The Dos and Don’ts of Celebrity Fashion

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Featured Guest Article By Maria Joyce

Celebrity style is such a big deal that countless magazines (Seventeen, Cosmopolitan) literally BASE themselves off documenting what each celebrity wore/wears (other than trying to keep tabs on their personal lives). Celebrity Style Guide is a blog that focuses on how one can pull of celebrity looks. The recent Met Gala had social media companies like basing its content on documenting what each celebrity wore, and details about their dresses.
So, you might want to avoid the pitfalls that come with imitating celebrity style to be more on point and up your lookbook or #OOTD game. Luckily, for you, we’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts to guide you better regarding celebrity style. 

DO try something edgy!

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Spice up a casual outfit with a leather jacket or statement shoes. You see celebrities doing this ALL the time. Such a move could bring life to your outfit. Maybe an accessory?
Take inspiration from Rihanna and her Marijuana (whoa, that rhymes!) bag and shades paired up with her tank and beanie. Without these two things, the whole look would have been too different – almost too casual.

DON’T turn your outfit into a costume

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While it may be tempting, but we mustn’t forget that looking too edgy can just make it look like you’re wearing a costume. Really, save that for Halloween.

DO mix and match

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To keep your outfit from looking too casual or too formal, you could just mix and match a few elements from each genre. Like a blazer with a T-shirt is a classic mix and match go-to.

DON’T just throw everything in together

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You want to avoid that at all costs. Be careful about what you are mixing and matching. Also, you can’t go wrong with second opinions.

DO try something new

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Never worn a bomber jacket before? Try it!
Never tried heels before? Do it!


DON’T make yourself uncomfortable

Those heels killing your toes? Just don’t wear them. The most attractive thing about style is confidence and if anything about your ensemble makes you uncomfortable, it will make you come off as under confident.


DO accessorize

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Bold statement pieces are SO in these days. Wear them with any solid simple colors, and your outfit just looks completely different!


DON’T go overboard

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Yes, you actually CAN accessorize too much. Like Coco Chanel put it, “Before leaving the house, take one thing off”. In the case of jewelry, less IS more!
Unless you are going for one of these comic Cons, use above discussed dos and don’ts as a checklist that help you look stylish and confident at the same time. While celebs do provide a lot of inspo for our fashion lives, we must remember that they aren’t the end-all; be-all. They make mistakes, too! So I think the best course of action would be to take a little inspiration from celebrities all the while finding your own sense of style to figure what works best for you. Trial and error, mi’ ladies. I wish you all the very best of luck and I hope you have fun glamming up. Stay lovely!

Maria Joyce

Maria Joyce is a blogger by profession. She loves to write blogs on celebrity fashion, Hollywood news, and gossips and on comics. She is an assistant blog editor at warriorjackets where she blogs about comic cons and superhero costume guides.

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