Wedding Fashion- Tips for Picking Bridal Accessories


By Guest Writer – David Wicks

Wedding accessories provide creative ways to transform and complete bridal outfits. From veils to footwear, the options are limitless. Brides are advised to pick their accessories according to their sense of style, personality and their favorite items.

Wedding Accessories

  • Accessories can be combined with both simple and embellished gowns, depending on what you prefer. If your dress is simple or subtle, a statement piece such as an ornate necklace or headpiece is a worthwhile addition. If you want to draw more attention to the dress, choosing a dress first will enable you to determine suitable accessories.
  • A wedding is a special occasion and there are no stringent rules pertaining to the type of accessories you should wear. Accessories that are made from luxurious materials are always good options. They have a significant impact on your overall look and help to make your day even more special.
  • Whenever a bride needs to choose accessories and shoes for her big day, quality is a top priority. Consider the style, design and embellishments of your wedding dress as you select your accessories.
  • Ensure every detail of your wedding ensemble creates a stylish appearance. You can accomplish this by either matching your accessories with the colors or embellishments on your dress or by being slightly more adventurous with your combinations.

Wedding Jewelry

  • After you get your dress, the next important step is to pick the wedding jewelry. When picking wedding jewelry, a good idea is to consider complementing the style and design of men’s wedding bands. This is a good way to bring together the bride and groom’s ensemble. The tone and color of the dress guides you towards the right accessories.
  • There are several stunning pieces to choose from and aspects of your dress such as the neckline are great determining factors for your jewelry choices. Your dress neckline will make it easier for you to identify the right type of accessories.
  • You can choose between silver and gold pieces as well as colorful pieces. To make it easier for your photographer and guests to view the beauty of your accessories, consider pieces such as tiaras and flowing veils that can be captured in your wedding photographs.


Make sure that you pick your accessories and shoes on time to avoid disappointment or last minute delays. For wedding shoes, thinks bout aspects such as the heels and toe shapes. Choose heels and designs that are comfortable enough to get you through the day. Important considerations when picking wedding footwear are the height of the heel, fit and comfort. It is also essential to take note of the season. During warmer seasons, open shoes or peep toes are recommended. If your dress features several details, a subtle and classic pair of shoes is a good match.

Accessories for Every Style

Bridal shoes and accessories may be modern, vintage or a combination of different styles. All your accessories should ideally be a reflection of your style and personality. Knowing what to search for and how it will work with your gown is essential. Regardless of the style of your gown, there are wedding accessories to match every style.

David Wicks

David Wicks is a designer who specializes in wedding accessories. He spends his free time travelling as often as he can. For more about the best men’s wedding bands, please visit the site to view a variety of designs and styles.

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  1. I just found the perfect wedding dress, but now I need to find accessories to match the look. I want something that is fashion forward and that will go well with my neckline. Colorful accessories are great too. I’ll have to look for some that’s for sale currently. Thanks!

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