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Lianne La Havas

This 26 year old singer/songwriter from London, England is making her mark in the music industry. Inspired by soul and R&B, her music reflects true lyrical genius.

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by Mariah Flores
*Heavy words, little lies…*
Lianne La Havas was born and raised in London, England, and grew up around music. She has been compared to the likes of Sade and the late Amy Winehouse.
Her song, “What You Don’t Do”, is the most recognizable song from her new album. In the song, Lianne takes a head-turning approach at romance. The title, which can be perceived as a negative phrase, is actually used to show that the things her lover’s does not do and openly shows off is why she loves him. Instead of singing about impending heartbreak, she sings about how secure her relationship is and how her lover does not need to constantly validate his neverending love. Overall, “What You Don’t Do” takes on a bubbly upbeat sound and is a true anthem for lovers everywhere.
In July 2015, Lianne La Havas released her sophomore album titled “Blood”. The album takes a bold approach at music production. All the tracks are soulful and showcase Lianne’s wide range of writing capabilities, along with her stunning guitar skills. “Blood” really takes a look into what makes up a person and their soul. One of her feature tracks, “Green and Gold”, was inspired by her Jamaican lineage and her bound with the country and her Jamaican mother. Full of warmth and strong vocals, “Blood” showcases Lianne La Havas’ smooth voice, covered with many symbolic layers that can be peeled back to reveal a song’s meaning.
Lianne La Havas has had a presence in the music industry since 2012. However, 2015, and 2016, have proven to be the peak years of her career. With two released albums and many more to come, Lianne La Havas is a force to be reckoned with. The extremely talented singer is proving critics wrong that she  is just a “one trick pony”. All of her songs spice up her albums and constantly incorporate new sounds and beats. She has also been nominated for a Grammy. Her dedicated fan base is ever-growing and she will be touring soon, alongside Leon Bridges. She is able to connect with a multitude of people, due to her relatable and art-like lyrics. If you are looking for a perfect artist to listen to as you read, drive, or sleep, Lianne La Havas is the singer for you. Your soul will be touched and forever changed as you are whisked away on a hazy cloud of youthfulness and beauty.
Find her other accounts here: Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook

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