Make-up Obsession: Strobing

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While Kim Kardashian made the world crazy for contour, many brands came up with various contouring kits and Internet is full of tips and tricks on how to contour your face, other celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé showed the true glory of a great make-up technique that is strobing. Strobing is a new way to highlight your natural features using highlighters and dewy foundations. It is a lot easier than contouring while the effect it gives makes the face radiant, fresh and glowy.


Hydrated face

The essence of a radiant look is a well-hydrated skin. Therefore, the clean moisturized canvas of skin is necessary for this technique to look as best as possible. There is no secret here though. Simply use your regular moisturizers that suit your skin type on previously cleaned face and wait for it to completely sink in. Then you can move on with make-up application.

Image hydrated skin

Brightening primer

Making the whole face appears naturally brighter is the trick that can be achieved with good brightening primers. Again, there are primers with this effect for every skin type so make sure to check this before buying something that would turn you into a grease ball or dry out your skin.


Adequate foundation

Foundation that is perfect for this look has a dewy and natural finish. Of course, those who have oily face can always opt for foundations that have a semi-mat or naturally mat finish. It is important to avoid foundations with really obvious flat mat finishes since this can seem a bit unnatural next to the highlighted areas of the face.

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The highlight

Once the foundation is set the trick to applying highlighter is pretty much the same as in any other makeup technique. Depending on your preferred choice, you can use powder, liquid or cream highlighters. The important thing is that the shade of the highlighter flatters your own skin tone. For example, people with pinkish cool undertone wouldn’t benefit from a golden highlighter nor would frosty silvery highlighter flatter those with yellowish warm undertone. Also, going for the highlighter that simply adds the sheen to the face is a lot better than opting for those with a bunch of glitter in order to achieve a natural fresh look.

Image highlight

Once you choose your ideal highlighter, it should be applied strategically on all face points that would be naturally illuminated. There are many charts for highlighting different face shapes for those who are unsure where the highlighter should go. Of course, for best results, highlighter should be pat into the skin with a make-up brush or a damp sponge.


Bronzer and blush

After the highlighter is generously but carefully applied, it is time for bronzer and blush. Again, one can continue this step as before, paying attention to the right shades and tones as well as the amount of products and strategic facial points of application. As mentioned before, many brands came up with contouring kits when this make-up technique made it big in the beauty world, and it’s the same with strobing. Since strobing requires the use of several make-up products, practical make-up gift sets that contain various strobing kits with everything that is necessary for a great radiant face are already the number one products in the market.

Image bronzer

Illuminated glowy face that brightens up the whole look is definitely something you should try out for yourself. It’s easy and provides beautiful results. As long as you take good care of your skin and pay attention to what goes well with your skin tone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t master this technique yourself.


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