ranging from: how to obtain the “perfect” body to crazy fad diets that absolutely no one can possibly stick to for any length of time. So of course, it only seems natural that the majority of people are finding it hard to keep up with this day and age’s ideal body type. I myself struggled with anorexia for six years of my life and still to this day occasionally falter and succumb to wanting that Victoria’s Secret model body, however recently I’ve come across a new movement that is way more positive than “thinspiration” and that my friends is the movement of “Body Posi“.
Body Posi 1
Assuming you have been on Twitter within the past year, I’m going to guess that you have probably heard of the “BodyPosi” hashtag. But in case you haven’t let me give you the run down:

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The Escape: Lost In A Book

Books“So this is what insanity is. Not goofy behavior, but watching a sudden change in the world you used to know.”
Toni MorrisonGod Help the Child
That is a quote from one of my favorite books. Have you ever found yourself reading a book or novel and not only does it speak to what you might be feeling at the time, but also allow you to escape from your current reality?

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Shopping: Back to School Tips


It’s that time again were all of us parents prepare our children for back to school. Are you in overload with working, taking care of the house, and now adding back to school shopping to the list of things to do? Well here are a couple of tips that should help let go of some of those stressors.
1. Online Shopping: Online shopping is a great way to avoid those lines. Stores like Crazy 8, Old Navy, and Gymboree are always having sales for back to school clothes. Crazy 8 currently has a buy one shirt get the next shirt for 8 cents…8 CENTS!!! You can’t beat sales like this when you are on a budget. Another, great thing about online shopping not leaving your house. You can shop from the comfort of your smart phone.

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#OOTD: Kicking It Up in Calia

While working at Dick’s sporting goods recently I had the opportunity to work with their merchandising team on a brand new active wear line by singer Carrie Underwood called Calia. I have to admit that after three days of working alongside the other merchandisers on this project; I totally found a reason to buy some new clothes for the gym!
So what is Calia exactly? Calia, as I stated earlier, is a new line of exercise wear by Carrie Underwood. However what makes is unique is the fact that it is specifically designed not only as exercise wear, but also for women on the go. These clothes are things you can definitely wear everyday while out shopping, running errands, or just having lunch with friends, without looking like a gym rat. I feel this is the reason I was so drawn to the Calia line myself, because they’re not so much exercise clothes but they are lifestyle clothes. And with how crazy my life can be I was thrilled to find an exercise line that I could wear all day while running errands, doing photo shoots (yes these clothes are actually appropriate for my job! Awesome, right?) and having casual lunch meetings with clients. I have to say it was great not to have to change once I got to Planet Fitness. Another great thing I have to point out about this line is that it is incredibly comfortable as well as incredibly well made and true to size (something I feel is hard to gauge in active wear nowadays).
What I Got:

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The Freshman Fifteen… 15 Cool Items To Bring To College.

I remember my freshman year of college like it was yesterday. There were some amazing things about being away from home for the first time in my life, and there were some not so great things as well. One of the not so great things was gaining the “fashion fifteen” (along with another 15), Lol! I did however enjoy the fab things that I could buy to decorate my dorm and cute yet comfy outfits I wore.
Are you a freshman in college this semester? Wouldn’t it be great to only gain style not pounds this semester? With these essential, yet fashionable school items you will be fashionably in shape for your freshman year of college.
The (Fashionable) Freshman 15

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