Fashion Capitals Every Fashion Blogger Should Visit

When you think about Paris, before you think of the Eiffel tower, you think of Coco Chanel – if you don’t then you have to work up on your fashion mojo. Though style and fashion are not really synonyms, they pretty much depend on one another. Knowing that fashion is a big industry with great influence, we all know that there are centers of that influence – fashion capitals. There are five most important ones: Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Tokyo. These cities master and lead the fashion world globally. Why these cities are known as the fashion capitals of the world?

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Must Have Hollywood Fashion Items

By Featured Guest Writer – Sujain Thomas

There are quite a number of trends that have come and gone in the world of fashion. Hollywood stars are the best trend setters in the world today. Once a celebrity is pictured on the red carpet with an item, it instantly becomes a fashion craze. Hollywood’s finest fashionistas answered questions about what the must-have item for their closet is. Read their responses below.

whit t shrt

  1. A Plain White T-shirt

Jennifer Lopez, a world famous pop singer, confessed that she must have a plain white t-shirt in her closet. She says that it is versatile and can be layered under a sweater or over a tank top. You may also tuck it into a skirt or wear it loosely with a pair of denim jeans. She says that with the white t-shirt, you can never go wrong.

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Anya Hindmarch Resort 2016 Collection Channels Rainbow Brite

The synopsis of the Rainbow Brite cartoon is as follows: “The adventures of the color protector and her friends (sidekick Twink, the color kids, her horse Starlite, and her human friend Brian).” –
Just in case you are not an 80s baby, I thought I would give a brief intro before sharing the images from the new collection by Anya Hindmarch.  Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite cartoon shows growing up and whenever I see rainbows on anything I tend to think of the show to this very day!

Rainbow Brite

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Man Bun Coolness Featured in Ad

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Scandal – Season 2: Olivia Pope’s Wardrobe Tips

olivia pope season 2 feature image

Okay, so it has only been less than a month since the finale of season 2 aired, but I am already having full on Scandal withdrawal!! Therefore today’s post is just my way of still connecting to the show… thank you in advance for humoring me 😉

Image created. Photo credits:

Image created. Photo credits:

Whether you watch show or not, you probably already know that “Olivia Pope” played by Kerry Washington, is becoming somewhat of a fashion (character) icon through this popular TV show. Although the shows and characters are drastically different, you could compare the definite buzz and attention around Olivia’s exquisitely chic looks to the interest in Carrie’s eclectic designer wardrobe in the days of Sex In The City’s popularity. Olivia’s looks may not have the same extent of “trendy” interest, but there is a similar fashionable interest in each character’s wardrobe. It makes the show even more interesting to watch because Kerry is great in the character and is well matched with the on point wardrobe. Continue Reading