Boost your mood by looking amazing!

There really isn’t an easier way for a person to communicate who they are to the rest of the world than through their clothes. By carefully selecting the pieces we choose to wear on a particular day or in a particular way, we are sending a message about how old we are, what we like, where we work, and what we dream about. One of the easiest ways to express oneself has always been through clothes and accessories, but what is more, our clothes can affect the way we see ourselves as well.

Look and feel sexy


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Red is sexy – even science proves it! The easiest way to feel sexier and more confident is to wear something red: apply a bright red lipstick or nail polish, tie a red silk scarf around your neck, or wear a soft, red wool hat and shawl when it’s cold outside. You don’t have to overdo it, even a smallest touch of red will make you more noticeable in a crowd. However, if you would really like to draw attention to yourself, you should wear a bright red coat! Just think about it – people tend to buy coats of dull colors – navy, black, dark grey. You, in a bright red coat, will stand among them like a crimson poppy in a wheat field.

Be a tough chick

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We all have our wild side, and you should not be afraid to show it. Sometimes we feel like that fire that burns inside us is visible to everyone else, and sometimes we just want to make sure that everyone sees it as clearly as we feel it. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and into the role of a rebel girl clad in leather. Put on a nice pair of black skinny jeans, a vintage Harley Davidson tee, top it up with leather jacket and some biker boots, and apply makeup a bit darker than you normally would. You can even add a leather belt and bracelet, and a black choker necklace. When you look into the mirror you will see a fierce girl who is not afraid to show the world how strong she really is.

Beat the feeling of melancholy

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Sometimes we feel sad and melancholic for no particular reason. Maybe you’re having a tough time at work, or you got into a fight with your friend or partner, or something else happened that made you feel blue. It’s okay to feel sad and give yourself some time to get over the unpleasant feelings, but when you feel like it’s time for a change, scientists say adding some vibrant colours to your life is the way to go. Swap your black turtleneck for a pink sweater, and buy a pair of red shoes. If, however, wearing too many colors is simply not your style, you can spice up your everyday look with a bright yellow shawl combined with matching earrings, or a mint bag and sunglasses with a matching frame. You will be surprised how much brighter you will feel when you add some color to your outfit.
It can be difficult to stop seeing ourselves through the eyes of others, but if we manage to do so, we will understand that we are truly free. Always be true to who you are and how you feel, be your own friend and ally, and try to follow your own fashions whimsies and desires. This way, you will feel more confident and positive every day.



Claire Hastings is a design student, wanderer, and a writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running and other cultures.

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