Sweet ’16

sweet 16By Bre Ausby
“At 16, set your goals, turn your dreams into reality, you have your whole life ahead of you.” -Unknown

Here we are, in the second month of the year 2016, meaning you either stayed in the race with your goals or you completely gave up because something did not go exactly as planned. Much like the year you turned 16 years old, this year marks the beginning of the rest of your life. This year you’ve more than likely set goals for the amount of weight you want to lose, you’ve determine what foods you won’t eat, and you’ve told yourself that you’re leaving everything that wasn’t good for you last year behind. Granted we do this every year on January 1st and every year on our birthdays; however, by day 3 we have failed completely.

BUT, there is good news about the beginning of the second month of the year. You now have yet another opportunity to get back on track. That dress in the back of your closet that you held onto as an inspiration to lose weight is calling your name. That book you have been wanting to write but fear set in again is waiting to be written. The goals you set are sitting on the back burner waiting so patiently for you to start again.



Eight ways to accomplish your goals:
1. Set practical goals.
2. Remember that all goals should be attainable.
3. Be sure that the goals are something you are interested in.
4. Write the goals down.
5. Put them somewhere where you will always see them.
6. Do not give up.
7. After completing a goal reward yourself.
8. Set a goal in place of what was already accomplished


Goals question
Examples of Goals:
1. Lose 20 pounds.
2. Eat healthier.
3. Read 50 books in 2016.
4. Write a book.
5. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

The second month marks a second chance to start the year over again, and to set new goals in place of the goals you set aside. What are some of the goals you have set for this year? This year take the quote at the top of this article and apply it to your life, set goals and accomplish them. It is not too late!


Breanna Ausby is a writer who attends North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC working towards a B.A in English with a concentration in literature, she also has two web based businesses. In her spare time she finds herself reading with a cup of tea, or up all night writing.

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