Life Lessons You Can Learn From Yoga Practice

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By Chloe

I came into the business world pretty early; apart from a few part time jobs in high school, before I knew it – I was at Uni, juggling three or four jobs and feeling absolutely exhausted. And, in all honesty, I don’t even remember if I am a workaholic or I am just so used to slaving that I wouldn’t know any different. Whichever the case, when you put your body and mind under such immense pressure, it is evident you’re going to crack eventually. Our being isn’t designed to have that much physical stress nor is it intended to process as much mental pressure as we manage to on daily basis.

At first, you are ignoring the signs your body is sending you – lack of sleep, sore muscles, depression, bad social relationships, fights with the partner, gaining weight, and – well – losing the light within; and, if you are like me – you’ve been probably running on the good ol’ excuse “I’ll start tomorrow with having massages or taking up a sport”. And God knows you mean it! But then, tomorrow comes and you are still prioritizing that report you have to hand in by Saturday, you are still working on that other case, you are staying involved as a consultant on plenty cases and again – you end up coming home completely exhausted!
I would have probably never changed anything hadn’t I had a major panic attack one night after I came home from work. And mind you, there were no signs prior. I came home, sat on my bad to get a few moments of chill when suddenly my heart started pounding faster, my whole body got overwhelmed with tremors and breathing became so difficult I thought I’d suffocate! Luckily, I quickly grabbed a bag and breathed in and out and came to, but if I didn’t… who knows what may have happened!
I took it as a sign. I needed to change something, and I needed to do it before it’s too late.
I did some research online and spoke to some of my friends and it seemed like the best thing I could do for my health is start yoga. I was never much of a meditating person, nor a spiritual person, per se. However, I did always have respect for the power of will, mind and spirit to guide us into a better future and once I realized yoga is doing just that – I immediately signed up!
Yoga turned out to be by far the best decision of my life, no exaggeration. It’s not only helped me deal with stress and learn how to lower it, but it’s rather helped me become in charge of my life emotionally and mentally, and become happy with who I am as well as guided me towards understanding what all I can do, teaching me of the best ways to do it. And with the right yoga centers, there is the opportunity of advancing in your lessons and even get a yoga certification that will help you reach another level of spirituality and mental sturdiness.

Yoga will transform your mind

The key to having a successful and balanced life is understanding what the right things for you are. Yoga teaches you just that and it helps you learn to listen to your body, rely on your intuition in all segments of life in order to build a better future while rationally approaching problems.


Yoga will help you block negativity

Every little thing around us is energy in some form. These energies are liquid, they transform and become part of each and every one of us. When you work with people, you’ll get to attract various energies that may not be good for you, and you’ll end up being frustrated and unhappy. Luckily, yoga will teach you how to block out the negativity and focus on your inner world. In my personal experience, this is by far the most important lesson I got as it’s helped me renovate my life!


Chloe is a beauty and health enthusiast from Adelaide, Australia. Regular contributor at HighStyleLife and The Fashion Culte Magazine. Equestrian, and a mum-to-be. In love with koalas and Sicily.

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