Sportswear as a New Fashion Trend

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We can all dream about owning pieces that were made for runways by prominent fashion designers and wearing couture to work, but is it possible for our dreams to become true? Sadly, it is not very likely it will ever happen because pieces like those are rather expensive and (admit it) not always comfortable. We want clothes that look good on us, are of highest quality, and yet allow us to move freely and be comfortable.
Are those things dreams as well? Not anymore, with sportswear emerging as a new fashion trend.


Celebs Know It

You must have noticed the trend: celebrities launching their own clothing lines and working with big brands to make something new. Among the most famous ones are Beyonce with her wonderful athleisure Ivy Park clothes she did with Topshop, and Tom Hardy’s menswear for Blag. Sports bras, jogging bottoms, hoodies, hats, and sweatshirts with cut off sleeves – these two certainly know a lot about being comfortable and practical.

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Taking into account their schedules and work ethic, it does not come as a surprise that they decided to design clothes they would wear often. And many other retail companies have recognized just how prominent this trend is, so today stores like H&M have their own sportswear sections.


Get the Look

You might not want to look like you’re on your way to a zumba class, but incorporating stylish gym clothing into your everyday looks will make your style on point. Sports tops are among the most popular items, and you can easily combine them with skinny jeans and sneakers to get that relaxed and yet feminine look.

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This also means that you should keep your makeup on the minimum: apply some mascara, do your eyebrows, and cover imperfections with a bit of foundation. Baseball caps and big sunglasses are as stylish as they are useful, so you will look great while keeping your eyes and face well protected.


Feel the Comfort

Once you start wearing more casual clothes, sportswear included, you will see how incredibly comfortable you are. A wonderful pair of comfy sneakers or flats, a seamless sports bra that will give you good support and you won’t have to worry about wires and straps, and yoga pants which have become synonym for both comfort and sex appeal – aren’t you happy that new fashion trends will allow you to feel free all day long? Not to mention that cotton tops with witty and motivational quotes are more fashionable than ever.

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The Future of Sportswear

It is important to keep in mind the fact that sportswear is actually made for sports and activity. This means that you will be sweating in it (and sometimes even bleeding), but first and foremost you will be working out.

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Today we use our phones and different apps to track the number of steps we took, the number of miles we ran, and even our heart rate, but it seems that our clothes will be doing it for us in (not so distant) future. Clothes will have ability to track your heart rate, calorie burn, breathing, and even stress activity, thus making your workout more efficient. Brands such as Nike and Lululemon are getting some fierce competition: Ralph Lauren, Athos, and Physiclo.
there is a very thin line between looking stylish and looking like you’re just going to spend some time at home and chill. If you don’t want to look like you are about to hit the gym, it is recommended you incorporate smaller and simpler pieces first, like baseball caps or even slouchy sports sweatshirt. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable.

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